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SUNBEAM Bread End Label of the Sunbeam Girl.  small stain.  black grease pencil.  early 1950's.  9.50

SEASON'S GREETINGS bread end label.  Santa Claus flying over rooftops in his sleigh.  red/yellow/white on blue.  tear above his head.  1950's.  6.00

1951 PETER PAN Bread End Labels of AIRPLANES.  Yellow background.  This is the 24 page album.  entitled HANDBOOK FOR JUNIOR AIRCRAFT SPOTTERS.  There are 31 different labels (out of the set of 48) included.   Overall excellent.   225.00

LOCKHEED SHOOTING STAR F-80 bread end label from Peter Pan Bread.  yellow background.  excellent.   10.00

MARTIN 2-0-2 Airliner on red background.  Bread End Label.  Although unmarked.  probably Bond Bread.    late 1940's vintage.  typical edge wear.  overall very good.  scarce.  14.00

Walt Disney ALICE IN WONDERLAND Bread End Labels.  circa 1950.  Light blue with white starburst.  full figure illustration in center.  unused (no glue on reverse).  superiorcondition unless stated otherwise they are near mint to mint!  scarce.
alice-queenofhearts.JPG (20924 bytes)
ALICE.  staple holes.  sorry sold



DODOsorry sold


MAD HATTERsorry sold

MARCH HARE.  tiny tear on edge.  and light crease 14.00



WALRUSsorry sold

WHITE RABBIT.  tiny edge tear.  16.00

Walt Disney MERRY MENAGERIE Bread End Labels.  early 1950's vintage.  full color illustration  of comic animals with witty saying.  used.  scarce!  rarely seen. 

merrymenagerie-fish.JPG (17982 bytes)

BULL DOG.  "Guess they think I'm a shock-proof WATCH dog!".  fair condition.  $8

CAMELS.  "Stop worrying! What if you can't swim".  12.00

CATTLE.  "I'm bored. Let's  start a Stampede".  12.00

GOATS.  "Careful Junior - just the baby food cans!".  12.00

HEN & CHICK.  "Sure your wishbone is lucky.  That is you're lucky if you keep it!".  12.00

HEN & CHICK on Nest.  "Gosh Maw.  Can't you learn to sit down EASY!".  12.00

PIGS.  "You can cut that WEE WEE WEE stuff - we're HOME now?.  12.00

OSTRICH.  "All he'll say is that the patent's applied for!".  12.00

SHEEP.  "Mama wants to look at your tongue dear - say BAA".  12.00

SWORDFISH.  "They've been putting copper bottoms on ships for years you know!".  12.00


Walt Disney PETER PAN Bread End Labels.  early 1950's vintage.  full color illustration  that was designed to be cut out from the label and pasted into an album.  each one is numbered.  and together the make a scenic display.  each COLOR represents a different scene.  unless stated otherwise they are in superior condition!

peterpan-tinkerbell.JPG (17936 bytes)

yellow #1.  CROCODILE.  creased  12.50

blue #1.  TINKERBELL.  15.00

blue #1.  TINKERBELL.  rough upper edge  11.00

yellow #3.  LAGOON.  excellent.  12.00

purple #3.  INDIANS.  excellent.  12.00

purple #3.  BEAR.  excellent.  12.00

yellow #4.  WENDY.  14.00

yellow #4.  WENDY.  light crease on bottom.  12.50

purple #4.  JUNGLE.  12.50

red #4.  CANOE.  12.50

red #4.  PIRATE SHIP.  15.00



Walt Disney SNOW WHITE Bread End Labels.  late 1940's vintage.  full color illustration of full figure character.  purple with white starburst background.  scarcer set.  very nice!

bread-witch.JPG (22475 bytes)

 CHIPMUNK.  excellent  18.00

DEER.  excellent  18.00

DOC.  small edge rips  15.00

DOC.  excellent  20.00

GRUMPY.  vg/exc 20.00

HAPPY.  (wrinkled).  14.00

HUNTSMAN.  excellent  20.00

MUD TURTLE.  excellent.  15.00

RABBIT.  excellent.  15.00

PRINCE.  near mint.  24.00

RACCOON.  excellent.  15.00

SLEEPY.  (small piece out of lower left). 12.50

SLEEPY.  (rough along top edge).  15.00

SLEEPY.  near mint.  24.00

SNEEZ.  excellent (small dark spot)

SNOW WHITE.  (has a 1" rip on right side). 25.00

SNOW WHITE.  staple holes.  otherwise near mint.  32.00

WITCH.  excellent plus  30.00

WITCH.  near mint.  32.50

uncut strip: Sneezy; Prince; Happy; Raccoon.  75.00*


Walt Disney BAMBI Bread End Labels.  circa 1950.  Dark blue with white starburst.  full figure illustration in center.

bread-faline.JPG (17316 bytes)

BAMBI.  excellent.  12.50

CHIPMUNK.  excellent.  sorry sold

CHIPMUNK.  unused. near mint.  18.00

FALINE.  excellent.  sorry sold

FALINE.  unused.  near mint.  18.00

FLOWER.  small tear.  vg+  12.00

MRS. QUAIL.  excellent.  12.50

OWL.  excellent.  12.50

SQUIRREL.  unused. near mint.  sorry sold


Walt Disney DUMBO Bread End Labels.  circa 1950.  yellow  with white starburst.  full figure illustration in center.  Unless stated otherwise these are near mint - unused condition

dumbo-ringmaster.JPG (16434 bytes)

CASEY JR.sorry sold

CLOWN.  vg/ex.  12.00

DUMBO.  staple holes & crease  12.50

ELEPHANT.  16.00

KANGAROO.  vg/ex.  10.00

MONKEY.  vg/ex.  10.00


STORK.  16.00

STORK.  vg/ex.  10.00

TIGER - clipped corner  10.00

TIMOTHY.  16.00


Walt Disney CHARACTERS Bread End Labels.  circa 1950.  Dark red with white starburst.  full figure illustration in center.   unless stated otherwise there are UNUSED in near mint to mint.

bread-horace.JPG (18636 bytes)

CLARABELLE COW.  vg/ex  12.00



CLARA CLUCK.  exc.  12.00

DAISY DUCK.  15.00

DAISY DUCK.  vg/ex  10.00

DEWEY.  vg/ex  12.00

DEWEY.  15.00

GOOFYsorry sold


HORACE HORSECOLLAR.  mild crease on bottom  13.50

HUEY.  15.00

MICKEY MOUSEsorry sold

MICKEY MOUSE.  exc.  sorry sold

MINNIE MOUSE.  excellent.  12.00


PLUTO.  exc+ 12.00

PLUTOsorry sold


Walt Disney CINDERELLA Bread End Labels.  circa 1956.  red with full figure illustration in center

bread-cinderella.JPG (11700 bytes)

BRUNO.  clipped corner.  vg.  12.50

BRUNO.  unused.  near mint.  18.00

CINDERELLA in Gown.  vg/ex.  14.00

CINDERELLA in Gown.  unused.  near mint.  staple holes on top edge.  17.50

CINDERELLA in Rags.  unused.  near mint.  18.00

FAIRY GODMOTHER.  excellent.  15.00

FAIRY GODMOTHER.  unused.  near mint.  18.00

GUS.  unused.  near mint. 18.00

JAC.  excellent.  15.00

JAC.  unused.  near mint.  18.00

LUCIFER.  unused.  near mint.  18.00

PRINCE.  unused.  near mint.  18.00


Walt Disney CHARACTER Bread End Labels.  circa 1950.  yellow with full figure illustration in center. UNLESS stated otherwise these are unused (no glue on reverse).  they are in superior condition.  crisp and bright.  near mint to mint!

bread-hiawatha.JPG (12216 bytes)

BAMBIsorry sold    *     BRER BEAR sorry sold     *     BRER FOX sorry sold     *     BRER RABBIT sorry sold

CLEO.  18.00     *     DAISY DUCK.  18.00     *     DANNY.  18.00     *     DEWEY.  vg/ex  12.00

DEWEY.  18.00     *     DOC.  18.00     *     DONALD DUCK.  worn.  9.50

DONALD DUCK.  used.  exc.  14.00     *     DONALD DUCK.  3 Caballeros 18.00

DOPEY.  18.00     *     DUMBO.  staple holes 16.00     *     FIDDLER PIG.  18.00

FIFER PIG.  18.00     *     FIGARO.  razor cut on right edge.  16.00

FLOWER sorry sold     *     FLYING DONKEY.  torn corner.  unused 12.50

GEPETTO.  18.00     *     GOOFY.  staple holes sorry soldk     *     HIAWATHA.  very good.  14.00

HIAWATHA.  excellent  16.00     *     HIAWATHA.  18.00     *     HUEY.  18.00

JIMINY CRICKET.  18.00     *     JOE CARIOCA.  18.00     *     LOUIE.  vg/ex  12.00

LOUIE.  unused/crease  16.00     *     LULUBELLE.  18.00     *     MAX HARE.  18.00

MICKEY MOUSE.  staple holes.  sorry sold     *     MINNIE MOUSE.  18.00     *     MONTY.  18.00

MORTY.  18.00     *     OWL.  18.00     *     PABLO.  18.00     *     PANCHITO.  18.00

PEDRO.  18.00     *     PLUTO.  staple holes sorry sold     *     PRACTICAL PIG.  18.00

SLEEPY.  18.00     *     SNEEZY.  18.00     *     SNOW WHITE.  staple holes 16.00

THUMPERsorry sold     *     TIMOTHY.  18.00     *     TOBY TORTOISE.  razor cut on right  edge 14.00


bread-ddmexico.JPG (16128 bytes)

Walt Disney DONALD DUCK IN FOREIGN LANDS.  Bread End Labels.  circa late 1940's.  red with full figure illustration in center of DONALD in clothing native to that country.  Following are all used.  intact.  very good/ex.  SCARCE!  each....   15.00

DD in Argentina     *     DD in Ecuador     *     DD in Mexico     *     DD in Colombia

DD in Canada     *     DD in Bolivia

bread-plutosurprised.JPG (14240 bytes)

Walt Disney "MOODS of PLUTO" Bread End Labels.  circa 1940's.  yellow with full figure illustration in center of PLUTO wearing helmet.  Following are all used.  intact.  very good/ex.  SCARCE!  each....   10.00

Pluto SURPRISED     *     Pluto HAPPY     *     Pluto PUZZLED


Walt Disney CHARACTER OCCUPATIONS.  Bread End Labels.  circa late 1940's.  yellow with full figure illustration in center of Character in OCCUPATIONAL attire.  Following are all used.  intact.  very good/ex.  SCARCE!  each....   12.50

bread-mmsheriff.JPG (15588 bytes)

DONALD State Trooper     *     DONALD Sheriff     *     DONALD Foreman     *     DONALD Engineer

DONALD Pirate     *     HUEY Indian     *     HUEY Cowboy     *     LOUIE Pirate

DEWEY Pioneer     *     GOOFY Sailor     *     MICKEY Engineer     *     MICKEY Mailman

MICKEY Sheriff     *     MINNIE Nurse     *     MINNIE Cowgirl. 2 clipped corners


Walt Disney CHARACTER SPORTS PLAYERS.  Bread End Labels.  circa late 1940's.  yellow with full figure illustration in center of Character in as SPORTS PLAYER.  Following are all used.  intact.  very good/ex.  SCARCE!  each....   25.00

bread-mmgolf.JPG (17148 bytes)

DONALD Golfer     *     DONALD Skater     *     DONALD Fisherman

GOOFY Skier     *     GOOFY Boxer


Walt Disney DONALD DUCK STATES. Bread End Labels. circa 1950.  Red with full figure illustration in center of DONALD DUCK in appropriate attire for that particular state.  standing next to State Flower.  Following are all used.  intact.  very good to excellent.  SCARCE!  each....   12.00

bread-ddalabama.JPG (13940 bytes)

Alabama    *     Alaska    *     California    *     Florida    *     Georgia    *     Hawaii

Idaho    *     Indiana    *     Kentucky    *     Maryland    *     Michigan (tear)    *     Minnesota

Mississippi    *     Nevada    *     New Jersey    *     New Mexico    *     N. Carolina    *     Ohio

Pennsylvania    *     Rhode Island    *     Tennessee    *     Texas    *     Utah

Vermont    *     Wisconsin


HOPALONG CASSIDY Bread End Labels.  from BOND BREAD. Red bordered w/color photo inside star burst design. White Block Letters under photo "Hoppy’s Favorite Bread". very good or better unless stated otherwise.

shoulders up portrait HOPPY smiling w/gun in hand.  20.00

Shoulders up portrait w/gun in right hand.  20.00

Knees up.  gun in each hand.  cactus on each side.  20.00

Waist up.  guns drawn.  facing slightly to his right.  20.00

Sitting atop TOPPER.  almost facing straight.  guns drawn.  20.00

 Close-up portrait.  head resting on right hand w/gun in it.  20.00

Waist-up of him  holding TOPPER's reins.  tiny hole.  18.00

Waist-up of him standing next to & looking at TOPPER.  tear.  15.00

close-up portrait

HOPALONG CASSIDY Bread End Labels BOND BREAD. Red bordered w/color artwork in center.  each one is perforated so that the artwork can be punched out of the center & mounted in album. scarce series.  each one is numbered! These are all unpunched.  full labels. All are very good or better.  unless stated.  click on the blue highlighted numbers to see sample.  EACH.  12.00
#’s: 3 (pc. out border); 4; 7; 8 sorry sold; 13 sorry sold; 14; 15; 16; 17 sorry sold; 18 (off-center: $10); 18; 19; 20; 24; 31; 33; 35; 37; 41; 47.

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