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cast iron STATE BANK building.  gilt finish.  circa 1900 vintage.  made by Kenton.  base is approx. 2.5" by 2.25" and stand about 4.25" tall.  paint is excellent or nicer.  no flaws.  65.00

cast iron MUTT AND JEFF still bank.  1920's made by A.C. Williams.  original silver paint.  a hair over 5.25" tall.  light surface oxidation near bottom of reverse side.  overall very good plus to excellent.  139.50

cast iron TEDDY ROOSEVELT BUST on Pedestal Still Bank.  made in 1919 by A.C. Williams.  gold finish.  5" tall.  great piece with him wearing his Rough Rider hat and tunic.  no flaws.  excellent to near mint paint.  275.00

cast iron ELK or STAG DEER still bank.† gold finish.† circa 1915 to 1930 vintage.† 6.25" tall.† 4.5" long.† minor paint wear.† overall excellent.† no flaws.† 75.00

cast iron ELEPHANT STANDING ON TUB still bank.† gold finish.† a hair over 5.25" tall.† base is 2.15" diameter.† 1920's by A.C. Williams.† there are many variations of banks: this one has no blanket; he is standing upright on hind legs - NOT sitting; his trunk is not touching his chest but is touching his left foot while his right foot is free.† no flaws.† excellent plus condition.† 120.00

cast iron TWO FACED BLACK BOY still bank.† gold and black with red mouth.† 3.25" tall.† made circa 1901 to 1919 by A.C. Williams.† normal paint wear.† no flaws.† very good.† 89.50

cast iron.† LARGE STANDING LION with tail on right.† gold finish.† 5.25" tall by 7" long.† paint is worn but no flaws.† very good.† 125.00

cast iron.† BOXER DOG SITTING.† gold finish with red collar & red mouth.† 4.5" tall.† 1920's to 1930's vintage by A.C. Williams I believe.† no flaws.† paint is excellent.† 95.00

cast iron DONKEY still bank.† green with saddle.† 4.5" tall.† 4.5" long.† 1920's to 1930's vintage.†† original paint is excellent plus.† no flaws.† 119.50

cast iron ELEPHANT with HOWDAH still bank.† gold finish.† 3.15" tall by a hair over 4" long.† 1920's to 1930's vintage.† made by A.C. Williams I believe. † no flaws.† gold finish shows normal age wear.† 65.00

cast iron LION still bank.† version with tail on right side.† gold finish.† 3.75" tall by 4.75" long.† 1920's to 1930's vintage.† the rivet is not properly fastened and need to be replaced.† otherwise excellent.† 69.50

cast iron LONG HORN STEER still bank.† 1920's vintage.†† paint worn.† approx. 6" long by 4" tall.† horns are intact.† no flaws except paint wear.† 49.50

cast iron FIDO DOG BOSTON TERRIER still bank.† 5" tall.† white and black with red mouth and red collar.† late 1930's to 1940's.† Hubley.† normal paint wear for it's age.† no flaws.† very good to excellent.† 59.50

cast iron FIDO DOG BOSTON TERRIER still bank.† 5" tall.† white and black with red mouth and red collar.† late 1930's to 1940's.† Hubley.† no flaws.† paint is near mint.† 95.00

cast iron KITTEN still bank.† 5" tall.† white with pink bow.† pink nose and black eyes.†† late 1930's to 1940's.† Hubley.† normal paint wear for it's age.† no flaws.† very good to excellent.† 59.00

cast iron RABBIT SITTING still bank.† gold finished.† 4.75" tall.† 1920's vintage.† dirty - needs a cleaning.† no flaws except for paint wear.† very good.† 45.00

cast iron HORSE PRANCING still bank.† gold finish.† 4.25" long by 4.25" tall.† his right front leg is off the ground.† no flaws.† normal paint wear for it's age.† excellent.† 80.00

cast iron REARING HORSE ON Smooth Base.† gold finish.† large 7" long by 7" tall.† the base is 4.5" by 3" approx. circa 1910 by A.C. Williams.† paint is almost completely worn off the one side.† no flaws.† very good plus.† 89.00

cast iron COW still bank.† gold finish.† 3.5" tall by 5.25" long.† has minor casting flaw - tiny pin head sized hole on left side of mid-section.† very good plus to excellent.† hard one to find.† 139.50

cast iron.† PIG "A WISE PIG SAVE A PENNY EACH DAY".† 6.5" tall.† pink.† stands on hind legs on black base while holding black suitcase.† base is approx. 3" by 2.75".† very very heavy.† most likely 1950's or 1960's vintage.† excellentsorry sold


register bank.  PUGET SOUND MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK Seattle Washington.  registering bank made by Add-O-Matic Bank.  will register nickels; dimes and quarters.  circa 1942 vintage.  minor oxidation on base.  some paint wear on edges.  approx. 4" by 4.25" by 2" tall.  scarce.  32.50

still bank.† HUMPTY DUMPTY tin lithographed by Chein.† 1930's vintage.† 5.25" tall.† multicolored.† coin trap is present.† minor wear.† colors are still nice.† displays well.† very good plus to excellent.† scarce!† 195.00

still bank.† THERMO ANTI-FREEZE by Publicker Industries.† tin lithographed barrel can. 1930's vintage.† great graphics of a pipe smoking snowman carrying a giant thermometer and a can of Thermo Anti-freeze.† In the background is a 1920's style car broken down.† red/blue/white.† 2.85" tall by 2" diameter.† displays beautifully.† some wear on top of can and minor denting near coin slot.† excellent.† 42.00

A PRESENT FROM BLACKPOOL tin bank.† barrel shape with bail handle intact.† trap on base is intact and comes with the original key.† not counting the handle it is 3" tall by† 2.5" wide.† 1920's to 1930's vintage.† no flaws.† excellent plus to near mint.† 49.50

GLOBE BANK.† made by Chein.† late 1940's vintage.† World Globe is mutli-colored.† base is 3.25" diameter.† globe is approx. 3.5" diameter.† original coin trap is intact.† colors are age darkened.† no flaws.† very good plus to excellent.† 17.50

German tin litho SOCCER BALL BANK† by Gescha. circa 1952.† excellent to near mint.† 85.00

MICKEY MOUSE tin lithographed bank.† premium from Banco Comercial Mexicano.† Illustrates colorful MICKEY with fistfuls of money.† reverse shows children standing in line w/their banks; to make deposits.† Lithography is excellent plus.† no coin trap.† Scarce issue.† circa 1960.† 3.5" tall by 2.5" diameter.†† 45.00

SCHOOL HOUSE.† Sign above front door says SCHOOL P.S. 23.† full color.† building is red with green roof.† students and teacher are on front steps and in windows.† 4.5" tall.† the green base is approx. 5.25" by 4.25".† Coin slot is on roof.† no maker mark.† 1950's to 1960's vintage.† no dents.† minor rust damage to front peak of roof.† very good plus or nicer.† 29.50

OLD KING COLE book shaped tin lithographed still bank.† first version Made by Mohawk Metal Co. 1919-1921 vintage.† spine reads: Old King Cole Toy Bank Vol. IV.† front and back have full color graphics and read "Old King Cole was a merry old soul.† and a merry old soul was he".† approx. 4" by 3" by a bit less than 1.5".† original tin coin trap is intact on base.†† the front side has minor color fading.† reverse side is very bright and crisp.† overall excellent or nicer.† early and uncommon.† 75.00

MOTHER HUBBARD book shaped tin lithographed still bank.† first version Made by Mohawk Metal Co. 1919-1921 vintage.† spine reads: Mother Hubbard Toy Bank Vol. III.† front and back have full color graphics and read "Old Mother Hubbard Went to the cupboard to get her poor dog a bone."† approx. 4" by 3" by a bit less than 1.5".† original tin coin trap is intact on base.†† the front side has minor nicks and dents.† reverse side is clean.† overall the colors are strong and bright.† early and uncommon.† very good plus or nicer.† 59.50

SIMPLE SIMON book shaped tin lithographed still bank.† 2nd version Made by Kirchoff. 1920's to 1930's vintage.† spine reads: Simple Simon Toy Bank Vol. II.† front and back have full color graphics and read "Simple Simon went fishing for to catch a whale."† approx. 4" by 3" by a bit less than 1.5".† original tin coin trap is intact on base.†† the colors on both sides are† very bright and crisp.† overall excellent or nicer.† uncommon.† 65.00

figural building bank.† THE QUEEN'S DOLL HOUSE Model.† Made by Cauldon Potteries Ltd in conjunction with Chubb & Son's Lock & Safe Co.† 4.25" by 2.5" by 3.5".†† 1920's to early 1930's vintage.† embossed tin lithography.† made in England.† complete with original trap intact.† quite detailed.† the one end shows the interior rooms with the cars in the basement!† has nicks and scratches but still presents very nicely.†† 95.00


cast metal LOGGING TRUCK Bank.  Timbermens National Bank HOQUIAM WASHINGTON.  light golden bronze tone.   Banthrico.  early 1960's vintage with slot base key lock base.  approx. 6.75" by 2.25" by 2.75" tall.  near mint.  scarce.  85.00

cast metal.  CLYDE SAVINGS figural building bank.  bronze toned.  slot in base.  approx. 5" x 3.25" x 3.75" tall.  1960's vintage.  excellent.  49.50

cast metal.  IMPROVEMENT SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION figural building bank.  Galena Blvd. and Oak Avenue.  slot on base.  approx. 7" by 2.5" by 2.25" tall.  Made by Banthrico.  1960's vintage.  excellent.  59.50

pot metal.† THREE LITTLE PIGS.† a hair over 5" tall.† a little less than 3" diameter at base.† Made in USA.† copper finish.† missing the base plate.† coin slot behind heads.† excellent plus.† 25.00

stenciled tin.† CHURCH CATHEDRAL or STEEPLE HOUSE.† stenciled on green.† thin soldered tin.† 4.25" tall.† 2.5" by 1.25".†† early: circa 1870's vintage.† shows wear and age but still intact.† interesting piece!† 75.00

metal.† SAVE FOR A HOME Still Bank.† early 1900's vintage.† promotional from First Englewood State Bank. made by B.T. Corp.† all heavy gauge tin or steel.† white with 12 separate green windows and 2 doors.† quite detailed!†† black roof and eaves.† red chimney and green base.† 3.25" by 2.25" by 2.75" tall.† dirty.† a few paint chips.† overall very good plus or nicer.† 50.00

pot metal BURRO or DONKEY WITH SADDLE. grays and brown.† brown saddle with red and cream saddle blanket.† saddle is hinged to remove coins.† 1930's vintage.† 3.5" long by 3.5" tall.† paint wear to blanket.† besides paint wear there are no flaws.† 35.00

metal PIG still bank.† creamy pink and blue.† 1950's promotional from Washington Federal Savings & Loan in Oregon.† 3.5" tall by 4.25" long.† casting is perfect.† paint shows wear.† 29.50

IDAHO SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION Pocatello Boise Idaho Falls Twin Falls.† Banthrico.† brass colored metal.† 4.25" by 2.25" by 4" tall.† giant potato leaning against map of state. 1960's era.† mint condition.† 45.00

SOLAR SYSTEM Still Bank.† 1950's made by Vacumet in St. Clair Michigan. †8.5" diameter.†† the center is THE SUN and is gold finished pot metal.† The disc around the sun is made of blue transparent plastic!†† do not confuse this with the metal one by another company.† the 9 planets are represented by the colored rubber balls that are located in the plastic disc.† Mounted on 4 metal legs.† complete with coin trap and key.† 4" tall by 8" across.† complete.† minor wear.† rare!!!† this version is hardly ever seen today and when one is found it is rarely found with all the planets intact.† very good plus to excellent or nicer.† 250.00

PLAN-IT STILL BANK (aka Planet Bank).†† a Berzac Creation.†† Astro Manufacturing of Detroit Michigan.† 8.5" diameter.† the center is THE SUN and is silver finished pot metal.† The disc around the sun is made of blue cast metal.††† the 9 planets are represented by the colored rubber balls that are located in the plastic disc.† Mounted on 4 metal legs with rubber tips.† MISSING the planet Venus (a new planet could be fashioned out of small rubber ball or wood or whatever.† minimal wear.† it does include the original booklet!† overall excellent or nicer.† scarce.† 159.50

1971 EISENHOWER SILVER DOLLAR figural bank.† giant silver finish replica of the Eisenhower Dollar coin mounted on black plastic base.† never used.† MINT with original key.† comes with the original plain white cardboard box.† 5.75" tall by 5" wide by† 1" thick.† mint in box.† 39.50

barrel bank advertising PROVIDENT INSTITUTION FOR SAVINGS in Amesbury Mass.† Patented June 1923.† made by Chicago Thrift.† base plate says "Start with a Coin - End with a barrel of money".† 3" tall.† 1.75" diameter at top and bottom.† chromed.† top and bottom plate are black on brass.† no wear.† near mint plus to mint.† 49.50

barrel bank advertising UNION NATIONAL BANK of Sistersville W.Va.† 1930's vintage.† Made by Chicago Thrift.† 3" tall by 1.75" across the top and bottom.† Dark green - possibly aluminum barrel.† has red/blue on brass name plates at top and bottom.† the keyhole appear to have minor damage.† overall near mint.† 45.00

Japanese made 1930ís metal RADIO Still Bank with key.† 4".† crackle finish in black & bronze.†† excellent plus. minor rim wear.†† 125.00

figural bank building.† FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN for Greenville S.C.† 1950's to 60's.† cast metal made by Banthrico.† copper toned.† approx. 6.5" by 3.5".† trap intact.† excellent plus.† 79.50

PORT ANGELES SAVINGS & LOAN ASSN.† Washington State bank.† figural building.† Banthrico.† cast metal with bronze toned finish.† couple minor oxidation spots on bottom reverse.† the trap is still attached but the lock has been picked - so a key does not work.5" by 3.75" by 2.5" tall.† a scarcer one to find.† displays beautifully.† overall excellent.† 50.00

GEORGE WASHINGTON figural bust bank.† 1950's vintage.† made by Banthrico.† antique copper finish on metal.† has facsimile embossed signature.† 5.25" tall.† base is 4" by 2.5".† trap is intact.† near mint to mint.† 21.00


advertising book bank.† PACIFIC 1st FEDERAL SAVINGS (Seattle Washington). dark gold embossed on dark maroon.† leatherette covering on metal.† 1930's.† Made by Bankers Utilities.† Spine says "Book of Thrift".† reverse says Federally insured for up to $10,000.†† minimal corner wear.† excellent.† 39.50

advertising book bank.† CITIZENS FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN of Seattle Washington.† dark gold embossed on dark maroon.† leatherette covering on metal.† 1930's.† Made by Bankers Utilities.† Spine says "Book of Thrift".† reverse says Federally insured for up to $10,000.† very minimal corner wear.† near mint.† 42.50

advertising book bank.† YAKIMA FEDERAL SAVINGS (Washington).† dark gold on brown embossed map of state of Washington.† leatherette covering on metal.† 1930's by Bankers Utilities.†† reverse says Federally insured for up to $10,000.† very minimal corner wear.† near mint.† 40.00

advertising book bank.† FIRST NATIONAL BANK of PORTLAND (Oregon).† nice detailed raised image of the logo on front.† leatherette cover in dark reddish brown. silver lettering.† raised logo and map of Oregon on reverse.†† spine has graphics of quarters; Roosevelt dimes and Jefferson Nickels.†† brass edges.† 1940's to early 1950's† vintage.† Made by Bankers Utilities Co.†† minimal edge wear.†† near mint.† 35.00

advertising bank book.† FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION of Medford Oregon.† Green tinting on reddish brown leather.† 1930's vintage leatherette cover.† approx. 4" by 3".† On the spine it reads THE WAY TO SAVE. Made by Bankers Utilities.† Has 1923 patent date on side.† excellent.† 35.00

advertising bank bank.† FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION of Medford Oregon.†† Blue tinting on reddish brown leather.† 1930's vintage leatherette cover.† approx. 4" by 3".† On the spine it reads THE WAY TO SAVE.† Made by Bankers Utilities.† Has 1923 patent date on side.† excellent.† 35.00

book bank.  Mexico.  BANCO DEL PATRIMONIO FAMILIAR S.A.  green leather-type covering over metal.  made in Mexico by Aptik.  1950's or older.  3.5" by 4.5" by 1".  excellent plus with original box.  32.50

advertising book bank.  YOUR FUTURE THRIFT from Seattle First National Bankbrown vinyl cover opens to reveal advertising.  includes the original key.  1950's.  3.5" by 5.25" by 1.35".  made in Wisconsin by M. A. Gerett Co.  light wear.  excellent.  25.00


still bank.  FILTER QUEEN Vacuum Cleaner - canister style.  figural hard plastic advertising promotional.  coin trap in base.  Made in Pennsylvania by Ernst W. Loew Co.  approx. 4.5" tall by 4" diameter.  1950's vintage.  no flaws.  near mint to mint.  sorry sold

still bank.  HOWARD JOHNSON'S RESTAURANT.  Hard plastic figural bank.  early style.  orange on white.  looks just like one of their buildings in miniature.  5" by 3.5" by 3.5" tall approx.  excellent plus condition.  39.50

still bank.  HOWARD JOHNSON'S RESTAURANT.  Hard plastic figural bank.  modern style.  blue and orange on white..  looks just like one of their buildings in miniature.  5" by 4" by 3.5" approx.  excellent plus condition.  34.50

still bank.† Wurlitzer style TARCO JUKE BOX.† hard plastic.† 1940's.† 6" tall.† designed to light up IT'S WISE TO BE THRIFTY when coin is inserted.†† dark brown and light green.† very attractive colors.† chip on backside of base otherwise mint with box.† box displays okay but does show age wear.†† 99.50

still bank.† Wurlitzer style JUKE BOX.† hard plastic.† 1940's.† designed to light up IT'S WISE TO BE THRIFTY when coin is inserted.† RARE light blue blue color!† 6" tall.† mint.† 89.50

still bank.† HOUSE.† white w/red roof on green base.† gold lettering reads: "Save for the Future - The Half Dime Savings Bank - Orange NJ"..† 1950's.† 4.75" by 4" by 3" tall.† complete with coin trap.† no flaws.† near mint.† 40.00

miniature house still bank.† AMERICAN HOME BANK by Banthrico M-1000.† white house with red roof.† molded in hard plastic with metal base.† front of base says SAVE FOR A HOME.† Label on backside is for PIERCE COUNTY FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION - Tacoma; Sumner; Westgate (Washington State).† 3.5" by 2.25" by 2.75" tall.†† unused.† Mint condition with original cardboard box!† 65.00

house bank.† HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN Yakima Washington.† hard plastic with metal base.† Blue and white.†† 1950's vintage.† Banthrico.† excellent plus.† 32.50

still bank.† PIG wearing Red Hat.† yellow had plastic with red hat.† when coin is deposited the hat pops up!† facial details painted in black.† red removeable coin trap in belly.† Made in USA by Wes-Ko Products.† 1950's.† approx. 5.5" long by 3" tall.† mint.† 35.00

still bank. TEDDY BEAR.† red hard plastic.† sitting up with hands on stomach.† has yellow mouth and "google" eyes and wearing bowtie.† removable trap on base.† back of neck says BEST.†† American made company from the late 1940's and early 1950's.† 6.5" tall.† near mint to mint.† 42.00

still bank.† MY OWN RADIO BANK.† made by Ardee Products.† cream and red hard plastic.† has radio tube design on reverse side.† coin slot on reverse.† the speaker grid is the coin trap.† late 1930's vintage.† approx. 3" by 2.75" by 1.5" deep.† no flaws.† near mint.† 32.50

FILTER-QUEEN Canister Vacuum plastic promotional still bank.† beige and browns.† handle at top.† original coin trap is intact.† Made in Erie PA by Ernest W. Lowe Co.† late 1950's to early 1960's advertising giveaway.† approx. 3 7/8" diameter by 4.5" tall.† minor chipping on the decal.† overall near mint.† nice figural display item.† 42.50

rare RADIO BANK made in Canada by Reliable.† circa 1950; approx. 4" by 1.75" by 2.75" tall; hard plastic.† Knobs turn; the speaker opens to remove coins. Deposit slot is on back side; which is molded in detail; revealing the "innards" of the radio. Tubes; etc. are molded in relief. On the speaker; it has the RELIABLE logo. RELIABLE toys are extremely sought after; and very scarce. Called by many; the "Renwal of the North". Since their items were not exported; and released in Canada only; the production numbers were infinitesimal as compared to American companies. I have searched high and low; for many years; looking for RELIABLE items. This is the ONLY example of this toy that I have ever seen. A beautiful bank; and also a beautiful "radio" toy.† excellent plus to near mint.††sorry sold

large 12" tall hard plastic PINK RABBIT sitting on haunches; hands across chest; wearing pants and blue top hat.† there is opening in the top of his hat - maybe it originally held lollipops there?† there is a coin slot on his back.† it is missing the round circular coin trap.† there are some very minor melt marks on his left hip area.† no cracks; no breaks; no chips.† the colors are strong.† NOT a common item.† unmarked but American made. 1950's vintage.† good looking piece!† possibly a Halloween or Easter piece.††28.50

Hard plastic U.S. LETTERBOX BANK. 1950ís by Authentic.† 5".† mint in box.† 85.00

advertising figural bank for 1ST NATIONAL BANK OF PORTLAND (Oregon).† 1950ís.† approx. 4.25Ē tall.† bronze color.† Hard plastic.† MINT in original box.†† 39.50


glass.† 1940 NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR clear glass still bank.† one side is dated with raised image of the Trylon and Perisphere.† the other side is raised image of the Glass Center.† 3.25" by 3.25" by 1.75".† no flaws.† mint condition.† scarce!† 119.50

glass.† PIGGY BANK.† classic 1950's style in blue glass.† 4.5" long by 3" tall.† no flaws.† mint condition.† 35.00

glass bank.† PITTSBURGH PAINTS advertising premium.† house shaped.† "Save with Pittsburgh Paints - Smooth as Glass".† reverse sides reads: "Nature's Colors in Lasting Beauty".† base is 3" by 2.25" and is 2.75" tall.† no flaws.† mint condition.† 60.00

glass.† RABBIT in sitting position.† yellowish green glass.† 6.25" tall.† base is made of rubber and comes completely off to remove coins.† base is approx. 4.25" by 2.75" oval.† coin slot on his back.† no markings but most likely American made.† 1950's vintage.† only one I have seen of this type.† no visible flaws.† when you remove the rubber base there are a couple small rim nicks on the base that are not visible when the base is in place.† otherwise near mint.† 75.00

glass bank.† MICKEY MOUSE.† sitting with hands folded in front of him.† dark smoky glass.† has the MICKEY MOUSE CLUB logo on back.† Walt Disney Productions copyright on base.† approx. 7" tall.† undated but 1960's I believe.† coin slot at top of his head.† the only way to remove money is by breaking the bank or shaking it out.† can not imagine many of these survived.† no flaws.† Mint condition.† 34.00


pottery.† SITTING BEAR Still Bank.† light brown and black.† older piece circa 1920's.† 4.5" tall.† coin slot on backside.† solid bank with no way to remove money outside of breaking it open or shaking coins thru slot.† some small nicks and chips.† displays nicely.† very good or better.† 45.00

BURGERMEISTER BEER from San Francisco.† paper litho on tin.† miniature beer can with full color label.† 5.5" tall by 3" diameter.† coin slot at top.† excellent or nicer.† 29.50

ceramic PIG BANK.† white pig with orange bow holding large gold coin in mouth.† 1930's vintage.† a real "piggy bank".† the gold and orange are "cold glazed" and show some wear.† approx. 5" long by 2.125" tall.† no cracks; no chips.† very cute.† 45.00

cardboard.† BOOK BANK.† just like the regular book shaped banks - except made of cardboard by Bankers Utility Company.† dated 1923.† titled BOOK OF THRIFT.† name neatly penned on bottom edge.† coin slot at top.† 4.75" by 3.5" by 1".† I doubt if many of these survived.† excellent to near mint.† no flaws.† 19.50

composition paper mache.† SCOTTY DOG in sitting position.† unmarked but most likely made in Occupied Japan.† tinplate coin trap is made from old soda can.† late 1940's.† black with painted eyes.† a hair over 5" tall.† no flaws.† minor paint wear.† complete with original coin trap and key.† 39.50

bisque.† Very early German bisque ELEPHANT BANK.  mint condition.  219.50

Composition plaster† material PEG-LEG PIRATE.† Still Bank.† Has eye patch on with crutch.† 7" tall; 1970's vintage. Coin slot on top of head with black rubber oval shaped coin trap intact.† Colorful and mint.† 23.50

composition plaster material.† SANTA CLAUS holding gift on right hand with bag of toys at his feet.† nice looking figural.† 7" tall.† Made in Japan by J.A.C.† paper label on base.† complete with rubber stopper.† coin slot on top of head.† no cracks.† no breaks.† small pinhead sized paint chip on his back.†† Paint chip on top front of his hat (slightly touched up so they don't stick out like a sore thumb).† late 1960's to 1970's vintage.† 28.50

wood barrel bank.† NEW DEAL BANK - PROSPERITY.† black lettering on gold finished bands around solid wood barrel.† 3.5" tall by 2" across the top.† 1930's vintage. coin trap on top is made of tin.† excellent plus or better.† no flaws.†† 59.50

wood.† MYSTERY RADIO Puzzlel Bank.† nice wood marquetry design on front.† slide the top drawer forward and deposit coin and it disappears into the bowels of the radio.† to open the box is a mystery!† (push back panel slightly up - push the bottom back - slide the back panel up).† 1930's vintage.† approx. 3" by 3" by 5" tall.† nice!† excellent condition.† 48.50

wood bank.† RUGBY FOOTBALL.† all wood with tin trap in base.† base is marked "made in France".† minor wear around coin slot.† small crack on base.† 5" wide by 3.5" tall.† 1920's to 1930's vintage.† great display piece.† 39.50

wood.† FROG Still Bank.† large bugged eyes.† 3.75" tall.† 4.5" by 4".† hand painted features.† tin trap in base (bent).† no markings - unknown origin.† 1930's vintage.† paint is excellent plus.† unusual.† 45.00

wood CALIFORNIA FLYERS HOME BANK still bank.† designed to look like inlaid wood.† paper label on roof for CALIFORNIA FLYERS INC. SCHOOL OF AVIATION in Los Angeles.† wear to label.† building displays very nicely.† the metal latch to the top half of the lock is missing.† 4.5" tall.† base is approx. 3.25" by 2.25".† 1940's issue or earlier.† 39.50

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