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Japanese tin litho candle powered POP-POP Boat.  4.5" long; very colorful with "waves" splashing against the bow.  the candle and holder are still sealed in cellophane pack.  Has steerable rudder made of plastic.  Very colorful box is almost all in Japanese.    1970's I believe; but possibly 1980's.  mint in near mint box.  32.50

early tin Japanese PON-PON putt-putt boat.  red hull; orange deck; green roof.  Says NO. D PON-PON on roof.  4.5" long.  Minor burn mark near back edge of roof from the candle.  not bad!  49.50

Plastic model kit from Japan.  Made by Crown #41101-600.  Steam Powered PIRATE SHIP. (all in Japanese; so not sure what the real name of the kit is).   approx. 4.5" long.  late 1970's vintage.  hull is made of clear; see thru plastic.  classic putt-putt boat!  Parts mint and factory sealed.  box mint.  rare kit!  75.00

MAGIC BOATS.  Boxed set of 3 "celluloid" boats; Made In Japan; circa 1920 by "CK".  Each boat is approx. 1 1/2" long.  Instructions say to set magic piece under the stern.  I believe its was "glycerin"???  Anyway; it would scoot the boat along the water.  Very unique and interesting.  Boats are colorful and mint; box is excellent.  98.00

ANTARCTIC Pop Pop Boat.  approx. 4" long.  colorful tin lithograph shows map of the world on the deck with a PENGUIN.  Fur hooded explorers can be seen thru the window.  Gorgeous piece is mint; still factory sealed in poly bag with instructions printed on the header card.  1950's vintage Made in Japan by TK.  35.00

Smaller HARBOR TUG tin "Putt-Putt" boat; 5.25" long.  Newer item; Mint in Package.  25.00

Modern tin "putt-putt" BOAT; approx. 5.5" long.   Simple runabout style;  MINT.
B) boxed UNCLE SAM - sorry sold
C) boxed ROSES - $12.50
D) boxed smiling HAPPY FACES - $12.50
E) boxed BOTTLE CAPS includes COKE - $12.50
F) boxed PANDA BEAR - $12.50
G) boxed Smiling FISH - $12.50


celluloid.  FISHERMAN in Sail Boat.  5" long.  American made celluloid with the VCO logo.  red hull with light brown trim and white sails.  the bearded old sailor sits in the stern wearing a blue slicker and rain hat.  no dents or cracks.  the colors are bright and vivid on the front and faded on the back.  Displays gorgeously.  1920's to 1930's vintage.   45.00

c.1959 bat-op SAILBOAT Made in Japan;  late 1950’s to early 1960’s.  approx. 13.75” long by 19” tall;  red and white.   Unmarked; but uses the same fittings; etc. as the Japanese and Fleetline made boats of the 1950’s and 60’s. Wood deck with removable wood cabin cover. Takes 2 “D” cell batteries. Cloth sails; wooden mast. Tiller steers and is adjustable; working in unison with the sails. Hull and keel are one piece; mold plastic. I think it is a Fleetline – but I have never owned or seen this particular one before. On the top of the cabin; there is a small glue mark – it may have had a little life ring glued there. Overall; no damage or defects.   near mint to mint condition.   225.00


book.  UNITED STATES SUBMARINES.  Naval Submarine League.  2002.  Sonalysts Inc.  Hugh Lauter Levin Associates.  David Randall Hinkle (Editor in Chief); Harry H. Caldwell (editor); Arne C. Johnson (editor).  352 page fully illustrated.  Leatherette covers in blue with gold embossing.  has raised Planchette logo in center.  large oversized book is approx. 10.5" by 14.5" by over 1.5" thick.  a WEALTH of information!  one of the best books on U.S. subs.  tight and clean.  near mint to mint.  125.00

SSN25 tin plate windup 9"  SUBMARINE   in blue; paint wear; exc  sorry sold

DIECAST and related

lead slush mold.  FRANCE.  silver and bluish gray with red trim.  6.25" long.  hollow cast.  the top of the mast poles broken off.  paint is excellent.  uncommon piece.  22.50

Minic Ships.  KM BISMARCK.  1:1200.  Made in England by Hornsby.  approx. 8".  Mint in box.  package has been opened and resealed.  30.00

Minic Ships.  USS MISSOURI.  1:1200.  Made in England by Hornsby.  approx. 8.5".  Mint in box.  package has been opened and resealed.  30.00

Tootsietoy diecast SUBMARINE.  silver and blue with red trim.  on wheels.  a hair over 4" long.  circa 1940 vintage.  excellent plus.  35.00

Tootsietoy diecast #127 K880 DESTROYER.  red and silver. circa 1940 vintage.  a hair over 4" long.  has set of wheels on base so it can roll.  has average paint wear.  the tip of the front cannon is off.  very good.  24.00

Tootsietoy diecast #129 TENDER.   white and orange.  late 1930's vintage.  4.25" long.  has set of wheels on base so it can roll.  has average paint wear.  very good.  25.00

Tootsietoy diecast #129 TENDER.   white and red with blue trim.  late 1930's vintage.  4.25" long.  has set of wheels on base so it can roll.  glue stains on bow where name tag had been glued on.  play wear.  very good plus.  29.00

Tootsietoy diecast #1034.  BATTLESHIP.  silver and red.  circa 1940 issue.  6.2" long.  missing one of the sets of wheels on the base.  light wear.  all the guns are intact.  excellent.  45.00

Tootsietoy diecast #1035.  CRUISER.  silver with red trim.  5.5" long.  wheels on base so it can roll.  circa 1940 issue.  missing the the gun emplacement piece that mounts in fronthas the airplane.  10.00

Tootsietoy diecast #1035.  CRUISER.  silver with red trim.  5.5" long.  wheels on base so it can roll.  circa 1940 issue.  missing the airplane.  otherwise excellent.  30.00

Tootsietoy diecast #1037.  TRANSPORT SHIP (passenger liner).  light blue and cream with red trim.  almost 6" long.  has set of wheels on base so it can roll.  circa 1940 issue.  play wear.  front mast has minor bend.  very good plus or better.  38.00

Tootsietoy diecast #1037.  TRANSPORT SHIP (passenger liner).   blue and silver with red trim.  almost 6" long.  has set of wheels on base so it can roll.  circa 1940 issue.  play wear.  very good plus or better.  37.50

Tootsietoy BATTLESHIP #145.  diecast and plastic.  8" long.  1970's issue.  no flaws.  near mint.  22.50

Tootsietoy SUBMARINE 47.  diecast and plastic.  4.75" long.  black/red/gray.  1970's issue.  play wear.  very good or nicer.  12.50

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MISC.  pre 1940's BOATS

Hornby "VIKING" Speed Boat #5.  made in England by Meccano Toys.  1930's.  tin clockwork.  approx. 16.5" long.  green and cream with green hull.  includes the original wooden mast & string.  includes original key.   box is complete with insert and inspection paperwork.  includes Xerox instruction sheet.   Original box is complete and intact with color illustrated label.   overall excellent plus or nicer & working!  650.00

Hornby VENTURE Speed Boat Cabin Cruiser.  blue and white with red trim.  tin windup.  name decals on sides are intact.  circa 1935 issue.  16.75" long.  includes a working key (made by Gesha).  window "glass" intact.  light wear to decal on stern.  works fine.  overall excellent plus or nicer.  525.00

SPEED BOAT.  large approx. 17".  tin windup.  1930's.  no markings.  very similar in design to Hornby of England and almost identical to the Silver Spray made by DW of England.  the blue deck is removable so that you can service the mechanism.  blue and cream with red hull.   includes windup key.  Original cellophane windshield is intact although quite yellowed.  no flaws.  excellent and working.  495.00

1890's floor toy.  STEAM GUN BOAT.    6.5" long.    Made in France by C.R. fully marked on deck.   finger spun flywheel activates concentric wheels; which make the boat "rock & roll" as if riding on waves.  Lead spoked front wheel.   Cast metal deck gun in front.  Deck and boiler are gold color; black smoke stack.  Red japanning along the side.  Unpainted tin portions have normal age oxidation.  A very nice piece!  no dents; no repairs; no missing parts.  excellent or better!  395.00

circa 1895 tin Carette carpet roller GUNBOAT.  very good plus.  325.00

German tin  PENNY TOY STEAM BOAT;  ex/nm; Japanned; c.1915.   350.00

Hornby of England RACER I Speed Boat;   8.5" metal  windup; 1930’s; excellent with very good box.  495.00

1942 cardboard SUPER FLAT TOP Aircraft Carrier with 6 Fighter Planes.  Punchout and assemble.  Made by Paper Product Division of Electric Corporation of America.  Assemble to make 20" long boat.  MINT; unused.  measures 20" by 13".    89.50


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1950's T. Cohn 7.5" long TIN LITHO WINDUP SPEEDBOAT.  colorful full color tin lithograph.  white/yellow/blue/red.  built-in windup key.  adjustable rudder.  3 bladed prop.  Made in America.  all tin except the windup handle and prop are plastic.  has small hole on deck of bow and stern - centered.  possibly for small flag poles?  no rust.  minor wear with the most obvious flaw being the scratch across the deck.  colors are strong and bright.  works great.  overall very good plus to excellent or nicer.  24.00

catalog.  TRIANG SHIPS.  Second Edition.  1:1200 diecast waterline models.  circa 1960 issue. approx. 5.5" tall by 8.5" wide.   horizontal format.  full color illustrated.  16 pages.  some pictures have been check marked.  overall very good.  hard catalog to locate.  59.50

MILITARY BOAT.  Japanese tin litho; crank wind.  6.25" long.  red hull; blue; black and white trim.  Pair of guns on the front.  adjustable rudder.  crank windup works beautifully; strong motor.  Circa 1960 vintage.  no makers mark.  a delightful piece.  excellent plus or better.  has on very small pinhead sized dent.  bright and clean.  39.50

Sutcliffe 9.25" metal w/u VICTOR Torpedo Boat; English; near mint plus w/box 250.00

Japanese tin 12" crank wind MISSILE BOAT.  Unfortunately; I do NOT know the manufacturer's name - although there is a logo on the stern.  The logo can best be described as some kind of a fruit sitting atop 2 leaves with MADE IN JAPAN below.    The colors are fantastic;  early 1950's style with the vivid green; yellows; etc.  The propeller blade is vinyl.  There is very minimal wear.  The stern is slightly dented inward (has no effect on operation; and is not noticeable when displayed).  outside of that; everything is fine.  works excellently.  quite an impressive looker with a Missile lithographed on the deck; and rocket tubes lithoed on the rear deck!   139.50

POLICE BOAT  14" tin & plastic windup, 1960’s, West German, company logo is Mountain Goat MS. Near mint w/box 175.00

HARD PLASTIC - 1950's and 1960's

PACIFIC 66 Gasoline "PIER 66 MARINA" boat and playset.  promotional from Phillips Petroleum.  the box top forms the dock.   the boat is molded in red and white.  Battery operated it measures approx. 18" long.    it is about 95% complete.  it as the gas pumps and poles but does not have the paper flags or the cardboard "cabin" that sits atop the pier.   also missing a couple small boat accessories.  what is here is near mint to mint.  Sold thru the gas stations only.  79.50

BANNER.  Made in USA.  hard plastic OCEAN LINER.  Blue upper with white lower.  4" long.  1950's vintage.  excellent.  12.00

CABIN CRUISER.  turquoise & white hard plastic.  battery operated.  approx. 8" long.  made in British Colony of Hong Kong.  1960's vintage.  unused.  mint in excellent plus box.  60.00

F&F Cereal Premium.  CENTURY CORONADO Speed Boat.  Ivory colored hull, green deck and interior.  3.25" long.  1950's issue inside cereal box.  Hard to find!  25.00

F&F Cereal Premium.  CENTURY CORONADO Speed Boat.  Ivory colored hull, red deck and interior.  3.25" long.  1950's issue inside cereal box.  Hard to find!  25.00

F&F Cereal Premium.  CENTURY CORONADO Speed Boat.  Ivory colored hull, blue deck and interior.  3.25" long.  the dark spot on the inside of the interior wall is small chip in the ivory plastic.  1950's issue inside cereal box.  Hard to find!  18.50

F&F Cereal Premium. CENTURY ARABIAN Speed Boat.  Ivory colored hull, red deck and interior.  3.25" long.  1950's issue inside cereal box.  Hard to find!  25.00

SCHUCO "Teleco 3003" windup boat,  7½", Germany, excellent.  late 1950's vintage.  150.00

LIFE GUARD in ROWBOAT.  1950's, made in England by Popular Plastics.  7.75" long.  Hard plastic rowboat comes with 2 removable oars and a flexible rubber figure of a Life Guard.  The boat says LIFE GUARD on each side of the bow.  These are old store stock, never used, brand new in the illustrated box.  We have it one left in stock.   blue only.   35.00

Large 6" RIVER BOAT Side Wheeler "keychain" puzzle plastic toy, Character Molding, 1959, MOC   65.00

Wrenn of England.  MASTER MARINER bat-op remote controlled BOAT set.  Comes with it’s own pool! Hard plastic.  circa 1960.   unused.  mint in box.  250.00

BACHMANN "MINI-SHIPS". Detailed plastic ships.  mint in window display box w/color cutout trading card on back.  Attractive.  rarely seen.  Each comes w/Waterline Hull; Full Hull; & display stand 
3302 - USS ENTERPRISE Aircraft Carrier.   very nicely detailed.  Mint in box.  25.00
3303 - USS MISSOURI Battleship.  very nicely detailed.  Mint in box.  25.00
3308 - USS ARIZONA.  very nicely detailed.  Mint in box.  25.00

Hard plastic 1950’s windup 13.5"  POLICE BOAT   with lots of accessories, vg/ex 165.00

Hong Kong 10" hard plastic bat-op LIFEBOAT by Telsalda.  mint in box    139.50

Irwin plastic windup 12.5" red & white STREAMLINED MOTOR BOAT, late 1940’s, mint in vg+ box. Scarcer item! 195.00

Hard plastic Playart bat-op PLEASURE BOAT, 11" long, made in Hong Kong, probably 1970’s. Mint, box is worn   95.00

SAUNDERS "SUPER CATAPULT PLANE CARRIER" Boat.  complete with airplanes.  12" long.   red & blue hard plastic.  near mint to mint with excellent box.   295.00

Mechanical 5" PIRATE BOAT.  colorful hard plastic.  made in England by Rosedale.  mint in box.   150.00


JOHNSON 40 OUTBOARD MOTOR.  hard plastic battery operated.  minor decal wear but overall very nice.  1960's.  approx. 3.5" tall.  sorry sold

pinback button.  1948 NATIONAL INDOOR OUTBOARD CHAMPIONSHIPS Texas.  blue on buff. 1.5" diameter celluloid. DALE HOLLOW LAKE. CELINA TEXAS. nice image of Outboard Hydroplane race boat and driver. light surface oxidation on reverse side. no cracks. no splits. no foxing. attractive and rare uncatalogued hydroplane boat racing pin.  69.50

ticket.  1952 SPEED BOAT RACES Crooked River State Park Kingsland Georgia.  uncommon and unusual item. 2.5" by 2.25".  reverse is plain.  yellowed. shows age.  12.50

book.  THE OUTBOARD MOTOR and BOAT BOOK by Robert J. Whittier.  A Complete Guide.  Voyager Press.  First - Feb. 1949.  soft cover; square bound.  148 pages.  many photos.  interior tight and clean.  cover shows wear.  scarce.  45.00

1962 O.S.L. SAMMAMISH SLOUGH S.OA. Seattle Outboard Association.  red and black on white.  great illustration of racing boat.  1.75" diameter celluloid pinback button.  minor oxidation on reverse.  overall near mint or nicer.  20.00

JOHNSON SEA HORSE MOTORS ad on cover of 1961 Evergreen Tide & Resort Guide.  Tashiro Hardware Yesler Way Seattle.  3.25" by 4.75".  tight and clean.  excellent.  8.50

comic book.  WATER SKIING! by Tom and Janie Dorwin.  promotional from Evinrude Outboard Motor.  1959.  16 pages full color.  tight and clean.  excellent and scarce.  25.00

Fleetline #880 THE LARK Twin Outboard Catamaran with a matching pair of the very rare 1961 EVINRUDE LARK III metal outboard motors.  battery operated.  the motors are mint with each in it's own illustrated box.  the boat is 12" long.  bronze and white hard plastic with removable roof.  the roof has the 2 life rings mounted on the side and the chromed steering wheel.  However it is missing the small pieces that mount on the roof (windshield; horn; spotlight) and the flag.  no other flaws.  includes original illustrated card stock box.  box is intact but worn.  1200.00

pinback button.  EVINRUDE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM.  black lettering on blue and white checkerboard background.  2.25" diameter celluloid.  1960's or 70's vintage.  near mint.  12.50

program.  1963 15th ANNUAL INBOARD SWEEPSTAKES REGATTA - Long Beach Marine Stadium (California).  32 pages.  photos of many great boat racers from the past.  tight and clean.  magazine size format.  near mint.  30.00

program.  1963 LAKE MERRITT SPEEDBOAT RACES.  July 4.  California. 16 pages.  many great photos.  tight and clean.  near mint.  30.00

press book.  GO FOR THE GOLD.  1988 VALLEYFIELD INTERNATIONAL REGATTA.  Quebec Canada.  1988 World Inboard Championships; 1988 U.S. Nationals; 1988 Canadian Nationals; O.M.C. Cobra Series.  37 single sided pages.  spiral bound.  tons of information; letterheads; racecourse chart; et al.  no photos.  tight and clean.  excellent.  15.00

promotional brochure.  HIGH SPEED EXCITEMENT.  4 page bifold.  promoting Inboard Hydroplane Power Boat Racing.  first page titled "Add Excitement to Your Community Projects".  undated but circa 1963.  clean.  near mint to mint.  12.00

owner's guide.  1959 MERCURY KIEKHAEFER OUTBOARDS MERC 300.  Operation and Maintenance.  30 pages.  9" by 6".  tight and clean.  excellent plus.  no flaws.  22.00

owner's manual.  1965 JOHNSON 5hp SEA HORSE Models LD-LDL. 28 pages.  9" by 6".  also comes with the original envelope; the Johnson Classifies Service Stations book; Facts for Better Boating flyer; and the "proper angle adjustment" motor mounting tag.  minor wear from use.  all 5 pieces.  excellent or better.  20.00

trophy.  OUTBOARD HYDROPLANE RACE BOAT w/driver.  long sleek boat.  gold finished on black bakelite base.  nameplate is blank - unengraved.  1940's or earlier vintage.  Has the TROPHY - WALLACE SILVERSMITHS manufacturer plague on base.  stands almost 8" tall.  boat is approx. 6" long counting wake.  base is approx. 3.25" diameter.   minor wear to plating.  overall excellent plus.  75.00

trophy.  OUTBOARD HYDROPLANE RACE BOAT w/driver.  shorter squatter style boat.  gold finished on dark brown "terraced" bakelite base.  Nameplate on front is engraved:  Nehalem Bay Races 1952.  Randy's Nehalem Ore.  1st Place.   Dodge Inc. Trophies plaque on base.  overall 8" tall.  the boat is approx. 4.25" long counting the wake.  the base is approx. 5.75" by 3.5".  very minor wear to the finish.  overall excellent plus to near mint.  74.50

operating instructions manual.  JOHNSON SEA-HORSE '3' (Model JW).  8-53.  #375951.  32 pages plus the covers.  rip in cover.  overall wear from use.  illustrated.   interior is tight and overall fairly clean.  8.50 

operating instructions manual.  JOHNSON SEA-HORSE '3' (Model JW).  8-53.  #375951.  32 pages plus the covers.  moisture damage.  cover wear.  small piece of tape in lower right corner of cover.  still quite useful.  good.  7.00

JOHNSON OUTBOARD MOTOR.  1970's vintage embroidered cloth shirt or jacket patch.  HAPPINESS IS JOHNSON.  red lettering with illustration of the outboard motor on white background.  HAPPINESS is in multicolored lettering on green background.   There is a "TM" trademark logo in the lower right are below the word "happiness".  gold metallic embroidered border.  approx. 3.75" long by 2" tall.  Quality made item.  Came from old store stock - out of business since about 1980.   mint unused!  we have placed a quarter in the photo to show size comparisonsorry sold

deck of cards.  EVINRUDE MOTORS advertising deck of poker cards.  1950's vintage.  each card back is full color photo of the MISS EVINRUDE boat with EVINRUDE BIG TWIN outboard.  The deck has 2 Jokers and each is ad card for the Big Twin outboard motor.  Deck shows age wear, no creasing.  There are 51 cards and 2 jokers and the illustrated box.  the deck is missing the 9 of Clubs.  Killer display item, scarce advertising piece!   50.00

circa 1920 OUTBOARD MOTOR HYDROPLANE BOAT RACING item.  outstanding display piece.  not quite 10.5" tall.  glass and pewter.  Amber bottle has pewter top and pewter "jacket".   Nicely detailed, carved scene of racing outboard tearing down the lake, with trees and mountains in background.  In all of my years of doing this, I have never seen another.  No flaws, a magnificent piece.  Possibly made as a presentation piece.  250.00

EVINRUDE SERVICE DEALERS booklet.  12 pages.  Lists the names and cities of all the dealers.   1956 issue.  Invaluable aid if you are searching out old parts or old memorabilia!  near mint.  10.00

1941 EVINRUDE OUTBOARD MOTORS Catalog.  Closed, it measures approx. 8.5" by 11".   The inner centerfold pages unfold to form a large 11" by 34" long comparison chart of all the outboards.  Includes: MATE; RANGER; SPORTSMAN; SPORTWIN; ZEPHYR; LIGHTFOUR; SPORTFOUR; SPEEDITWIN; SPEEDIFOUR.  There is also a detailed specifications comparison chart of all the models. Evinrude Motors of Milwaukee.  Includes separate, 4 page price list.   unused, near mint plus to mint.  45.00

1940's or early 50's vintage celluloid pinback button.  Black on yellow.  2" diameter, reads COLUMBIA DISTRIBUTING CORP. 43 lbs.  7.2HP, 2601 Market St., Seattle WN.  Pictures outboard motor.  Very scarce pin!  mint.  24.00

 approx. 1 5/8” diameter tin litho pinback button from Evinrude Outboard Motors. Reads HI MATE, EVINRUDE.  circa 1960.  near mint.   12.50

1960 ELGIN OUTBOARD MOTORS sales catalog in color.  12 pages.  Covers these motors: 60hp; 40hp; 25hp; 12hp; 7.5hp; 3.6hp; and 2 HP.  near mint to mint.  22.00

1972 EVINRUDE OUTBOARD MOTOR Sales Brochure. 3” by 7” when close.  opens to 15” by 7”.  full color photos on both sides.  Near mint to mint condition.  15.00

PROPELLER MAGAZINE.  Official Publication of the American Power Boat Association (APBA).  Outboard, inboard, all the way up to Unlimited Hydroplane race boats.  Great magazine, photos, ads, articles.  Slick, glossy.  Hard to find back issues!  Issues from Nov. 1987 and up, have full color photo covers!  all are tight and clean and in excellent plus or better condition.  They may have mailing label, or mailing label may be removed.

Nov. 14.  1980.  Has 2 pages of unlimited Hydroplane photos.  7.00

11/13/81.  cover photo of Chip Hanauer climbing out of the Squire Ship unlimited hydroplane as it bursts into flames.  2 page photo article on Bill Muncey.  excellent plus.  10.00

2/85    $6     *     9/86  APBA Nationals. $6

10/31/86  1986 Photo Review.  Cover has APBA TOP GUNS.  including Miss Budweiser Unlimited    $7

12/86   $6     *     11/1/87  $6

11/87 The Year in Review.  tons of great photos.  10.00

12/87  $6     *     8/88   $6     *     6/89    $6     *     2/91    $5


8/91   $6     *     5/92    $5     *     6/92  $5     *     7/92   $5     *     12/92   $5     *     7/93  $5

9/93  National Champs  $5     *     12/93  $5     *     3/94   $5

4/94 Hall of Champions  $5     *     2/95  $5     *     8/95   $5     *     9/95 National Champions  $5



pennant.  UNITED STATES FLAGSHIP of the UNITED STATES LINE.  red and blue on white.  red border and tassels.  tip intact.  18" long.  very good plus.  45.00

pennant.  S.S. UNITED STATES.  white lettering on purple soft felt with golden yellow border and matching tassels.   large full color illustration of the Ocean Liner.  1950's vintage.   approx. 26.5" long.  pin holes in corners.  colors are strong.  excellent or nicer.  59.50

celluloid stick pin.  1908 GREAT WHITE FLEET souvenir from Frederick & Nelson (department store) Seattle.  full color celluloid flag with great illustration of early battleship.  made by Whitehead & Hoag.  flag is 2" by 1".  mint.  scarce!  75.00

celluloid stick pin.  ADMIRAL ROBLEY "Fighting Bob" EVANS.  b&w portrait on American Flag background.  celluloid flag with advertising on reverse from Wilson's Modern Business College in Seattle.  promotional from the 1908 Great White Fleet visit to Seattle in 1908.  made by Whitehead & Hoag.  flag is 1.5" by 1".  mint.  scarce!  75.00

battleship.  circa 1900 BREMERTON WASHINGTON aluminum ashtray.  "Souvenir of Bremerton" photo appears to be of a Battleship.  approx. 3.75" by 5.25".  raised design along edges and corners.  please note that there is a flaw to the image below the smoke stack.  no dents or folds.  although undated this is from the Spanish American War era or the visit of the Great White Fleet to the Pacific Northwest - my educated guess.  dating would be 1895 to 1908 vintage.  a nice piece of Northwest history! please note that the "cross hatching" is in the jpeg image and is NOT on the ashtray.   18.50

pennant.  World War I vintage.  U.S. NAVY. pale yellow on rich purplish blue soft felt.  yellow border with purplish blue tassels.  tip intact.  full color leather oval plaque of Battleship.  17" long.  near mint to mint.  50.00

pennant.  S.S. NORISLE - CANADA.  white and yellowish green on green soft felt.  pale yellow border with red tassels.  illustration of the boat.  Canadian steam-powered automobile ferry that sailed the route between Tobermory and South-Baymouth Manitoulin Island.  very tip of point is squared off.   23" long.  1950's vintage.  30.00

pennant.  U.S.S. LING 297 - HACKENSACK N.J.   multicolored on stiff material.  Submarine illustrated.  border and tassels are all one piece with pennant.  tip rounded.  25" long.  excellent.  21.50

I.D. Model.  NELSON CLASS (British - BB).  metal waterline model.  Made in Chicago by N.A. Framburg.  1943.  I believe this is 1:1200 scale?  the ship itself is 7.25" long mounted on 9" by 1.75" blue board.  the tower has bent over from it's own weight otherwise complete and mint.  45.00

pinback button.  M.V. WICKERSHAM ALASKA.  blue Alaska State flag on orange background.  she was a mainline ferry for the Alaska Marine Highway system from 1968 to 1974.  1.25" diameter celluloid.  mint.  15.00

MOTOR BOAT  tobacco silk.  orange and green woven onto dark blue silk like material.  approx. 1.75" by 3".  circa 1910 vintage.  clean.  mint.  25.00

booklet.  MY ALASKA CRUISE from Alaska Steamship Company's "The Alaska Line".  circular in shape.  22 pages plus fold out map.  undated but 1930's issue.  there are pages for autographs and notes.  the original owner has some writing in it - otherwise near mint.  nice unusual item.  21.50

menu.  1941 Farewell Dinner S.S. YUKON Alaska Steamship Company's "The Alaska Line"  4 page bifold.  back cover has photo of 6 of the ships in the fleet.  excellent.  20.00

pinback button.  1966 INBOARD NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS - Lake Washington Seattle.  red and blue on white.  1.75" diameter celluloid.  displays as near mint to mint.  there are some very faint spots on underside of rim.  rare!  50.00

pennant.  circa 1919 vintage.  USS CALIFORNIA.  large 2 piece pennant.  individually sewn golden orange letters on soft vivid purple felt.  individually sewn fancy USS purple lettering on golden orange.  purple border and tassels.  tip intact.  approx. 36" long.  bright and clean.  a few small moth holes.  undated but circa 1919 vintage or earlier.  150.00

booklet.  THE SHIPS WE BUILD... Kaiser Company Inc.  Vancouver Washington.  circa 1944 World War II vintage.  roughly 8.5" by 5".  full page photos and complete write ups on: LIBERTY SHIP (EC-2) with the different hulls built (George Vancouver; Elias Howe; Juan DeFuca; et al); LANDING SHIP LST's with log of hulls built; ESCORT AIRCRAFT CARRIERS (BB-3's) with list of the hulls built ( Casablanca; Coral Sea; Guadalcanal; Manila Bay; Saginaw Bay; Bismark Sea; et al); ATTACK TRANSPORTS (AP-5) with list of hulls built (Oconto; Olmsted; Oxford; Logan; Lubbock; et al);  TROOP TRANSPORTS (C-4's) with list of hulls.  the back cover is half missing from being mounted in scrap book and this affects the photo of the Troop Transport.  overall it is tight and clean and excellent.  unusual piece of history!  15.00

pen.  R.M.S. QUEEN MARY Floater Pen.  ball point.  black and gold.  has figural QUEEN MARY that floats back and forth in the upper section of the pen.  1950's vintage.  nice display item.  24.00

menu.  S.S. UNITED STATES Luncheon Menu for 3/24/63.  card stock 7.5" by 11".  colorful.  excellent to near mint.  10.00

menu.  S.S. UNITED STATES Breakfast Menu for 3/25/63.  card stock 7.5" by 11".  colorful.  excellent to near mint.  10.00

menu.  S.S. UNITED STATES Gala Dinner Menu for 3/26/63.  Commodore John W. Anderson  U.S.N.R.  large format.  8 page booklet.  full color illustration of the boat on the cover.  has the original red/white/blue decorative cord attached.   minor wear.   excellent.  17.50

promotional booklet.  THREE NEW SHIPS N.Y.K. LINE: Nitta Maru; Yawata Maru; Kasuga Maru.  1940.  printed in Japan.  BF3-40.  11" by 11.5".  full color views of the interior of the rooms and the ships features.   the center fold is a fold out of the full view of the liner (our picture does not show it fully opened).  thin cardboard covers are covered with a foil like paper.  there  is some moisture damage to covers.  20 pages plus the covers.  very scarce!  95.00

playing cards.  ROEN'S STEAMSHIP COMPANY Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin.  2 decks of playing cards.  One blue edge; the other red edge.  Each card has a photo of  TUG JOHN ROEN IV.  both decks are standard Poker style decks.  52 cards each plus jokers.  1950's to 1960's vintage.  historic note: The tug was launched in 1947 and declared a total loss in 1976.   both decks are mint.  the red deck is still factory sealed.  the plastic case has the company name embossed into the plastic.  the top lid is cracked along the edge.  nice advertising and boat related item.  39.50

hardbound book.  BATTLESHIPS OF THE U.S. NAVY IN WORLD WAR II.  Stefan Terzibaschitsch.  1977 Bonanza Books.  lavishly illustrated with photographs; drawings and deck plans.  206 pages; 148 photographs; 115 drawings.  tight and clean.  color photo dust jacket.  excellent plus to near mint.  12.00

luggage tag.  Celluloid with original leather fob strap. PACIFIC COAST STEAMSHIP CO. with the flag on front. Hinged at bottom on the reverse side, so that one can list their name and address inside. Made in San Francisco California by Bachrach & Co. Circa 1920's or earlier vintage. approx. 2" diameter. there are no cracks, no splits, no stains, no flaws. Colors bright and vivid. A very nice example of the old Steamship days. Early and scarce.  65.00

floater pen.  SAN JUAN ISLANDS (Washington) souvenir ballpoint pen made in Denmark.   has FERRY BOAT that "floats" from island to island.  colorful and neat item.  1960's vintage.  15.00

soft cover book.  U.S. NUCLEAR SUBMARINES by Arnold Meisner.  Concord Publications #1008.  1990.  Printed In Hong Kong.  horizontal format.  60 pages.  hundreds of photos, lots in full color.  very minor moisture "wrinkling".  otherwise very good.  scarce!  27.50

pinback button.  scarce 1930's THE SOO Ship Locks photo pinback button.  approx. 1" diameter celluloid covered pinback button.   black and white photo of freighter ship going thru the locks.  reads: CA-CHOO THE SOO.   HISTORY NOTE:  The Soo Locks, also known as The Sault Locks (pronounced SOO) are located in Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario Canada and Michigan.  They allow ship traffic to pass between Lake Superior and the lower Great Lakes.  Very interesting pin, the only one I have ever seen.  color is bright and vivid.  no stains or foxing.  near mint plus to mint.  25.00

pennant.  STEAMER HENDRICK HUDSON.  white on dark blue soft felt.  yellow border and tassels.  tip is intact.  Nice graphic of the early steamship flying the DAY LINE flag.  26.5" long.  1920's vintage.  the sidewheeler was placed into service in 1906 and was the finest day passenger steamer in the country.  excellent plus or nicer!  59.50

pennant.  World War I vintage or earlier.  U.S.S. ARKANSAS.  individually sewn yellow letters on dark blue soft wool.  yellow border with blue tassels.  tip is intact.  Colorful Naval logo to the left.  well made.  note that the logo is made of different pieces of material and is "quilted".   minor moth damage but still very attractive.  30" long.  early and scarce!  85.00

pennant.  PRIDE OF THE HUDSON.  white on green soft felt.  white border with green tassels.  the very point of the tip is squared off.  great large illustration of WASHINGTON IRVING sidewheeler steamship. 29.5".  circa 1920 vintage.   History note: according to the Hudson River Maritime Museum: "she was launched in 1912 for the 1913 season, the Washington Irving was the largest and grandest of all the Day Line steamers.  She was designed to run with the Hendrick Hudson providing a matched pair of steamers for the Albany – New York service.  In 1926, a barge struck the Washington Irving as she was leaving her slip in New York.  The Washington Irving sank with a loss of three lives."  slight age soiling from dust.  colors are strong.  excellent or better!  scarce piece.  95.00

pennant.  S.S. ADMIRAL - ST. LOUIS.  white lettering on red thin soft felt.  golden yellow border with matching tassels.  tip intact.  large, colorful illustration of the S.S. ADMIRAL Ferry Boat.  no flaws.  colors are bright and crisp.  circa 1960 vintage.  approx. 27" long.   near mint.  59.50

pennant.  CHICAGO.  large, early, pre 1910 vintage.  individually sewn red letters on thick, soft felt.   dark red tassels.    large color illustration of an early dreadnaught battleship.  Not positive, but is CHICAGO the name of the battleship, or referencing the city?  very large and impressive, measuring 36" long.  there is minor "cracking" in the illustration thru the thick paint.  there is minor 1/4" tear in lower left and the very point of the tip is squared off.  no staining, no other flaws.  a super display piece!  early and impressive.  100.00

pennant.  USS OVERTON.  circa 1920's vintage.  individually sewn orange letters on soft black felt.  orange border with black tassels.  tip is intact.  separate piece of orange felt with fringed ends, has black U.S.S. letters, which is interwoven into the main pennant.  designed to display vertically.  at the top is a large full color illustration of the ship with biplane flying overhead, printed on soft, supple leather, with some handpainted detailing.  The USS OVERTON was commissioned in 1920 and decommissioned in 1945 and was a Clemson Class Destroyer during WWII.  large, a bit over 35" long, not counting the tassels.  very impressive piece, that has been stored away properly all these years.  colors are extremely bright and vivid.  leather is fresh and pliable.  no rips, no tears, no holes, no stains.  the extreme point of the tip is squared off (as manufactured).  Near mint plus to mint.  I can not express strongly enough, at how fine a piece this is!  159.50

pennant.  U.S.S. MARYLAND - NEW ZEALAND.  Circa 1925 vintage, from their Goodwill tour to New Zealand.  Individual yellow letters sewn onto thick, luxurious green soft felt pennant.  Yellow border with long green tassels.  There is a tooled leather placard in color of the U.S.S. MARYLAND.  Next to that, is a tooled leather Maori warrior with all his facial tattoos and feathers in his hair!  Full tip is intact.  There are no holes, no stains, no tears.  The color is super bright and vivid.  There is an extremely tiny mother hole in the "W" that does not go through.  This is an absolutely magnificent piece.  Larger, approx. 11.25" by 34" long, not counting the tassels.  A quality piece!   150.00

pennant.  U.S.S. MARYLAND - PUGET SOUND.  Circa 1925 vintage.  Individual ORANGE letters sewn onto thick, luxurious purple soft felt pennant.  Orange border with long purple tassels.  There is a tooled leather placard in color of the U.S.S. MARYLAND.   tip is intact.  There are no holes, no stains, no tears.  The color is super bright and vivid.   This is an absolutely magnificent piece.  Larger, approx. 10.75" by 34.5" long, not counting the tassels.  A quality piece!   125.00

pennant.  S.S. DELAWARE BELLE - PHILADELPHIA PA.  white lettering on soft dark blue felt.  white border, as issued, with no tassels.  large illustration of The Wilson Line DELAWARE BELLE boat.  original owner had tag on it stating it was obtained in 1948.  approx. 23.75" long.  colors are bright.  no flaws.  near mint.  45.00

pennant.  S.S. QUEEN ELIZABETH.  yellowish to reddish orange letters on rich bluish purple soft felt with matching tassels.  large, colorful illustration of the ocean liner.  1950's vintage.  the very tip is squared off, as manufactured.  colors are bright and vivid.  no flaws.  approx. 22.5" long, not counting the tassels.  near mint to mint.  45.00

pennant.  PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND CANADA.  white letters on mottled salmon soft felt.  orange border with wide purple tassels.  tip is intact.  Illustration of large ABEGWEIT Cruise Ship with Maple Leafs above.  early 1950's vintage.  23" long.  near mint.  30.00

pennant.  smaller size.  S.S. ORSOVA - ORIENT LINE.  yellow, green, gray and white on dark blue soft felt.  blue border with blue tassels.  tassels and tip are intact.  Beautiful graphics of the ocean liner and the Orient Line flag!  17" long.  There are  small moth holes..  makers label on reverse side: "Pin-up Pennants, North Walsham, Norfolk, England".  very good.  displays nicely. even though it has the moth holes, the colors are very strong and bright. .  Built in 1953.  She was the largest post-war liner constructed in England and it was her unorthodox appearance which caused a great deal of comment at the time. As well as being designed without a mast, the outline of her funnel, with its 'Welsh Hat' extension, was the subject of much adverse criticism.  The latter had been specially planned to prevent the nuisance of smoke and smuts on the passenger decks. The funnel was also rigged to carry the radio aerials and halyards.  The liner was withdrawn from service in 1973 and subsequently broken up in Taiwan.   69.50

pennant.  medium size.  S.S. ORSOVA - ORIENT LINE.  yellow, gray and white on dark blue soft felt.  blue border with blue tassels.  tassels and tip are intact.  Beautiful graphics of the ocean liner and the Orient Line flag!  19.5" long.  There are a few small moth holes..  makers label on reverse side: "Pin-up Pennants, North Walsham, Norfolk, England".  excellent plus, displays beautifully.  Built in 1953.  She was the largest post-war liner constructed in England and it was her unorthodox appearance which caused a great deal of comment at the time. As well as being designed without a mast, the outline of her funnel, with its 'Welsh Hat' extension, was the subject of much adverse criticism.  The latter had been specially planned to prevent the nuisance of smoke and smuts on the passenger decks. The funnel was also rigged to carry the radio aerials and halyards.  The liner was withdrawn from service in 1973 and subsequently broken up in Taiwan.   95.00

pennant.  CUNARD R.M.S. "SYLVANIA".  multicolored on soft blue felt with whit trim.  white border with blue silky string ties, looped thru at top and bottom.  tip is intact.  colors are bright and vivid.  details are very nice.  17.5" long.  appear to be late 1940's vintage, BUT could possibly be from the 1930's.  Near mint.  75.00

pennant.  CUNARD R.M.S. "SCYTHIA".  multicolored on soft blue felt with whit trim.  white border with blue silky string ties, looped thru at top and bottom.  tip is intact.  colors are bright and vivid.  details are very nice.  17.5" long.  appear to be late 1940's vintage, BUT could possibly be from the 1930's.  excellent plus to near mint.  75.00

EASTERN STEAMSHIP LINES INC. Ocean Liner keychain. Pewter like metal. One side has the name, the other has raised image of the company flag. Overall it is over 3" long. the charm part is approx. 1" by 1.25". Undated, but late 1950's I believe. the charm can be removed from the keychain and used as a charm for bracelet, necklace, or whatever. appears to be unused. no flaws, no wear. near mint to mint.  12.50

pinback button.  Approx. 7/8" diameter celluloid pinback button. white and pinkish red. illustration of a sail boat. COOS BAY PIRATES REGATTA AUG. 3-4. undated, but 1930's vintage. no dents, no gouges, no cracks, no stains, no flaws. excellent.  16.50

book.  YANKEE SHIP SAILING CARDS.  Volume III.  1952. FORBES, ALLAN and RALPH M. EASTMAN".  This final volume of our series on this subject presents some of the most attractive and unusual cards discovered in our research which seem appropriate to reproduce in connection with the stirring and romantic days of the Yankee Clippers".  Boston: State Street Trust Company, 1952. Lg.8vo, pp.99, illustrated in color with examples of these rare sailing cards.  excellent reference book.  stiff paper covers.   tight and clean. very minor surface wear to cover along the top edge.  near mint to mint.  18.00

floater pen.  QUEEN ELIZABETH 2.  made in Denmark.  has American flag and Statue of Liberty on the left, with the British Flag and the Tower Bridge on the right.  the QE2 floats between them.  no flaws.  near mint to mint.  19.50

STERNWHEELER STEAMSHIPS on the COLUMBIA.  Real photo postcard. 1920's vintage. thin white border, slightly sepia tint photo. Captioned CW117 - STEAMBOATS IN THE RAPIDS, APPROACHING CASCADE LOCKS, COLUMBIA RIVER HIGHWAY, OREGON. Sawyer Scenic Photos, Portland Oregon. (yes, the same SAWYERS that later became Viewmaster Reels and viewers). There are 2 small steamships at the far right entering the lock and there is a large sternwheeler Paddle Steamer on the left. Was not postally used. Glued into scrapbook and removed. No rips, no tears, no creases but the scrapbook residue is on the backside. The image is very crisp and clear - soiling in the lower right corner. excellent. 12.00

 hardbound book.  SHIPS OF THE U.S. NAVY.  John Kirk and Aaron Klein.  1987 Exeter.  full color.  193 pages.  horizontal format.  with dust jacket.  near mint to mint.  14.00

Early tobacco tin picturing THE PURITAN - America’s Cup Sailboat, circa 1890. rough condition. good.  SCARCE!   99.50

Full color postcard. Captioned on front C.P.R. S.S. "PRINCESS CHARLOTTE" VANCOUVER - VICTORIA SERVICE. C.P.R. stands for Canadian Pacific Railroad I believe. Valentine & Sons. Undated, circa 1910 to1915 or thereabouts. The far left edge has serrated edge, like card removed from booklet. Unused, no flaws. Near mint to mint.  8.00

Full color postcard. Captioned on front C.P.R. S.S. "PRINCESS VICTORIA" VICTORIA HARBOUR, B.C. C.P.R. stands for Canadian Pacific Railroad I believe. Valentine & Sons. Undated, circa 1910 to 1915 or thereabouts. The far left edge has serrated edge, like card removed from booklet. Unused, no flaws.  8.00

Full color postcard. Captioned on front CUNARD TO CANADA - R.M.S. "CARONIA". GROSS TONNAGE 20,000. Printed in England. Undated, circa 1920s. Unused, no flaws. Near mint to mint.  10.00

Real photo postcard. AZO back. Captioned on front: S.S. AVALON. HADDAN - PHOTO. Great image shows all the people standing alongside the rail. 1920's vintage. This is the boat that sailed to Catalina Island in California.  Unused. No creases. Near mint to mint. Very crisp and clear image.  15.00

Color postcard. 1930's vintage. Stylized artwork of 2 Ocean Liners, captioned S.S. MARIPOSA - S.S. MONTEREY TO THE SOUTH PACIFIC. Reverse reads: Matson Lines NEW Luxury Liners Mariposa and Monterey. Length 563 feet - speed 20 knots - gross tonnage 18,500. Accommodates 365 passengers, all in first class. Two great ultramodern liners, air-conditioned throughout, and equipped with every facility for perfect trans-Pacific cruising. Each has accommodations for 365 passengers, all in first class. Frequent sailings from San Francisco and Los Angeles to New Zealand and Australia via Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa and Fiji. Although this card is undated, the reference to NEW LINERS suggests early 1930's, since that was when both of these boats were placed into service. No creases, no flaws. Unused. Excellent plus to near mint condition. Colors strong and vivid.  12.50

Full color postcard. M.S. POLAR STAR. Cruising the famed "Inside Passage" between Vancouver B.C. and Skagway Alaska. Westours Inc. Carefree Alaska Cruises. #FC 220 on bottom. Unused. mint.  6.00

Real Photo postcard. Black and white photo titled THWAITES 4004 - S.S. NORTHWESTERN, ALASKAN COAST..... Postmarked Jan 7, 1937 at Ketchikan Alaska. Great photo of the boat REALLY iced over! No creases. near mint.  15.00

S.S. NORMANDIE cardboard punchout.  Premium from Kraft's Malted Milk.  Dated 1938.  Unused.  Complete, missing some of the blank cardboard edging.  Large, has 5 12" by 12" sections.  One tri-fold section, and another bi-fold.  This way, the giant 28" hull is in one piece!  Printed in black, yellow, red and white.  Quite detailed, and a great item!  excellent plus.   79.50

Brochure from Anderson Water Tours, SEEING SEATTLE BY WATER. Full color front and back cover. 6 pages with photos, map and includes Lake Washington Ferry Boat Schedule. Circa 1935, long before the floating bridges were built over Lake Washington! Excellent condition, no flaws.  15.00

U.S.S. LOUISIANA United States Navy battleship. Black and white photo print in the center. Fancy embossed red/white/blue and gold Eagle and flag drapery. At bottom center is crossed cannons, swords and anchor. The borders are heavily embossed. Edge soiling and wear. Heavy creases in upper left corner. Displays very nicely, and image is crisp. Overall very good.   11.00

Full color postcard S.S. PRESIDENT liner. Has #2114 printed in upper left. Published by the Benam Co. Has been used. It is postmarked Redondo Beach, October 23, 190?. I can not make out the last number in the year. I believe it is 1909. The color is very strong. Minor ding in upper left corner. Overall excellent or nicer.  12.00

Real photo postcard.  Captioned in white along the bottom: U.S.S. INDIANAPOLIS and U.S.S. MINEAPOLIS, Portland, Oregon, 1937.  In the lower right corner is #27-15.  Fine line crease along upper rights.  Also 1/4" wrinkle at bottom border.   unused, excellent to near mint.  12.00

real photo postcard of the MARIECHEN wreck False Bay Alaska 1906.  AZO back.  Captioned #2 “MARIECHEN” Wrecked in False Bay, Alaska – 1/26/06. Sharp, clear image. Minor crease in lower left. Unused. The following information was found on the internet: The CLAN MATHESON was a 3917 gross ton ship, length 381 ft x beam 43.3 ft, one funnel, two masts (rigged for sail), single screw, speed 11 knots. There was accommodation for 1st and 3rd class passengers. Launched for the Clan Line (Cayzer, Irvine & Co) by Napier, Shanks & Bell, Glasgow on 20th Aug.1883, she was used on the Far East service. In 1893 she grounded in the Suez Canal, causing massive cost penalties for her owners and in 1895 cruised with guest to the opening of the Kiel Canal by the Kaiser. Sold in 1905 to Hamburg Diederichsen, Jebson & Co, she was renamed MARIECHEN and used on their service to Vladivostok. In 1906 she grounded at Chichagoff, Alaska, was refloated and towed to Seattle where she was condemned and scrapped.  unused – nm/mt.  25.00

Real photo postcard. Captioned #1970 M.V. CHINOOK - SEATTLE - VICTORIA ROUTE - DINING SALON. Signed JOHNSTON. Penciled on reverse is JULY 27, 1953. Crisp and clear image. Scrapbook residue on reverse. Small ding in upper left and in the lower left the very tip of the corner is missing. This is a VERY hard to find view!  unused.  excellent or better.  24.00

Real photo postcard. Captioned FERRY CHINOOK AND EDIZ HOOK - PORT ANGELES, WASH. signed ELLIS 4201. Someone wrote "1952" in postage stamp area. Crisp, clear image, unused. minor dings along right edge.   unused. near mint or better.  7.50

Real photo postcard. Captioned P957 - THE FLEET. Crisp and clear image, shows 8 or 9 ships. World War II vintage. Minor edge wear along the left edge.   unused, near mint or better.  8.50

The Commemorative program for the 1954 Launching of the General Dynamics U.S. Navy FIRST ATOMIC POWERED SUBMARINE – the U.S.S. NAUTILUS.  Large format  10" by 11 7/8".  12 pages plus with heavier stock covers, illustrated mailing envelope. Clean, tight, high quality item! First one I have had the honor of ever seeing! Great photos and info.   near mint plus to mint.  124.50

AMERICAN LINE, PHILADELPHIA – LIVERPOOL – QUEENSTOWN.  celluloid advertising pocket mirror.  Early, circa 1900 vintage. 1.75” diameter Beautiful full color graphics of this nautical company’s single smokestack steamship. Made by Whitehead and Hoag, marked on curl. Very light rim spotting. Mirror on reverse side is okay, showing minor silver loss around the edge. Colors are bright and vivid! Overall excellent. A gorgeous piece!   95.00

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