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E120; E121; W575-1 for sale

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1921. E120 NATIONAL CARAMEL. approx. 2" by 3.5". reverse has advertising.
please click on thumbnail photos to view larger image.

attention: all realistic offers will be considered on these cards. contact us.

caramel-speaker1.JPG (71601 bytes)        caramel-speaker2.JPG (46808 bytes)       TRIS SPEAKER Cleveland.  sorry sold

1922. E120 AMERICAN CARAMEL. approx. 2" by 3.5". reverse has team line up.
please click on thumbnail photos to view larger image.

attention: all realistic offers will be considered on these cards

e120-cox1.JPG (60133 bytes)     e120-cox2.JPG (60509 bytes)     ELMER COX Chicago Americans.  sorry sold
e120-johnson1.JPG (48739 bytes)     e120-johnson2.JPG (61972 bytes)     ERNIE JOHNSON Chicago Americans. sorry sold
e120-leverette1.JPG (56981 bytes)     e120-leverette2.JPG (63087 bytes)     GEORGE LEVERETTE Chicago Americans.  sorry sold
e120-schalk1.JPG (59368 bytes)     e120-schalk2.JPG (60729 bytes)     RAY SCHALK Chicago Americans.  sorry sold

1922. E121 AMERICAN CARAMEL. approx. 2" by 3.5". reverse has advertising.
please click on thumbnail photos to view larger image.

attention: all realistic offers will be considered on these cards

e121-danforth1.JPG (67415 bytes)     e121-danforth2.JPG (46072 bytes)     DAVE DANFORTH St. Louis Americans. $69
e121-glazner1.JPG (56682 bytes)     e121-glazner2.JPG (51135 bytes)     CHAS. WHITEY GLAZNER Pittsburgh Nationals. sorry sold
e121-mails1.JPG (63671 bytes)     e121-mails2.JPG (56797 bytes)     WALTER MAILS Cleveland Americans. sorry sold
e121-mulligan1.JPG (65989 bytes)    e121-mulligan2.JPG (51412 bytes)     EDDIE MULLIGAN Chicago Americans. sorry sold
e121-toporcer1.JPG (61594 bytes)     e121-toporcer2.JPG (54217 bytes)     GEORGE TOPORCER St. Louis Nationals. $25
1920's W575-1 or E121. blank back. black and white. approx. 2" by 3.25". In most likelihood an American Caramel blank back as this was obtained with large lot of other American Caramel cards.

please click on thumbnail photos to view larger image.

attention: all realistic offers will be considered on these cards

blank-baker1.JPG (75204 bytes)     blank-baker2.JPG (38826 bytes)     J. FRANKLIN BAKER New York Americans. $285
blank-bancroft1.JPG (67752 bytes)     blank-bancroft2.JPG (40373 bytes)     DAVE BANCROFT New York Nationals. $225
blank-geoburns1.JPG (73301 bytes)     blank-geoburns2.JPG (39174 bytes)     GEO. J. BURNS New York Nationals. $60
blank-georgeburns1.JPG (69830 bytes)     blank-georgeburns2.JPG (38366 bytes)     GEORGE BURNS Cleveland Americans. $60
blank-carey1.JPG (68073 bytes)     blank-carey2.JPG (37661 bytes)     MAX CAREY Pittsburgh Nationals $450
blank-collins1.JPG (63428 bytes)     blank-collins2.JPG (32780 bytes)     EDDIE COLLINS Chicago Americans. $198
blank-dauss1.JPG (67156 bytes)     blank-dauss2.JPG (33770 bytes)     GEORGE DAUSS Detroit Americans. $60
blank-deal1.JPG (72758 bytes)     blank-deal2.JPG (36429 bytes)     CHARLES DEAL Chicago Nationals. $35
blank-evers1.JPG (60203 bytes)     blank-evers2.JPG (35435 bytes)     JOHNNY EVERS Cincinnati Nationals.  sorry sold
blank-gardner1.JPG (69064 bytes)     blank-gardner2.JPG (35036 bytes)     W.L. GARDNER Cleveland Americans. $40
blank-gleason1.JPG (84934 bytes)     blank-gleason2.JPG (31522 bytes)     KID GLEASON Chicago Americans. $100
blank-gonzalez1.JPG (69104 bytes)     blank-gonzalez2.JPG (41131 bytes)     MIKE GONZALEZ New York Nationals. $165
blank-gowdy1.JPG (54088 bytes)     blank-gowdy2.JPG (34337 bytes)     HANK GOWDY Boston Nationals. $60
blank-griffith1.JPG (48708 bytes)     blank-griffith2.JPG (24609 bytes)     TOM GRIFFITH Brooklyn Nationals. $60
blank-heilman1.JPG (62876 bytes)     blank-heilman2.JPG (37231 bytes)     HARRY HEILMAN Detroit Americans. $325
blank-hoyt1.JPG (55873 bytes)     blank-hoyt2.JPG (35381 bytes)     WAITE HOYT New York Americans. $350
blank-johnson1.JPG (67452 bytes)     blank-johnson2.JPG (38085 bytes)     WALTER JOHNSON Cleveland Americans. sorry sold
blank-johnston1.JPG (58631 bytes)     blank-johnston2.JPG (35248 bytes)     JAMES JOHNSTON Brooklyn Nationals. $60
blank-kelly1.JPG (68223 bytes)     blank-kelly2.JPG (43007 bytes)     GEORGE KELLY New York Nationals. $200
blank-killefer1.JPG (71320 bytes)     blank-killefer2.JPG (35689 bytes)     BILL KILLEFER Chicago Nationals. $60
blank-lavan1.JPG (51515 bytes)     blank-lavan2.JPG (34574 bytes)     JOHN LAVAN St. Louis Nationals. $60
blank-mamaux1.JPG (59702 bytes)     blank-mamaux2.JPG (36116 bytes)     AL MAMAUX Brooklyn Nationals. $60
blank-maranville1.JPG (57920 bytes)     blank-maranville2.JPG (43605 bytes)     RABBIT MARANVILLE Pittsburgh Nationals. $350
blank-mcgraw1.JPG (67605 bytes)     blank-mcgraw2.JPG (44891 bytes)     JOHN McGRAW New York Nationals. $125
blank-meyer1.JPG (63277 bytes)     blank-myers2.JPG (45420 bytes)     HY MEYERS Brooklyn Nationals. $34
blank-otto1.JPG (59425 bytes)     blank-otto2.JPG (40172 bytes)     OTTO MILLER Brooklyn Nationals. $25
blank-pipp1.JPG (62124 bytes)     blank-pipp2.JPG (39623 bytes)     WALTER PIPP New York Americans. sorry sold
blank-roush1.JPG (59323 bytes)     blank-roush2.JPG (39616 bytes)     ED. ROUSH Cincinnati Nationals. $325
blank-schalk1.JPG (81092 bytes)     blank-schalk2.JPG (40711 bytes)     RAY SCHALK Chicago Americans. $200
blank-shang1.JPG (65354 bytes)     blank-shang2.JPG (36501 bytes)     WALTER SCHANG New York Americans. $40
blank-severeid1.JPG (76482 bytes)     blank-severeid2.JPG (35283 bytes)     HANK SEVEREID St. Louis Americans. $60
blank-speaker1.JPG (69638 bytes)     blank-speaker2.JPG (46020 bytes)     TRIS SPEAKER Cleveland Americans. $225
blank-stock1.JPG (62209 bytes)     blank-stock2.JPG (39394 bytes)     MILTON STOCK St. Louis Nationals. $60
blank-terry1.JPG (69188 bytes)     blank-terry2.JPG (48388 bytes)     ZEB TERRY Chicago Nationals. $24
blank-thomas1.JPG (57828 bytes)     blank-thomas2.JPG (36782 bytes)     CHESTER THOMAS Cleveland Americans. $60
blank-veach1.JPG (68327 bytes)     blank-veach2.JPG (37853 bytes)     BOB VEACH Cleveland Americans. $60
blank-wheat1.JPG (62683 bytes)     blank-wheat2.JPG (40870 bytes)     ZACH WHEAT Brooklyn Nationals. $350
blank-whitted1.JPG (75596 bytes)     blank-whitted2.JPG (34556 bytes)     GEORGE WHITTED Pittsburgh Nationals. $60
blank-wood1.JPG (63387 bytes)     blank-wood2.JPG (41836 bytes)     JOE WOOD Cleveland Americans. sorry sold
blank-young1.JPG (76430 bytes)     blank-young2.JPG (38930 bytes)     PEP YOUNG Detroit Americans. $25

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