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book.  GLOVE AFFAIRS by Noah Liberman.  The Romance History and Tradition of the Baseball Glove.  2003.  Triumph Books.  hardbound.  148 pages.  many photos.  approx. 8.25" by 8.25".  no flaws.  tight and clean.  near mint plus to mint.  16.00

store poster.  D&M CATCHER'S MITT.  "Boy don't forget that Uncle is a pretty good friend of Santa Claus.  He's a good one to speak to about that D. & M. CATCHER'S MITT".  original cardboard store poster.  green and red on off white.  undated but 1920's to early 1930's vintage.  framed under glass.  approx. 12" by 15".  excellent and rare.  195.00

equipment catalog.  1889 HORACE PARTRIDGE CO. Illustrated Catalog of Athletic and Sporting Goods. Boston Mass.  pages are not numbered but approx. 160 pages.  Lawn Tennis; Base Ball (baseball); Cricket; Lacrosse; Archery; Croquet; Fishing Tackle; etc.  a wealth of information.  great reference material.  square bound.  interior is tight and clean.  cover worn.  approx. 6" by 9".  495.00

equipment catalog.  1912 SPALDING. cover illustration is titled "First Choice."  approx. 6.75" by 8".  40 pages plus the covers.  fully illustrated.  baseballs; photos from the 1911 World Series; bats; catchers masks and other catchers equipment; catchers mitts; basemen mitts; infielders glovers; uniforms; hats; shoes; emblems.  photos of Larry Doyle; Harry Davis; Chief Bender.  swimsuits; tennis racquets and equipment; and some others.  tight and clean.  age spotting on front cover.  overall excellent or nicer.   sorry sold

equipment catalog.  1916 SPALDING Spring and Summer (from Oakland Cal).  176 pages.  fully illustrated.  18 different baseballs; 12 different autograph model bats w/photos of the players next to photo of the bat; lots more baseball bats; photos of all the major league team managers; 93 baseball gloves; photos of many players; sundries; 17 catcher's masks; catcher's equipment; uniforms; hats.  tennis balls; 27 tennis rackets; photos of Tennis stars; other tennis equipment.  swimsuits and other athletic attire.  a page of aviation hats and outfits.  roller skating. golf balls; lots of golf clubs; golfing equipment.  basketball; athletic shoes; athletic clothing.  lots of boxing gloves & equipment.  much more.  minor age wear to cover.  tight and clean.  excellent or better.  189.50

equipment catalog.  1922 SPALDING Spring and Summer.  96 pages plus the covers.  fully illustrated.  baseballs; baseball bats; 52 baseball gloves; 5 different catchers masks; catcher's equipment; uniforms; hats; shoes.  tennis balls; 18 different tennis rackets; tennis equipment.  6 different golf balls; golf clubs; golf bags; accessories and equipment.  cricket; swimsuits; lots more.  tight and clean.  ding in upper right corner.  overall excellent plus or nicer.  sorry sold

equipment catalog.  1925 D&M ATHLETIC GOODS Spring & Summer.  approx. 6" by 8.75".  64 pages plus covers.  includes letterhead order form.  photo of the World Series Champions 1912 Washington.  fully illustrated.  baseballs; catchers mitts; basemen's mitts; infielders glovers; bats; catchers masks; tennis; golf; swimsuits; sweaters and more.  tight and clean.  excellent or nicer.   sorry sold

equipment catalog.  1926 SPALDING Spring and Summer.  112 pages plus the covers.  fully illustrated.  10 different baseballs; bats; 5 catchers masks; 60 different baseball gloves - many signature models; catchers gear; uniforms; shoes & equipment.  gold balls; golf clubs; golf bags; etc.  swimsuits; tennis balls; tennis rackets; cricket; softball; boxing.  some football and some hockey!  back cover has photo of Spalding storefront in Salt Lake City.  tight and clean.  tear in bottom of spine and lower left.  creasing in lower right corner. otherwise excellent.  159.50

equipment catalog.  1926 WRIGHT & DITSON-VICTOR CO. Spring and Summer.  69 pages.  fully illustrated.  51 different gloves.  baseballs; bats; 8 different catchers masks; catchers equipment; caps; shoes; uniforms.  tennis balls; 17 different tennis rackets; tennis equipment.  golf equipment; golf balls; golf clubs.  lots more.  tight and clean.  no flaws.  excellent plus.   sorry sold

equipment catalog.  1930 REACH WRIGHT & DITSON Spring and Summer.  106 pages.  fully illustrated.  many player photos.  53 different baseball gloves (many player endorsed signature models); baseballs; 13 different catchers masks and equipment; lots of baseball bats; uniforms; shoes; other equipment.  tennis balls; 16 different tennis rackets.  34 pages of golf: a dozen different mesh golf balls; lots of golf clubs; sets; bags and golf equipment.  tight and clean.  tear and crease in lower right corner of cover.  excellent overall.  149.50

equipment catalog. 1932 SPALDING Spring and Summer.  88 pages.  5 different catcher's masks; 34 different baseball gloves including many player endorsed models; shoes; equipment.  25 pages of golf including 8 different mesh balls; clubs; sets; golf bags; etc.  20 pages of tennis equipment and tennis rackets.  lots more.  tight and clean. minor edge wear to cover.  overall excellent.  great reference material.  149.00

equipment catalog.  1933 SPALDING COMPLETE TRADE PRICE LIST - SPRING AND SUMMER.  6" by 7.25".  128 pages.  photo illustrated  with wholesale Prices.  Issued for DEALERS only.  lots of baseball; golf and tennis.  interior is tight and clean.  covers are loose and worn.  great reference material.  125.00

equipment catalog.  1936 SPALDING Spring and Summer.  approx. 5" by 7.25".  104 pages.  fully illustrated.  baseball; signature model baseball bats; signature model baseball gloves & catchers mitts; catchers masks and equipment.  golf balls; signature model golf clubs; tennis racquets and equipment; swimming; softball; field hockey and some track and field items.  interior is tight and clean but does have minor moisture wrinkle along bottom.  very good plus to excellent.  sorry sold

equipment catalog.  1948 RAWLINGS.  50th Anniversary.  Spring and Summer Athletic Equipment.  64 pages plus covers.  43 pages of baseball.  some golf and some tennis.  over 37 baseball gloves pictured; also has bats; balls; equipment; catchers masks and equipment; uniforms; and gloves of all types including catchers mitts.  tight and clean. light cover wear.  very good to excellent.  fantastic reference book.  74.50

Catcher's mask.   1930's "spitter".  Note the large open diamond shape are in front of the mouth (so the catcher could spit his tobacco juice without making a mess!).  no rust; no breaks.  black metal with soft supple leather.  the ties MAY be replacements.  the head band has lost all elasticity and is stretched out.  the leather straps and metal fasteners are intact.  overall quite attractive and makes a great display piece from a bygone era!  full size approx. 10.25" by 8.25" by 4.5" deep.   168.50

catcher's mask.  vintage METAL CAGE & LEATHER.  very well made.  no labels.  complete and intact.  great looking.  65.00

baseball.  WILSON A1070 OFFICIAL ADOPTION LEAGUE BASEBALL.  mint in factory sealed box.  1950's vintage (no zip codes).  box is excellent plus.  39.50

baseball.  SPALDING OFFICIAL SPB(172) 41-133 PONY LEAGUE baseball.  cushioned cork center.  never used.  box is crisp and clean with bright colors.  mint in factory sealed box.  25.00

softball.  Official HARWOOD NITE and DAY SOFTBALL.  #100CN.  Slow Pitch - Controlled Flight.  Made in Natick Mass.  never used.  mint in red & white box.  box is intact and very good to excellent.  displays nicely.  35.00

softball.  DUDLEY Official Soft Ball SB12L SP.  great box art of LI'L ABNER by Al Capp.  1960's vintage.  never used.  mint in card stock box.  scarce!  85.00

softball.  OL' RELIABLE Official Day and Nite P3391-K6.  12 inch.  genuine Kapok Center.  Made by Ol' Reliable Sporting Goods in Albany NY.  1930's vintage.  does not appear to have been used.  excellent plus or nicer.  Original card stock box is missing the top flaps.  39.50

softball.  PENNSYLVANIA SOFTBALL PIC-12XS.  Waterproof Day & Night.  Official.  Championship Soft Softball.  Made by Pennsylvania Athletic Products - division of General Tire & Rubber Co.  1950's or earlier.  never used.  mint in original card stock box.  35.00


Unmarked.  circa 1915 vintage; open fingered fielder's glove for a left handed player.  very dark leather is quite worn; yet still supple.  has an "open" thong web.  overall in very nice condition; yet it is surface worn.  very nice; early display glove.  125.00

unmarked.  pre 1920's vintage OPEN FINGERED glove for right handed player.  single piece of wide webbing between thumb and forefinger.  leather is soft and supple although it does show age wear.  nice early display item.  139.50

Wilson #679.  early split finger.  lower web section is missing.  1930's vintage.  the lining has a tear in it; and it seems like a lot of the padding has been removed.   still; displays okay.   40.00

Franklin F107 - Genuine Cowhide.  Child's glove; circa early 1950's vintage.  reminiscent of everybody's first Little League game!  excellent overall condition.  great display piece!  25.00

catcher's mitt.   BEN (Bennie) WARREN signature model.  MacGregor Goldsmith C21.  Philadelphia Phillies 1939-1942; New York Giants 1946-1947.  leather is supple and intact.  light ink writing on strap.  overall excellent.  65.00

Catcher's Mitt.  maker unknown.  well made.  heavily used.  early 1950's vintage.  owner signed his name in ballpoint; but not obnoxious.  leather is very supple.  needs a good cleaning.   very good.  45.00

Early "buckle back" CATCHERS MITT.  Not sure of maker. brown leather finger pattern outline stitched on black leather back.  Shows considerable wear.  rust on the buckle.  The rawhide strip used for the lacing has been shortened; and some of the holes skipped.  No rips or tears; no ink.  buckle and strap are intact.  great display piece. very good.  85.00

older open web CATCHERS MITT.  "All-Star Model" #231 Bermawear Leather, ?? Off.   1930's vintage.  There is some ink writing on backside with original owners name and address.  with time and scrubbing; this can be removed; but will never come back as "new".  The good news is that the ink is not real bad.  no rips; no tears.  great for display.  59.50

Absolutely magnificent; high quality leather CATCHERS MITT. Nokona CM47 PRO LINE Professional Model. In center is outline of the state of Texas and it says WILLOW TAN and FIELD RITE POCKET. Leather is very soft and supple with fleece under the strap. No rips, no tears, no stains, no ink. no flaws.  1950's vintage.  near mint - slightly usedsorry sold

CATCHERS MITT.  light colored leather.  smaller, teenagers size.  Late 1930's to 1940's vintage.  You can barely read "Professional Model".  Very small, embossed signature in lower left of palm, barely visible.  You can see "ERNIE ... ".   Possibly Ernie Lombardi, but I can not make it out.  Original owner carved W.C. WAYNE into the leather at top of pocket.  Still nice for display.  clean.  45.00

CATCHERS MITT.  very light colored.  oilcloth lined interior.  1930's vintage mitt for a child.  Measures approx. 7" across in the center.  very worn.  okay for display as it is so different looking!   good to very good.  39.50

CATCHERS MITT.  large, deep pocket.  professional model.  makers cloth label removed from the backside of thumb area.  embossed on heel PINE MC1712 A.  webbing is loose on the one side.  written in black on the back is ESP V-84.   someone has carved JN into strap.  sounds a lot worse than it looks.  1940's vintage.  reattach the webbing and it will be a great glove!   very good.   55.00

Goldsmith M16.  vintage 2 Finger trapper mitt.  very simple basic design.  name inked on strap.  leather okay.  possibly an early softball glove.  39.50

D&R (Dainault Rolland Co.) made in Canada.  2 tone leather "trapper" style glove.  1930's.  interesting design.  well made.  top of the fingers on reverse are reinforced with black leather.  supple and clean.  excellent and unusual glove!  79.50

3-Finger WILSON #A2660 "Trapper" style glove.  lots of edge wear, but overall very good.  late 1940's vintage.  65.00

3-Finger WILSON #A2680.  "Trapper" style glove.  dark brown.  has patent date on backside.  darkened from oiling.  leather is supple.  1940's vintage or possibly earlier.  excellent.  75.00

2-Finger "Trapper" Style glove.  a cross between a catchers mitt and a first baseman's glove!  dark brown.  worn.  interior worn.  late 1930's vintage.  Large laced pocket.   55.00

Cragstan PRO-1 Professional Model.  1950's, leather.  Made in Japan.  Well made, detailed glove.  SMALL.  designed for a child.  fingers are only 6.5" long.  about half the size of a real glove.  Usually, smaller gloves like this lack definition and design.  This is a real glove, shrunk down in size.  Great display piece.  Excellent condition with no flaws!  45.00

First Base Mitt #60-4263X with box.  Dark brown 3-finger "trapper" style for LEFT HANDED player.  Has "SPORTING GOODS" logo.  "Junior Play".  1930's vintage glove for school kid.  Has plastic coated laces and edging.  Used.  box is very worn and only includes the bottom half.   overall very good.  89.50

Spalding #120 "Professional Model" first baseman's glove for a right hander.  "Marvel Tanned".  Really well made.  Stamped "Custom Built Hand Tailored Padding".  Soft sheepskin padding on wrist strap.  leather is VERY soft and supple.  The only flaw, is that the brass grommets have turned green and they should be cleaned.  1930's to 1940's vintage.  excellent plus condition.  95.00

Wales #3510 "Double Play" first baseman's glove for left handed thrower.  "Rawhide Laced".  "Pro Model".  Late 1940's to early 1950's vintage.   shows overall wear.  funny reddish color.  well used but not shot.  overall very good.  49.50

Sonnett Craft-Built PACEMAKER 43F four finger fielders glove.  well made.  1950's.  clean and intact.  45.00

WILLIAMS SERIES black glove.  silver printing on black leather is very worn.  very well made glove.  full grain cowhide, custom built, extra long fingers, double rolled welting.  Although the finish is worn and aged, the glove itself is in very fine condition.  very good plus to excellent or better.  no flaws outside of surface wear.  no rips. no ink.   49.50

OK MFG. CO. of Ohio.  open finger with simple open web of 4 thongs.  Has raised padded heel that continues up the pinky.  leather supple, although the insides is drying out.  ink writing on strap.  nice 1930's glove for display.  49.50

#S-164.  Unmarked black glove with white piping.  long finger style with full web.  the model number is the only marking I can make out.  the rectangular cloth makers label on the strap has been removed.  insides are starting to dry, but the outer leather is supple.  NOTE that the lacing is broken between the 2nd and 3rd finger.  35.00

Child's Glove.  1940's.  "Genuine  by LEE Leather"  signature stamped "Norb. Runkel".  I have no idea who he is.  black backside is made of synthetic material.  the face of the glove is soft orange color leather.  older style, open fingered.   unused.  Mint condition.  funky display item!  39.50

1920's Open Finger baseball glove.  well made glove has been used enough, that I can not make out the embossed stamping in the palm.  simple thong webbing.  leather is soft and pliable, no ink.  there is a tear in the inner lining.  The middle-finger seems much longer on this model glove.  VERY decent condition!  99.50

YALE  #F20.  circa 1915 open finger baseball glove.  leather is still soft and supple.  heavy cloth lined inner panel.  no ink, no stains, no flaws.  the silver printing in the palm is quite worn away.  very nice example of an early style glove.  139.00

OZARK IKE.  famous 1940's King Features Syndicate comic strip character.  smaller sized glove.  leather, open finger.  Has illustration of him in center of glove.   OZARK IKE was an extremely popular comic strip about a baseball player, done by Ray Gotto.  it was an extremely popular strip.  Major Leaguer Gus Zernial was even nicknamed "Ozark Ike".   hard to find item!  75.00

Wilson VICTORIA Champion #148 - Made in Mexico.  open fingered, late 1930's glove.  leather is still supple, but is starting to stiffen - needs a good oiling and cleaning.  very unusual and interesting glove.  displays okay.  69.50

COSMO. child's glove.  1950's vintage.  orangish leather with silver logo.  designed for small child.  measures approx. 6" by 6".  palm is still soft and supple, backside starting to crack.  cute display piece.  24.00

1920's vintage 2 FINGER MITT.  quite worn.  has extra "padded" strap cover.  no visible makers marks.  still makes a neat display item.  35.00

Spalding lefties glove.  late 1940's to 1950's.  used but overall nice for displaysorry sold


Bartell, Dick.  His nicknames were Rowdy Richard and Shortwave. Beautiful Spalding buckle back.  adult size.  He played from 1927 until 1930 with the Pittsburgh Pirates; 1931 thru 1934 with the Philadelphia Phillies; 1935 thru  1938 with the New York Giants; 1939 with the Chicago Cubs; 1940-41 Detroit Tigers; 1941-1946 with the New York Giants.   No rips, no tears.  original owner carved a "B" on the strap.   leather is supple.  clean.  overall excellent or nicer!  189.50

Burgess, Smoky.  signature model catcher's mitt 1950's SMOKY BURGESS. WILSON #A2544 Twin Action "Personal Model" with Grip-Tite Pocket and Streamlined Fingers". Pat. No. 2231204, Canada - 398340 - 1941. The black and gold WILSON cloth label is intact. A high quality mitt that displays as near mint with strong incised signature. There are no stains, no ink. NOTE that there is very small tear on inner edge of thumb where the web joins it - this is NOT visible when displayed.  His embossed signature is strong.  Forrest Harrill Burgess played with the Chicago Cubs in 1949 and 1951; Philadelphia Phillies from 1952 thru 1955; Cincinnati Reds from 1955 thru 1958; Pittsburgh Pirates from 1959 thru 1964, Chicago White Sox from 1964 thru 1967. He had a lifetime Batting Average of .295.     95.00

Cross, Jeff.  Nokona G3 Genuine Horsehide JEFF CROSS autograph model.  unusual split finger design.  The Nokona cloth tag is intact.   needs a good cleaning, there are tiny little pinhead nicks and scratches.  Leather is still supple.  no rips, no tears, no stains, no ink.  1940's vintage.  He played from 1942 to 1948 with St. Louis Cardinals, and a few games the last year with Chicago Cubs.  excellent.  sorry sold

Dropo, Walt.  MacGregor Goldsmith Professional Model G153 "Trapper Model" with strong facsimile autograph.    He played with the Boston Red Sox 1949-52; Detroit Tigers 1952-54; Chicago White Sox 1955-58; Cincinnati Reds 1958-59; Baltimore Orioles form 1959 to 1961.  The cloth label is intact.  the fleece on back of the strap is intact.  Very well made!  original owner inked his name on the heel, under the strap.  not too obnoxious at all.  displays very well.  89.50

Frey, Lonny.  Marathon Sporting Goods Genuine Horsehide, open fingered fielder's glove with simple string web.  Model #4218 with facsimile autograph.  Glove fits on the left hand.  He played from 1933-36 for Brooklyn Dodgers; 1937 Chicago Cubs; 1938-46 for the Cincinnati Reds; 1947 Chicago Cubs; 1947-48 NY Yankees and 1948 for the NY Giants.  Has "HJW" in blue ink on back strap, otherwise very clean.  supple leather.  Light color with minor staining.  very good to excellent.  NOT a common glove.  125.00

Furillo, Carl.  Dubow #737 signature model.   facsimile autograph is strong, on the pinky.  Has original DUBOW button on the strap.  He played his entire career with the Dodgers, starting in 1946 in Brooklyn, and ending in Los Angeles in 1960.  Lifetime batting average .299.   Leather is soft and pliable.  excellently made glove.  excellent plus or nicer condition.  SCARCE!   95.00

Furillo, Carl.  Hutch #35 CARL FURILLO model.   His name is in block lettering on the pinky.  Still has the cloth Hutch label and silver Hutch button.  "Hutch Built".  He played his entire career with the Dodgers, starting in 1946 in Brooklyn, and ending in Los Angeles in 1960.  Lifetime batting average .299.   It has new laces.  overall excellent condition.  Leather is soft and pliable.  75.00

Gordon, Joe.  Marathon Sporting Goods #207 JOE GORDON Personal Model.  Note that the first 3 fingers are attached; but that the "pinkie" finger is free floating.   "Buckle Strap" back.  JOE GORDON played for the New York Yankees from 1938 until 1946; Cleveland Indians from 1947 thru 1950.   Light colored leather.  There is a 1938 patent date on the glove.  Tight; clean; supple.  Adult size.  very well made and in superior condition!  189.50

Gordon, Joe.  Marathon Sporting Goods #A205 JOE GORDON Personal Model.  Note that the first 3 fingers are attached; but that the "pinkie" finger is free floating.  JOE GORDON played for the New York Yankees from 1938 until 1946; Cleveland Indians from 1947 thru 1950.   Light colored leather.  Clean.  leather is supple.  silver signature is strong and readable.  wear to interior leather.  Adult size.  excellent.  145.00

Gordon, "Flash". although not stated; this is JOE Gordon.  buckle back; open fingered fielder's glove.  interesting design glove by obscure company.  Tru-Sport of Philadelphia (cloth label is intact).  JOE GORDON played for the New York Yankees from 1938 until 1946; Cleveland Indians from 1947 thru 1950.   Light colored leather. "FLASH" GORDON name is prominently embossed.  but note that is is done in "block letters" and is not an actual "signature" model.  leather is supple.  overall condition is excellent plus or better.  165.00

Goslin, Goose.  Model #1675.  signature model Leon "Goose" Goslin.  open fingers with buckle back.  leather still supple.  no ink.  very nice.  I believe this was made by J.C. Higgins.  1921-30 & 33 & 38 he played for the Senators; 1930-32 Browns; 1934-37 Tigers.  excellent over condition.  99.50

Hemsley, Rollie.  buckle back catcher's mitt.  Pirates 1928-31; Cubs 1931-32; Reds 1933 & 1942; Browns from 1934-37; Indians 1938-41; Yankees 1942-44; Phillies 1946-47.  Cowhide.  "Scoop Model".  Trademarked by Ralston B. Hemsley with his facsimile autograph.  buckle is rusty but overall decent glove.  89.50

Holmes, Tommy.  signature model; unknown maker.  Has the remains of a black silky label on the wrist strap.  Played for the Boston Red Sox from 1941 to 1951; playing 1952 with the Brooklyn Dodgers.    Signature in center of pocket and is readable.  Leather is VERY worn.  edges worn and peeling.  Inside heel torn.  top strap in pocket webbing is a replacement.  good at best.  25.00

Hornsby, Rogers.  Wilson Western Sporting Goods model #972 ROGER HORNSBY baseball glove. Signature model “RAJAH” HORNSBY; CHAMPION BATSMAN. Loop web; open fingers. Strap on back with WILSON brass button. Exterior leather is dark from use; but still supple and undamaged. Interior leather is worn. Very attractive glove; strong embossing for the signature. Great Hall of Famer; HORNSBY had an illustrious career from 1915 thru 1937 as an active player. Most of those years spent with the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League.  close-up picture    His lifetime batting average was an impressive .358. He also managed the St. Louis BROWNS; the Cincinnati REDS as well as the Seattle RAINIERS of the old P.C.L. (Pacific Coast League).   sorry sold

Kaline, Al.  Wilson #A2311 Pro Special Autograph Model.  shows normal; overall wear.  clean.  signature legible.  The Wilson label shows the most wear.  Al spent his entire playing career with the Detroit Tigers; from 1953 thru 1974.    overall very good to excellent.  no flaws.  78.00

Kokos, Dick.  Rawlings #G150 Professional with "Floating Heel".  Open finger.  DICK KOKOS Professional model.  Silver lettering on dark brown.  He played from 1948 thru 1953 with the St. Louis Browns and 1954 with Baltimore Orioles.  Leather has dark patina from oil and use.  Leather still supple.  No rips; no ink.  tough glove to find.  excellent.  95.00

Kuenn, Harvey.  Wilson American Player #A2164 HARVEY KUENN Ball Hawk with Grip-Tite Pocket.  Open fingers.  Leather ties on the pocket have been redone by some kid years ago!  Early 1950's glove.  He played for Detroit Tigers from 1952 thru 1959; 1960 Cleveland Indians; 1961 to 65 with the San Francisco Giants; 1965 thru 1966 with the Chicago Cubs and finishing 1966 with the Philadelphia Phillies.  He also managed.   Lettering is strong.  no rips; no tears; no ink; no stains.  excellent or better.  69.50

Lolich, Mickey.  Exclusive "Ted Williams" Hall of Fame model glove from Sears.  Still has the purple and gold satin label on back.  Model #980.  He played 1963 thru 1975 Detroit Tigers;  1976 NY Mets; 1978-79 with San Diego Padres.  Very high quality glove, fits right hand.  Has "Wing Back", hinged pad, "Adjust--a-Wrist", Super Scoop.  clean and tight.  no ink.  no rips, no tears.  excellent or nicer!  125.00

Mantle, Mickey.  Rawlings RJ33 Trap-Eze Model with "Deep Well" Pocket.  strong facsimile autograph deep in the pocket.  New York Yankees superstar from 1951 thru 1968.  536 Lifetime Home Runs.  .298 lifetime batting average.  inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1974.  Triple Crown in 1956.  3 time MVP.  there was a name very faintly inked along the length of the thumb that is nearly visible now.  soft and supple.  Nice 1950's style glove!  excellent or better.  150.00

Mays, Willie.  MacGregor 671B Autograph model.  Japan.  leather is greenish blue color.  some light ink writing.  WILLIE MAYS facsimile autograph in pocket.  very good plus or nicer.  this Hall of Famer played from 1961 thru 1972 with the NY Giants and then San Francisco Giants.  He played 1972-73 with the NY Mets. 25.00

Morgan, Chet.  early Globe #G53 buckle back with "No Rip Thumb".  he had a short stint in 1935 with the Detroit Tigers in 1935, and played again with them in 1938.  leather is soft and supple.  Calf lining.  well made glove!  the only flaw is old price tag glue stain on the front heel.  facsimile signature is strong.  excellent or better.  RARE glove.   185.00

Morgan, Joe.  autograph model Wilson #A2930 Pro Style Snap Action.  1960's vintage.  dark brown.  used but in excellent condition.  leather is still soft and supple.  played for Houston Colts from 1963-71 & again in 1980; Cincinnati Reds from 1972-79; San Francisco Giants in 1981-82; Philadelphia in 1983. and Oakland in 1984.  inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1990.  overall excellent.  89.50

Pearson, Monte.  Reach #250.  open fingered.  the top piece of the web is broken loose and needs to be retied.  Monte Pearson signature along the heel.  He played from 1932-35 with the Cleveland Indians; 1936 thru 1940 with the New York Yankees; and 1941 with Cincinnati Reds.  leather is supple.  interior is dried and cracking and the ties need to be redone on the heel.  initials inked on strap.   displays okay.  65.00

Pierce, Billy.  J.C. Higgins Model 150 Line thru Sears.  Model #1686.  Light colored leather.  Full figure illustration of him in the center.  He played with the Detroit Tigers in 1945 and 1948; Chicago White Sox from 1949 thru 1961; San Francisco Giants from 1962 thru 1965.   fits the left hand.  no ink, no rips, no tears.  overall in excellent plus to near mint condition.  99.50

Pierce, Billy.  J.C. Higgins Model 150 Line thru Sears.  Model #1684.  Dark colored leather.   He played with the Detroit Tigers in 1945 and 1948; Chicago White Sox from 1949 thru 1961; San Francisco Giants from 1962 thru 1965.   fits the left hand.  no ink, no rips, no tears.  overall in excellent condition.  69.50

Rice; Jim.  Wilson #A2250 Pro-Special 80-9837.  Pro-Lock Web. JIM RICE signature in center.  He played his entire career with the Boston Red Sox: 1974-1989.  He held a .298 life time batting average.  Later model; made in Taiwan.  Minor ink stain on rear of fingers from name and address.  Strong clean supple leather.  overall excellent plus. 49.50

Riddle; Elmer.  MacGregor Goldsmith #G6.  ELMER RIDDLE Signature model.  late 1940's open finger model.  He played 1939-47 for the Cincinnati Reds and 1948-49 for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  strong silver printing on brown leather.  still soft and supple. the leather ties in the web have been replaced.  excellent.  75.00

Roe; Preacher.  J.C. Higgins #1711.  fits the left hand.  PREACHER ROE played in 1938 fro the St. Louis Cardinals; 1944-47 Pittsburgh Pirates; 1948-54 for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  no rips or tears.  no ink.  Signature is strongly embossed.  excellent.  100.00

Rollins; Rich.  Spalding #42-254 Signature Model with his illustration in the middle.  Signed in center RICH ROLLINS.  he played with the Minnesota Twins 1961-68; Seattle Pilots in 1969; Milwaukee Brewers and then Cleveland Indians in 1970.  HARD TO FIND player models for guys who played with the Seattle Pilots!  glove fits the right hand.  No ink; no rips; no stains.  shows even; overall wear.  75.00

Sorelle; Jelly.  G11.  definitely a Nokoma glove but the cloth label and the impressed logo are for Alen Taylor & Co.  open fingers;  high quality glove from the 1940's or late 1930's.  signature  embossed into glove.  Ben Boyd "Jelly" SoRelle played 7 years in the Texas League with San Antonio and Dallas from 1937-48 and a year with Toledo in the American Association interrupted by 4 years in the service during WW2.   He was a very good pitcher; but never made the majors.  There is stitched repair inside the heal.  minor ink writing below label on the strap.  original owner cut his name into the thumb and the pinky on the backside of the glove.  (visible upon inspection; but NOT a glaring flaw).  decent display of a hard to find glove.   65.00

Spahn; Warren.  Rawlings AMCP Model.  facsimile signature of WARREN SPAHN in the center is very strong.  "Pro Design"; Hinged Pad; "Deep Well" Pocket.  small size; for teenager.  Hall of Fame pitcher (363 wins) Warren Spahn played for the Boston Braves in 1942 and from 1946 to 1952; Milwaukee Braves from 1953 to 1964; and in 1965 he played for the New York Mets and San Francisco Giants.   displays very nicely.  Name printed lightly in ink on the strap - should clean nicely.  leather is oft and supple.  64.50

Spahn; Warren.  Winefield #F60 Genuine Leather.  Printed SPAHN Model.  Unlicensed; inexpensive store model.  black stamped printing almost orange color leather.  Hall of Fame pitcher (363 wins) Warren Spahn played for the Boston Braves in 1942 and from 1946 to 1952; Milwaukee Braves from 1953 to 1964; and in 1965 he played for the New York Mets and San Francisco Giants.  extremely soft and supple.  The leather strip is broken between the 4th finger and the pinkie otherwise near mint.  39.50

Stirnweiss, George "Snuffy".  Spalding 1152 Signature Model.  Yankees 1943-50; St. Louis Browns 1951; Cleveland Indians 1951-52.  clean.  very good to excellent.  50.00

Stottlemyre; Mel.  Spalding "Autograph Model".  "Split Action Web".  dirty.  needs a good cleaning.  signature is very legible.  Mel pitched for the New York Yankees from 1964 to 1974.  overall in excellent condition.  69.50

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