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patch-fp.jpg (24805 bytes)
FISHER PRICE TOYS Factory Police patch
.  1950’s; approx. 3.5” wide by 4.25” tall; Red on golden orange.  Heavy embroidered uniform patch. Reads SECURITY, FISHER-PRICE TOYS. Legitimate in-house item from the famous toy company. Very clean and bright. Note, however, that there are 2 vertical “thinning” lines through the center. Unique and oddball item – scarce!  excellent plus.  74.00

pinback-fisherpricetoysale.JPG (20095 bytes)

pinback button.  FISHER-PRICE TOY SALE "50 Years of Caring About Children".  2.5" diameter celluloid.  red and blue on white.  only example of this pin I have seen.  no flaws.  near mint to mint.   note: since the company was founded in 1930 I assume this pin was issued in 1980.  27.50

fp-donkeypaddle.JPG (17126 bytes)

Fisher-Price POP-UP KRITTER DIZZY DONKEY.  1932-42. Gray and black DONKEY is segmented and stands on blue wooden paddle.  there are 4 different strings that run thru his body.  When these strings are manipulated; you make him stand; sit; bow; wiggle; dance; etc.  Paddle is almost 11" long.  He stands a bit over 5" tall.  This late 1930's piece is all wooden; and in excellent plus condition.   59.00

cacklinhenboxed1.JPG (22951 bytes)

Fisher Price #120.  CACKLING HEN with original box.  white hen.   issued from 1958 to 1966.  her legs and wings go up and down when you pull her along and she makes a "clucking" noise.  8.5" long by 10" high and 5" wide.  Large front wheels are red and the rear wheels are white.   has original vinyl pull string.  there is almost no play wear.  some age crazing and spotting to the paper litho.   there is an age expansion crack on the tail bone wood.  overall in very nice condition.  original card stock box is intact but does have moisture stain with surface tear on front panel.  85.00

fisherprice-cacklinghen1.JPG (19265 bytes)

Fisher Price 123.  CACKLING HEN. yellow hen.   issued from 1966 to 1968.  her legs and wings go up and down when you pull her along and she makes a "clucking" noise.  8.5" long by 10" high and 5" wide.  4 green wooden wheels.  has original vinyl pull string.  the red vinyl "comb" on top of her head is cracking and fading.  shows normal play wear - nothing awful.  overall very good plus or better.  69.50

fisherprice145-1.JPG (21324 bytes)

Fisher Price 145.  MUSICAL ELEPHANT.  issued from 1948-1950.  approx. 12" by 8" by 4.25".  blue wood wheels.  when pulled along his head is supposed to move from side to side while making noise - but the internal mechanism has become detached and the head does not move nor does he make noise.  he has large gray suede ears.  no pull cord.  missing the knob from the end of his tail.  shows wear with surface tear on his right side.  still displays okay.  very hard one to find!  169.50

166buckyburro1.JPG (20713 bytes)

166.  BUCKY BURRO.  1955-57 issue.  donkey cart has large wooden yellow wheels on rear and red wheels on front.  Burro has yellow hard plastic ears and a "spring" tail with red wooden know on end.  drive is wearing very colorful outfit with yellow sombrero.  as he is pulled along he "kicks" his hind legs up.  13.5" by 7.5" tall by 4.75" wide.  Wear behind his ears from ear movement.  minor edge wear.  complete with original pull cord.  overall very good plus to excellent.  129.50

fisherprice200-1.JPG (20847 bytes)

Fisher Price 200.  WINKY-BLINKY FIRE TRUCK.  approx. 12" long.  issued from 1954 to 1959.  it has 3 round wooden firemen's heads with red plastic fire hats;  bell on top of the engine that rings when struck by a yellow clapper; yellow searchlight, a face on the front of the truck with eyes that roll up & down: the 2 firemen on the back of the fire truck bob and turn when the toy is pulled.  approx.  12" long by 5" high by 4.5" wide.   no pull string - otherwise complete.  works properly.  has normal edge wear but overall very nice.  colors are strong and bright.  very good plus or nicer.  125.00

 303bunnybasket1.JPG (16783 bytes)

303.  BUNNY CART.  7.25" tall by 6" long.  colorful rabbit in striped pants and red jacket with blue basket behind him.  pale blue wooden wheels on pink platform.  late 1950's vintage.  the basket is not original to the toy - although it looks great.  I believe the original one was white and a bit bigger.   colors are bright and strong.  excellent.  49.50


 Fisher-Price #400 POP-UP KRITTER "TAILSPIN TABBY".  Black and yellow CAT with leatherette ears is segmented and stands on red wooden paddle.  There are 4 different strings that run thru his body.  When these strings are manipulated; you make him stand; sit; bow; wiggle; dance; etc.  Paddle is almost 11" long; he stands a bit over 6.5" tall to end of his tail.  This late 1931-38 piece is all wooden; and is in excellent plus condition.  75.00

400lilchickcart1.JPG (20725 bytes)

400.  CHICK CART.  1954-1956 issue.  red platform with yellow wheels.  9.25" long by a hair over 7" tall.  has original pull string although it is missing the knob on the end.  colors are bright and vivid.  very minor wear.  excellent plus or nicer.  75.00

407chickcart1.JPG (13529 bytes)

Fisher-Price #407 CHICK CART.  issued from 1950 to 1953.  salmon red colored cart with blue wheels are all solid wood.  has original pull string.  Easter cart with Chick hatching from egg.  approximately 9.3" long by  6.5" high by 4.2" wide.  light wear.  overall excellent.  65.00

432donaldduckcart1.JPG (15684 bytes)

432-532.  DONALD DUCK DRUM MAJOR CART.  1948-50.  copyright WDP. as he is pulled along he twirls his baton.  The noise maker is not functioning.  yellow platform with blue wheels.  10" long by 4.25" wide by 9" tall.  displays nicely but the paper litho has age crazing.  very good.  95.00

fp-copter2.JPG (16664 bytes)

448  MINI COPTER with Realistic "Whirlybird" Action.  toy is dated 1970.  approx. 7" long.  rotor spins and makes noise as it is pulled along.  Colors are crisp and bright.  never played with.  complete with original pull cord.  No nicks; no chips; no tears; no signs of wear.  not a rare toy; but when was the last one you saw that was mint in the box.  MINT with near mint box.  39.50

265-507.jpg (13415 bytes)

485.  Fisher Price MICKEY MOUSE  Choo Choo Pulltoy #485;  very good.  150.00

508bunnycart1.JPG (14082 bytes)

508.  BUNNY BELL DRUMMER.  1949-53.  blue platform and box cart with yellow wooden wheels.  Colorful Bunny drums on bell has he is pulled along.  10.5" long by 9.5" tall by 4.25" wide.  light age wear.  overall very good plus to excellent.  69.50

d-ddfp.jpg (6056 bytes)

532.   Fisher Price DONALD DUCK Pulltoy. #532;  excellent plus.  299.50

693littlesnoopy1.JPG (38846 bytes)

693.  LITTLE SNOOPY.  Bog with yellow plastic shoe hanging from his mouth.  Original spring tail with green plastic tip.  Bright reddish orange vinyl wheels on bent axles so that he bobbles as he rolls.  Built in noisemaker as you pull him along.  replaced pull string. circa 1965 issue.  excellent or nicer.  39.50

d-mmcop.jpg (18648 bytes)

733.  Fisher Price paper litho on wood   MICKEY MOUSE SAFETY PATROL    #733 Motorcycle pulltoy. Original windshield; magnificent example; near mint.    425.00

fp-736.jpg (24598 bytes)

736.   ©1971; Fisher-Price Pull Toy #736; HUMPTY DUMPTY "Rolling and Rocking Action Toy". The toy itself appears to have never been played with It is MINT in box. Box has storage wear; and overall the box is very good to excellent condition. Overall measurements approx. 7" by 5" by 4.25".  45.00

fp79-radio1.JPG (19139 bytes)

759.  POCKET RADIO MUSIC BOX.  1969.  carry handle intact.  works great and plays "Do Re Mi" song.  light play wear.  very good plus to excellent.  29.00

fp-clown1.JPG (43178 bytes)

777.  Fisher Price SQUEAKY THE CLOWN.  original 1958 issue.   his arms move as the rear wheels rotate and his head goes up and down.  original pull cord.  green plastic collar is intact.  minor edge wear.  overall excellent.  6.5" long by 8.5" wide.  69.50

900donaldduck1.JPG (18858 bytes)

900.  STRUTTIN' DONALD DUCK.  dated 1938 and issued until 1940.  large and impressive.  almost 10.5" tall.  originally came with removeable "push" stick that fit into the hole on his back.  When pushed along he waddles from side to side moving his arms in a side to side strutting motion and making a quacking sound.  Originally had large yellow rubber webbed feet - but as is typical the rubber has long ago deteriorated and fallen off.  colors are bright and vivid.  stands on his own and makes a nice display centerpiece!  excellent plus. a very scarce and hard to find item.  239.50

fisherprice-driveinmovie.JPG (25825 bytes)

2454.  Little People DRIVE-IN MOVIE.  1990 (issued for one year only).  includes figure (African-American male with black hair and blue body); yellow car (Yellow top w/white base 1-seat car with a flat non-ribbed luggage rack behind the seats and a gas hole on the back corner. the hood is NOT marked) and the theater.  You turn the knob on the Drive-in to see a "real" movie.   12.25" x 8.25" high x 3.75" deep display box.  Mint in window box with inner plastic insert.  box shows light shelf wear.  scarce!  59.00

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