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due to lack of time, we have decided not to research these kits. no guess work as to what company made them, etc. we do know where and when we obtained them, and will give an educated guess as to vintage of manufacture when possible. please view the photos. any major flaws or missing parts will be noted. as time permits, we will be listing many more. our warehouse overflows. when shipping pre-assembled kits, we make no guarantees as to them staying "assembled". we will plastic bag them, to prevent loss of pieces. we do package very securely and will do our best to protect them in transit. but old glue dries, and tends to become brittle. pieces may fall off. Also, it is VERY hard to protect fragile antennae, and protruding items. so, please keep this in mind when purchasing these. Many, are very well made and are quite displayable. others are great for parts and builders. many are dusty and need cleaning.

REMEMBER. to see a photo, click on the blue highlighted words. If no photo is available and you NEED to see one, please contact us.

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AUTOMOTIVE Kits - built-ups

click here - for built up, assembled and painted die cast metal HUBLEY and GABRIEL kits

1:32 scale built-up cars

sold out

1:24 or 1:25 scale built-up cars

Hawk BONNEVILLE LAND SPEED RACER.  1961.  scale unknown.  approx. 6.5" long.  molded in orange.  decal on side says "Bonnie Buggy".  missing right front wheel and lower nose plate. sorry sold

TALL T Hot Rod.  1:24.  1960's.   molded in black.  poorly painted.  no interior.  not complete.  10.00

FORD TIN LIZZIE. 1:24. 1960's issue. molded in black. has interior and engine. hood removeable. rubber tires on spoked wheels. all 4 wheels roll freely. front bumper; radiator cap and steering wheel have come off but are included. complete. no cracks. no breaks. decent. 15.00

1927 MACK C-CAB TRUCK "BEER WAGON". with hot rod engine. 1:24 scale. late 1960's Monogram kit designed by Tom Daniels. molded in yellow. decals are excellent. one rear wheel is snapped at the axle. a few small parts have fallen off and need to be reattached. Complete (no beer kegs) and in excellent condition. decent workmanship. 29.50

1927 ROD w/Cobra engine. 1:24. molded in black and painted black. complete but quite a few parts need to be reattached. looks okay. sorry sold

1929 FORD "EARLY IRON" PICKUP TRUCK. yellow with tan roof and tan sideboards. decals applied. 1:25. Monogram. complete. excellent workmanship. near mint to mint. 15.00

DUESENBERG. 1:24. molded in white and black. the hood is removable to view engine detailing (valve covers painted silver). the front fenders have been painted gloss black. one headlight has fallen loose. neatly assembled. nice workmanship. 20.00

1932 FORD Open Convertible with rumble seat. 1:24.  molded in tan. painted bright yellow and black. hood is removable to view engine. complete but windshield frame needs to be reattached. looks okay but paint is heavysorry sold

1932 FORD Open Convertible with rumble seat.  1:24.  1960's.  molded in black.  AMT I believe.  interior has been neatly painted and detailed and so has the engine.  complete.  no flaws.  nicely donesorry sold

1936 FORD Convertible - top up. 1:24. molded in yellow. roof painted white - running boards painted black. opening rumble seat. hood is removeable to view hot engine. excellent workmanship. 20.00

late 1930's CHEVROLET 2 DOOR. 1:24. Molded in creamy white. painted dark brown with silver trim. black chassis. blue engine block. hood folds and opens. 3 small parts have fallen loose. appears to be complete. paint job is old and hand done. project! sorry sold

1936 FORD V8.  molded in black.  1960's.  nicely painted.  engine detailed.  missing rear bumper; front bumper; windshield; steering wheel.  nice workmanship.  15.00

early 1950's PORSCHE. 1:24. molded in ivory white. one piece body with multi-piece chassis. rear deck lid is removeable to view engine. some detail painting. racing #31 decals on sides. there is a glue spot on top of each rear fender behind tonneau. not sure what was glued there? missing one tail light. otherwise complete. no cracks. no breaks. 20.00

HOT ROD or SHOW CAR. 1:24. 1960's issue. molded in black but painted lilac with tan interior. decal side windows of cobwebs and Iron Cross. same decal on rear. MISSING one front wheel. many parts are off the car. scarce kit. nice project car. 30.00

1950's FORD THUNDERBIRD customized. 1:24. 1960's issue or earlier. painted flat black. red interior. hood has been cut away to expose carb stacks. decals applied. chassis looks altered. windshield frame is broken in half. right rear fender - tip of the fin is broken off. project car.   sorry sold

1951 CHEVROLET DELUXE 2 Door Hardtop. green. flat black chassis. flat green interior with silver and black detailing. engine is blue. complete. hood; bumpers and one skirt are loose but included. wheels do not rotate. some marring to the paint. silver detail work is nice. 20.00

1953 CHEVROLET BEL AIR 2 door hardtop. 1:25. base marked MMI (Monogram). molded in light blue. white roof; silver trim; gray interior; black chassis. opening hood. black engine compartment with red engine. the antenna has been knocked off but is included. The rear wheel assembly is starting to loosen. complete. excellent. 22.50

1954 CORVETTE. 1:24. molded in red. painted dark green. opening hood with full engine. front end needs to be glued in place. missing the roof otherwise complete. decent looking.  sorry sold

CHEVY NOMAD STATION WAGON. 1:25. fluorescent orange. "Thomas Chevrolet. 345 c/g. driver Bob Schultz. 327 c.i. painted. full detailed interior. decent job; but not great. removable hood to view engine. console from interior has popped loose and needs to be repainted. one front wheel was loose and has been tacked into place with Elmer's white glue. 1970's vintage kit. 25.00

1955 CHEVY.  assembled and painted a dark greenish gold.  opening doors; hood and trunk.  one front wheel and chrome hood scoop are loose.  missing on front wheel & tire assembly.  glue stains on windows.  sorry sold

circa 1956 FORD 2 Door Hardtop customized. excellently painted and assembled. candy apple paint job (green over blue). black and white interior with red floor. chassis flat black. engine block blue. hood is removable to expose engine. wheels are free rolling and front wheels turn. red tail light lens; rear bumper; and front turn signal lens have fallen loose but are include. MISSING the driver's side door and the rear support for rear leaf spring. nice looking piece. 19.50

1956 FORD VICTORIA. 2 Door Hardtop. 1:25. opening doors with full interior. opening hood with engine. molded in creamy white. painted a semi-gloss hot pink with silver trim. excellent workmanship. complete. 21.00

1956 CHEVROLET BELAIR. molded in light turquoise blue. Monogram 1:25. trim has been nicely painted silver. opening hood with engine. full interior. chassis painted flat black. complete. the only flaw is the antenna is bent. excellent to near mint. nicely builtsorry sold

1957 CHEVROLET BELAIR 2 Door Hardtop. 1:24. molded in cream white. painted black with silver trim. red and white interior. opening doors. hood opens to reveal engine. the following parts have come loose but are included: door; side view mirror. both rear antennae have been broken off but are included. door needs hinge repaired. otherwise complete right down to the toy alligator in the rear window! not bad.20.00

1957 FORD THUNDERBIRD Fastback customized. 1:24. 1960's issue. screw on base (most probably an AMT kit). molded in white. excellently built. wheels are free wheeling. hood is removable to view engine. gloss black body. flat black chassis. red and white interior. white fast back hardtop. red translucent hubcap bullet tips. the two rear mounted antennae are broken off but included. the two front fender mounted side view mirrors have fallen loose as has the left front headlight rim. the loose parts are included. the only things missing are the clear headlight lenses. looks good. 24.00

1950's MERCEDES BENZ 300SL WING. 1:24. 1960's issue. molded in dark maroon. seats and chassis are black. some silver trim paint. hood opens to reveal engine. full interior. rear deck and doors have come loose as well as a few other small bits. no cracks. no breaks. not bad looking.   sorry sold

customized 1950's THUNDERBIRD with removable black roof. 1:24. body painted a pearlescent pink. gray and black interior. blue tinted windshield. black chassis. hood opens. engine is loose. missing the steering wheel and the headlight cowl for the right fender. not a bad project car! 12.00

1957 CHEVY DRAGSTER.  molded in cream.  neatly assembled.  painted orange.  full engine and interior.  opening doors. a couple wheels have to be reattached.  no window glass.  missing the "hinge" for the trunk lid.  25.00

1960's ASTON MARTIN DB4. 1:24. molded in silver gray. interior has been neatly painted green. hood opens to reveal engine. full interior. one front wheel is loose and the other front wheel has snapped off. MISSING the side vents. the wheel assembly may be incomplete and not sure about the engine. nice project car! sorry sold

1961 CORVETTE ROADSTER. partially painted and assembled. no box. 1:25 scale. 1960's issue. AMT I think. I have not inventoried the pieces; but the only things I notice missing are a pair of tires. painted a high gloss dark maroon. decent workmanship. engine and interior partially assembled. 50.00

circa 1962 CORVETTE. 1:25. molded in red. removable top and hood. full engine detail. interior has black and silver detailing. front bumpers are crooked. insets have been poorly painted a pinkish colorsorry sold

NOVACANE. 1:25. 1963 station wagon funny car. metallic golden green. hinged body. engine comes up in middle of roof. rear wheels have come loose; one broken at axle. appears complete. detailed. not badly done. I think this was a customization of the 1971 issue AMT #T308-225 kit titled "Boss Nova" of a 1963 Nova Funny Car Wagon BUT I am not positive. 34.50

1964 CHEVY IMPALA. 1:25. molded in red. body has been painted a dark reddish maroon with silver trim. chassis painted flat black. hood is removeable to view engine. antenna has come loose but is included. assembled very nicely. the red body paint has an orange peel texture on the side panels. overall very decent. 20.00

SHELBY COBRA Hardtop. 1:24. circa 1964 issue (probably an AMT kit). molded in white. dashboard detailed and seats painted black. some engine parts painted black. wide slicks in rear with disc hubs. hood is removeable. full engine. full interior. decals have light chipping. Racing #56. complete. no cracks. no chips. nice. 21.00

1964 STUDEBAKER AVANTI. a hair over 7" long. molded in ivory white with black chassis and black seats. chrome trim. black rubber tires. I believe this was made by Palmer. neatly assembled. no paint. missing passenger side rear view mirror. 25.00

1965 PONTIAC GTO. 1:24. molded in caramel brown. painted rich dark brown with white roof. opening hood with engine. full interior with some detailing. missing the antenna otherwise complete. not bad looking at all! 14.00

1968 SHELBY MUSTANG. 1:25. molded in white. body painted metallic blue. black dash and blue seats. chassis and engine also painted. hood opens. has engine. full interior. decals applied. there is a paint flaw on the passenger side hood louvers. otherwise nicely done. 12.00

1969 PLYMOUTH BARRACUDA. 1:25. molded in white. painted grayish blue with black interior. white side stripes. opening hood. 383 engine. full interior. excellent workmanship.  complete except for side view mirrors.  sorry sold

1970 DODGE CHALLENGER T/A. 1:25 molded in red. paint a metallic brown. opening hood with 340 Six-Pack engine. full interior with painted detailing. complete. displays okay but body paint is not the best job.  sorry sold

1970 DODGE CORONET SUPER BEE.  pro-built and painted.  the interior is detailed and so is the engine.  detailed under carriage.  the "hood supports" have fallen loose.  complete.  no flaws.  as nice if not nicer than any promo!  definitely more detailed.  49.00

1970's issue front engine DRAGSTER. enclosed cockpit. painted blue. decal on rear reads "THE END". does not appear to be complete. parts are loose. 15.00

FORD. 1:24 or 1:25. built up and painted. hot engine with stacks. appears to be complete. not bad at all. great project car. 15.00

MOTORCRAFT # 11 Mustang GTO IMSA Racer. 1:25. 1987. Revell #7155. molded in white. missing the hood otherwise complete. excellent. 15.00

1984-1985 CORVETTE. 1:24. molded in metallic blue with black roof. full interior. opening hood with full engine detail. decent looking workmanship. excellent.  complete.  9.50

1988 DODGE DAYTONA. 1:25. AMT-Ertl I believe. molded in white. painted dark green with brown interior. black chassis. silver trim. full interior. opening hood with engine. complete. not bad looking.  9.50

1988 DODGE DAYTONA Shelby Gt-500. 1:25. AMT-Ertl I believe. molded in light gray. painted in blue. opening hood with painted detailing on engine. full interior with some detailing. missing the clear sun roof otherwise complete. nicely builtsorry sold

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