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The following are original TV GUIDE COVER PORTRAITS. Large, full color "Eastman Dye Transfer" Print. Every week TV GUIDE would do a new issue with a NEW cover. They would prepare these covers in advance, and do these large color EASTMAN DYE TRANSFERS and ship them out to their Regional Offices to hang on the wall. There were LESS than 20 regional offices. They would also give the local affiliate stations a copy, if the cover promoted one of their shows. (so maybe another 20 were issued for them). Sometimes, the execs would give out a promo copy, sometimes the star and production big wigs of the show would get a copy (so maybe another 20 were handed out). The point I am trying to make is - these are very LIMITED production, and limited release. NOT available to the general public. RARELY seen on the market, if ever. All official estimates, is that these early ones were produced in quantities of LESS than 100 each! Color dye transfers are very high quality, true to life, bright, brilliant colors. An expensive process. These are QUITE large. Overall, matted dimensions are approx. 16" by 20". The actual picture itself is a bit bigger than the 11" by 13" that displays. If you collect this person, you would be hard pressed to find a more attractive or SCARCER item! Would be a fantastic piece to display with an original AUTOGRAPH! In the lower left, is printed TV GUIDE COVER PORTRAIT. This is not an add on, but is actually as issued. GREAT display piece. The picture is minty, the mat board has minor age soiling.
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misc. non-cover Portraits


undated. 1950's or possibly 60's. DAVE GARROWAY. Famous early TV personality. the print is mounted on the cardboard back; but there is no matte. crisp image. 89.50

7/14/56. GORDON MacRAE and his wife SHEILA. photo by Paul Bailey. There is a brown glue stain on the surface of the far left of the matte. 100.00

3/23/57 TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD color artwork portrait by Ernest Chiriaka. These pre-1960 Portraits are very scarce; much smaller production run. This is one of the EARLIEST ones I have encountered! Matte board has wear; with light crease and small edge chip. 275.00

4/13/57. Herb Ball photo of NANETTE FABRAY wearing a baseball uniform; and she has just pitched the ball. Great piece! 150.00

7/5/58 (or possibly it is the 7/28/62 cover). BILL CULLEN from "The Price is Right" show. the print is pasted onto the cardboard backing; but there is no matte. nice piece. 89.50

11/8/58 John Payne from THE RESTLESS GUN. Great full figure image of him drawing his gun! One of the best Western covers ever done (in my humble opinion). Some minor spots; overall excellent plus to near mint. 295.00

October 17 1959. INGRID BERGMAN. beautiful close-up photo portrait! 150.00

November 28 1959 ART CARNEY. Do not know the exact date of this one. Famous cohort of Jackie Gleason on the HONEYMOONERS. He played the loveable sewer worker ED NORTON. (NOTE: water stain in lower left corner of matting – can be matted out). 125.00

make sure you read the opening paragraph at the top of this web page, to fully understand what these portraits are!


BAT MASTERSON. 5/21/60. Full figure portrait of the star GENE BARRY dressed in full outfit as BAT MASTERSON with his famous can in hand! 250.00

8/27/60. cast from 77 SUNSET STRIP. Ed “Kookie” Byrnes; Efram Zimbalist Jr.; Richard Long; and Roger Smith. Minor age spotting on matte board. 195.00

10/1/60. DINAH SHORE. great portrait of her! 120.00

October 22 1960. DEBBIE REYNOLDS. gorgeous! 125.00

November 12, 1960. FRED MacMURRAY and his dog, from MY THREE SONS. 150.00

June 10, 1961. EFRAM ZIMBALIST JR. presenting the 1960-61 TV GUIDE AWARD to NANETTE FABRAY. He was the star of 77 SUNSET STRIP. 100.00

August 5, 1961 – MY THREE SONS – Fred MacMurray, William Frawley as Uncle Bub, and STANLEY LIVINGSTON as Chip. EARLY from the show’s long run!   sorry sold

September 23, 1961. MITCH MILLER the famous band leader. great profile portrait! 120.00

February 3, 1962. MARK RICHMOND from "Cain's Hundred". 65.00

May 26, 1962 - MY THREE SONS. Fred McMurray and Stanley Livingston. KOMO TV Label has been removed from bottom border of matte leaving minor surface damage. 135.00

June 23, 1962. ARLENE FRANCIS. nice closeup. colors seem to be quite muted. 70.00

7/28/62 (or possibly it is the 7/5/58 cover). BILL CULLEN from "The Price is Right" show. the print is pasted onto the cardboard backing, but there is no matte. nice piece. 89.50

August 11, 1962. ROBERT STACK from THE UNTOUCHABLES. 189.50

make sure you read the opening paragraph at the top of this web page, to fully understand what these portraits are!

September 12, 1962 – Troy Donahue and Connie Stevens as Cricket Blake – HAWAIIAN EYE, Detective Show. 225.00

December 29, 1962. EDIE ADAMS. nice closeup portrait. edge stains on matte. 125.00

DR. BEN CASEY, 1963 cover, Vince Edwards & Sam Jaffee 300.00

March 2, 1963. THE 11th HOUR. Wendell Corey and Theodore Bassett. very faint surface wrinkles in right edge of the portrait. 65.00

April 13, 1963 – Richard Egan, star of EMPIRE. 100.00

June 29, 1963 – DONNA REED and CARL BETZ from the classic DONNA REED TV Show. 150.00

PETTICOAT JUNCTION.  February 8, 1964. 199.00

4/4/64. VINCE EDWARDS as "Ben Casey". artwork by Al Parker. please note there is small gouge in the piece - on his left cheek. 120.00

8/29/64 THE PATTY DUKE SHOW. Patty as KATHY, with mother and father. This one has local KOMO 4 TV gold banner across the bottom. 150.00

Feb. 20, 1965. BURGESS MEREDITH and JAMES FRANCISCUS from Mr. Novak. 95.00

January 8, 1966. GREEN ACRES.  Very attractive close-up portraits of EDDIE ALBERT and EVA GABOR.  sorry sold

February 12, 1966.From TV’s most famous Soap Opera – PEYTON PLACE – BARBARA PARKINS and RYAN O’NEAL. 185.00

July 9, 1966 – from the TV show MY THREE SONS. Fred MacMurray and William Demarest. Original TV GUIDE COVER PORTRAIT. 89.50

GIRL FROM U.N.C.L.E., 12/31/66, Stephanie Powers. 300.00

THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS, June 10, 1967. Great portrait of TOMMY AND DICK SMOTHERS. Tommy is also famous as the great YO-YO Smothers Brother! 175.00

Sept. 2, 1967 - EDDIE ALBERT and EVA GABOR from GREEN ACRES.  sorry sold

10/21/67. PEYTON PLACE. Mia Farrow as Allison. 165.00

make sure you read the opening paragraph at the top of this web page, to fully understand what these portraits are!

February 3, 1968. BEN GAZZARA from "Run For Your Life". great piece, but unfortunately it has a horizontally crease that runs completely across it, 1/3 of the way down from the top. luckily, the picture can be matted to cover the crease. 65.00

March 2, 1968 – from the TV Western, set on the Ponderosa Ranch BONANZA – LORNE GREENE as Ben Cartwright the head cowboy of the series, and DAVID CANARY. The picture has a faint color tint to it. There is also a Water spot in the upper right corner. There is a very light crease throughout the image, almost half way up, running across it horizontally. The crease is not noticeable from 4 foot away. So, it still displays beautifully. The mat board is yellowed and has overall light soiling. 139.50

April 13, 1968. CARL BETZ from "Judd For The Defense". stain in lower left corner of the matte. 89.50

June 22, 1968. TONI HELFER with two tigers. 69.50

MAYBERRY RFD, July 13, 1968. Or was it called the ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW then? Great artwork by the famous MAD MAGAZINE artist JACK DAVIS. Shows Jim Nabors dressed in army fatigues as GOMER PYLE and DON KNOTTS carrying Sheriff ANDY TAYLOR aka Andy Griffith, on their shoulders with a group of people chasing them and throwing confetti. 295.00

October 26, 1968 – THE VIRGINIAN with ROBERTA SHORE and LEE J. COBB. 175.00

Nov. 9, 1968 – BARBARA FELDON as AGENT 99 from the classic spy spoof – GET SMART. 200.00

November 16, 1968. THE GOOD GUYS – Herb Edelman as BERT and Bob Denver as RUFUS. With all of BOB DENVER’s previous success as Maynard G. Krebs on DOBIE GILLIS and as Gilligan on GILLIGAN’S ISLAND – this show was a FLOP. There is a tack hole on the very top edge and staple hole at very bottom of matte edge. Spotting around far border edges. will mat out nicely. 145.00

April 26, 1969. JACK PAAR. close-up portrait. 100.00

June 15, 1969. THE HIGH CHAPARRAL Western TV Series. LEIF ERICKSON as John Cannon, and LINDA CRISTAL as Victoria Cannon. Original PORTRAIT (identical to the TV GUIDE Portraits). Distributed by local TV Station. 139.50

June 28, 1969 – from the TV show about a Nurse JULIA – Diahann Carroll in the lead, and MARC COPAGE as her young son COREY BAKER. 175.00

August 16, 1969 MERV GRIFFIN. great, closeup portrait. 85.00

make sure you read the opening paragraph at the top of this web page, to fully understand what these portraits are!


1975 to 1976, TONY CURTIS as “McCOY”, pictured holding cards, playing poker. Original PORTRAIT (identical to the TV GUIDE Portraits, EXCEPT it did not appear as a cover). Minor outer edge stain on matte board, can be trimmed off. 150.00

The cast from LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE. Stars included Michael Landon, Melissa Gilbert, Karen Grassle, Merlin Olsen, et al. Not sure the date of issue on this one, although it appears to be early in the show’s run, circa 1975. Original was a pastel painting by Hunter. Very attractive piece.150.00

Jan. 10, 1970. MY THREE SONS cover with FRED McMURRAY and BEVERLY GARLAND. nm/mt 150.00

THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, July 11, 1970. Intriguing artwork of the cast sitting in their jalopy. Artwork done by R. AMEWIDE. Pictures Grandma, Jed, Jethro, Ellie Mae, and the Mr. Drysdale. 250.00

August 29, 1970 – EDDIE ALBERT. Co-star of GREEN ACRES. Nice close-up portrait of him. 125.00

September 5, 1970. LUCILLE BALL with Richard Burton and Liz Taylor. WOW! What a piece. The EMPRESS of comedy with King and Queen of drama!!!!!495.00

October 24, 1970. DON KNOTTS - the unforgettable BARNEY FIFE Deputy Sheriff from the ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW. 125.00

December 12, 1970. ED SULLIVAN with a couple of THE MUPPETS. The picture is near mint to mint. The matte board has minor corner wear, and light soiling with minor stain in lower right corner. Overall beautiful! 175.00

January 9, 1971 - ANDY GRIFFITH. The famous Sheriff of MAYBERRY! 180.00

make sure you read the opening paragraph at the top of this web page, to fully understand what these portraits are!

February 27, 1971. HAL HOLBROOK of "The Senator". I believe the woman Sharon Acker. There is a nail hole in both upper corner tips of the matte. 95.00

October 16, 1971. MIA FARROW. double photo, one with short hair, one with long hair! Very nice. 79.50

November 13, 1971. Cast of THE PARTNERS. Don Adams as Lennie and Rupert Crosse as George. 89.50

December 11, 1971 – JAMES GARNER. from the one season show called NICHOLS. we all remember him from MAVERICK, and then – from one of MY all time favorite shows – THE ROCKFORD FILES! 195.00

January 8, 1972 FLIP WILSON 150.00

October 14, 1972. ROBERT CONRAD from "Assignment Vienna". 150.00

make sure you read the opening paragraph at the top of this web page, to fully understand what these portraits are!

December 30, 1972 – a young BARBARA WALTERS – THE TODAY SHOW. 150.00

March 10, 1973 – MARLO THOMAS the star of the TV Sitcom THAT GIRL! She sure was beautiful!!! 150.00

LUCILLE BALL and her son RICKY ARNEZ from THE LUCY SHOW, March 31, 1973. Original TV GUIDE COVER PORTRAIT. 395.00

April 14, 1973 – from the TV Series THE LITTLE PEOPLE – starring BRIAN KEITH and SHELLEY FABARES. He played a children’s doctor on Hawaii. 139.50

October 6, 1973 – promoting her short lived American TV Series, DIANA RIGG (former star of THE AVENGERS as Emma Peel), nm/mt 195.00

October 27, 1973. cast from "Adam's Rib". BLYTHE DANNER and KEN HOWARD. 100.00

January 7, 1974 CHICO AND THE MAN. Great close-up of FREDDIE PRINZE and JACK ALBERTSON as Ed Brown. 125.00

January 19, 1974. BOB HOPE. One of the nicest I have seen. near mint to mint. 395.00

make sure you read the opening paragraph at the top of this web page, to fully understand what these portraits are!

Paul Davis artwork of David Carradine from KUNG FU, Jan. 26, 1974 250.00

The original BOB NEWHART SHOW, May 11, 1974. Great photo of Bob Newhart as the psychologist DR. ROBERT HARTLEY and his close friend the Orthodontist JERRY ROBINSON played by Peter Bonerz. 150.00

May 25, 1974 – from the TV Series McCLOUD – DENNIS WEAVER and co-star J.D.CANNON. This was a classic series about a Western Sheriff who is working out of the New York City Police Department - chasing down criminals cowboy style, on horseback!! This one has nice hand painted label on base, applied by local TV Station. 175.00

October 12, 1974. VALERIE HARPER from "Rhoda". Great image! sexy leg pose! age spotting on matte. 120.00

January 18, 1975 – THAT’S MY MAMA TV series – the 2 stars of the show – Clifton Davis and Theresa Merritt. He was a barber, and she played his mother. 100.00

March 15, 1975. KAREN VALENTINE. she played Karen Angelo, the star of KAREN. short lived (6 month) TV sitcom. beautiful. 95.00

April 19, 1975 Cast of MOVIN’ ON. Picture of stars Frank Converse and Claude Akins standing in front of their semi truck. Minor wear to matte board.189.50

July 5, 1975 – TONY ORLANDO AND DAWN (Telma Hopkins and Joyce Vincent Wilson). Great singers from this period, at the height of their career. 165.00

September 20, 1975. BARBARA WALTERS. matte is lightly soiled. 89.50

make sure you read the opening paragraph at the top of this web page, to fully understand what these portraits are!

October 11, 1975. GLENN FORD and the cast of THE FAMILY HOLVAK. artwork by Plourde. 120.00

November 1, 1975 cover – LLOYD BRIDGES as JOE FORRESTER the policeman. Great cover portrait artwork by artist Bob Peak. 175.00

March 13, 1976 – the stars of CHICO AND THE MAN. What a great trio – FREDDIE PRINZE, JACK ALBERTSON and last but not least SCATMAN CROTHERS. If anybody collects garbage trucks, what a KILLER backdrop for your showcase! These guys had to be the greatest garbage men around!!! 225.00

April 24, 1976. BEA ARTHUR as "Maude".  artwork by R. Heindel.  sorry sold

May 1, 1976 – GEORGE KENNEDY as that great policeman THE BLUE KNIGHT. 175.00

May 22, 1976. Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall from LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY. 199.00

July 17, 1976. artwork collage for the SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES issue. shows guy doing handstand, bicyclist, rower, runner, diver. great display piece! 125.00

make sure you read the opening paragraph at the top of this web page, to fully understand what these portraits are!

October 23, 1976. LINDA LAVIN as the star of "Alice" in her waitress outfit. 100.00

November 13, 1976. Olympic ice skating superstar DOROTHY HAMILL. Nice waist-up portrait of her with her skates around her neck. 150.00

January 1, 1977. JOHN TRAVOLTA from Welcome Back Kotter. 350.00

January 14, 1977 – great football Werewolf cover by the one and only CHARLES ADDAMS – he was the creator of the ADDAMS FAMILY! Great piece for Football fans, monster collectors, ADDAMS freaks and TV collectors. Great stuff! 395.00

February 19, 1977. NANCY WALKER of "Rhoda". interesting collage of photos. 65.00

March 12, 1977. LAUREN HUTTON. fantastic shot of her sitting on fender of a vintage Rolls Royce. She costarred as Leslie Hawkewood in NBC's anthology "The Rhinemann Exchange". beautiful!125.00

April 2, 1977. DINAH SHORE and 3 women golfers, members of the LPGA I believe. This was in conjunction with the DINAH SHORE GOLF CLASSIC.125.00

April 2, 1977. DINAH SHORE and 3 women golfers, members of the LPGA I believe. This was in conjunction with the DINAH SHORE GOLF CLASSIC.age spots on the matte.110.00

make sure you read the opening paragraph at the top of this web page, to fully understand what these portraits are!

April 23, 1977. CAST OF 60 MINUTES. artwork by Charles Santore. mildew stain along the edges outer perimeter of the matte. 100.00

July 7, 1977. C.P.O. SHARKEY. Don Rickles as C.P.O. Sharkey and Peter Isacksen as Seaman Pruitt. there is pinhead surface nick in the far lower left - does not affect anything. 95.00

The cast from BARNEY MILLER, the TV Police comedy, July 16, 1977. Caricature artwork by Ray Amewide. Abe Vigoda as Fish; Ron Glass as Detective Ron Harris; Maxwell Gail as Wojohowicz; Hal Linden as Captain Barney Miller, and Jack Soo as Detective Nick Yemana. 150.00

7/24/76. BONNIE FRANKLIN star of "One Day at a Time". 120.00

August 6, 1977 – KERMIT THE FROG and FOZZIE BEAR from Jim Henson's MUPPETS. Mint, but matte board has minor corner wear and some age spotting. 295.00

August 13, 1977. DAVID SOUL from the STARSKY & HUTCH series. 250.00

August 20, 1977. THE ROCKFORD FILES. Great artwork portrait of the stars by Bob Peak. James Garner as Rockford, and Joe Santos as Detective Dennis Becker. The picture is near mint to mint. The matte board has minor corner wear – and there is some “wrinkling” along the bottom border – this does NOT affect the photo at all. Overall beautiful! 175.00

September 24, 1977. BETTY WHITE SHOW. Betty White & John Hillerman. 139.50

make sure you read the opening paragraph at the top of this web page, to fully understand what these portraits are!

January 7 1978 HAPPY DAYS. Richie RON HOWARD; ANSON WILLIAMS as Potsie; The Fonz HENRY WINKLER and DONNY MOST as Ralph Malph.165.00

January 21, 1978 issue. The cast from the show FAMILY. Kristy McNichol, Meredith Baxter Bierney, Sada Thompson, James Broderick, Gary Frank. 150.00

CANADIAN ISSUE ONLY 2/2/78 – LORNE GREENE as the leader ADAMO from the sci-fi series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. This has GOT to be a scarce one. 250.00

Feb. 11, 1978. JACK KLUGMAN & GARRY WALBERG. from "Quincy, ME..". great shot of the pair with lab desk filled with test tubes and equipment in front of them. 79.50

March 4, 1978. the cast from ON OUR OWN. Bess Armstrong and Lynne Greene. 59.50

April 15, 1978. the cast from ON OUR OWN. Bess Armstrong and Lynne Greene. This is the CANADIAN release - different than the U.S. portrait. 59.50

April 29, 1978. the cast from LAVERNE & SHIRLEY. Penny Marshall as Laverne DeFazio; Cindy Williams as Shirley Feeney; David Lander as Andrew Squiggy Squiggman and Michael McKean as Lenny Kosnowski. Great piece! 150.00

March 24, 1978 – RICARDO MONTALBAN as MR. ROARKE from FANTASY ISLAND. Attractive portrait by Bernie Fuchs. 150.00

make sure you read the opening paragraph at the top of this web page, to fully understand what these portraits are!

April 14, 1978. THE HOLOCAUST. black & white artwork of concentration camp prisoners. sorry, I do not know who the artist is. (was sent an email from Bangzoom Publishers with the following information about this piece that I believe you will find quite enlightening: We publish a book called "The Art of TV Guide" and the author was the art director when this illustration was used. Here's what he says about it: "For a series on The Holocaust, I made the rounds of New York art galleries in search of a suitable piece of cover art. I ultimately found an illustration that was exactly on target - a painting by a Mr. Hause, a
prisoner in the infamous Bergen-Belsen concentration camp during World War II. Evidently driven to somehow communicate the horror surrounding him, Mr. Hause managed to find a piece of brown kraft paper and, using charcoal and some watery brown ink, surreptitiously painted this sketch of incoming inmates."
So it really is an amazing part of history!)
age spotting on upper section of matte. 139.50

June 10, 1978. Great looking artwork of 3 FLYING SAUCERS from Outer Space hovering over small town U.S.A. Police Car below. Article was on TV UFOs. In any case, the artwork is really cool if your into that robots and aliens stuff. Artwork by BERKEY, well know for his Science Fiction artwork. 179.50

June 17, 1978. VALERIE HARPER from RHODA. close-up portrait. 85.00

July 8, 1978. the 4 stars from THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. 79.50

July 15, 1978 ROBERT CONRAD from the World War II aviation show BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP. Attractive artwork by Byrd with Corsair Airplane in background. 150.00

July 22, 1978. GAVIN MacLEOD as Captain Merrill Stubing from "Love Boat". Nice close-up portrait. 89.50

October 2, 1978 – the cast from WKRP IN CINCINNATI. Great shot of Gordon Jump as MR. CARLSON, Gary Sandy as ANDY TRAVIS, Tim Reid VENUS FLYTRAP, and Howard Hesseman as THE DOCTOR – JOHNNY FEVER.  sorry sold

October 7, 1978. Wilson McLean artwork of a BASEBALL PITCHER for the World Series issue. Great display item! 150.00

make sure you read the opening paragraph at the top of this web page, to fully understand what these portraits are!

Feb. 10, 1979. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. artist unknown (possibly John Alcorn). 50.00

February 24, 1979. JAMES ARNESS from the mini-series HOW THE WEST WAS WON. Portrait by artist who is unknown to me. 165.00

DUKES OF HAZZARD, June 30, 1979. Beautiful portrait of the 2 brothers flanking DAISY DUKE (the beautiful Catherine Bach ) with the roof of their famous car, GENERAL LEE visible behind them.  sorry sold

July 7, 1979. Cast from BARNEY MILLER. HAL LINDEN as Barney Miller, MAX GAIL as Wojohowicz, RON GLASS as Harris, STEVE LANDESBURY as Dietrich, RON CAREY as Officer Levitt, JAMES GREGORY as Inspector Lugar. 195.00

7/21/79. BJ AND THE BEAR. Greg Evigan and the Chimpanzee are posed on the cab of their semi truck. NOTE that there is a VERY fine line razor cut by the hand of the chimp - also small white "nick". 135.00

9/22/79. CARROLL O'CONNOR. double portrait. pictured as ARCHIE BUNKER from "All in the Family" next to portrait of himself. Major piece from an American icon show! 139.50

10/20/79. WKRP in CINCINATTI. LONI ANDERSON as Jennifer, GARY SANDY as Andy and HOWARD HESSEMAN as Dr. Johnny Fever. Autographed "Keep Rockin' & Don't Tip Over" Howard Hesseman the DR in blue ink on bottom border.  Crisp and clear. sorry sold

11/10/79. THE BEE GEES Rock Group. nice full color close-up portrait.250.00

make sure you read the opening paragraph at the top of this web page, to fully understand what these portraits are!


10/18/80. SOPHIA LOREN. Beautiful!! 150.00

12/27/60. Tom Selleck as MAGNUM P.I. Original TV GUIDE COVER PORTRAIT. 185.00

11/26/83 – from the TV movie THE GAMBLER – Part II. The beautiful LINDA EVANS and that great Country Western singer KENNY ROGERS. 185.00

9/7/85. BILL COSBY & PHYLICIA AYERS (later she became RASHAD). from the COSBY show. great close-up of them hugging. crisp and clean. minor ding on the far right edge of the matte. 89.50

8/29/87. SHERMAN HEMSLEY & ANNA MARIE HORSFORD of AMEN. great portrait of the pair of them. crisp and clean. 65.00

9/17/88. OLYMPIC GAMES. great illustration of U.S.A. runner with Olympic Rings in background. artwork by Walter Spitzmiller. an absolutely gorgeous display piece! crisp and clean. 125.00

the following are the same as the TV GUIDE cover portraits listed above, accept these were not from covers. these were issued by the networks to be used at local affiliate stations to promote the shows, etc. the same high quality and format as described at the top of this web page.

1960's vintage. JOHNNY CARSON from the Tonight Show. very young. wearing red sweater with the moon and a star in the background. great image is crisp and clean. has hand lettered name plate. 139.50

undated but late 1960's is my guess. Official TV Guide Portrait. BRENDA VACCARO. I do not believe this was ever published as a TV guide cover. good looking item.75.00

1961-65 HAZEL. with Shirley Booth, Bobby Buntrock and the pet dog. nice closeup portrait. hand lettered name plate. crisp and clean. 139.50

1965 THE VIRGINIAN. great outdoor cast photo of James Drury, Sara Lane, John McIntire and Doug McClure. Has hand lettered name plate. crisp and clean.189.50

1965 (undated). Christopher Jones and Alan Case of THE LEGEND OF JESSE JAMES. has gold border strip advertising Mondays, 8:30 KOMO-TV 4. neat caricature artwork by Bob Bentoloy. shows them about to jump aboard a moving passenger train! 150.00

circa 1966 (undated). Judy Carne and Pete Duwell from LOVE ON A ROOFTOP. there is a border strip along the bottom advertising Tuesdays, 9:30 KOMO-TV 4. 89.50

Circa 1965-66 (undated). Jack Warden and Gary Collins from THE WACKIEST SHIP IN THE NAVY. Shows them sitting on sailboat. Has banner ad on bottom border for local KING-5TV. 125.00

1965-66 DR. KILDARE with Richard Chamberlain and Raymond Massey. Chamberlain is wearing is doctors outfit with stethoscope around his neck. doesn't get any better! has the hand lettered name plate. crisp and clean. 225.00

circa 1965-66. undated. ROGER SMITH and RICHARD X. SLATTERY from the Navy show MR. ROBERTS. Has paste-on bottom strip advertising Fr. 9:30 P.M. color NBC KING TV. 95.00

Circa 1965 to 1968, Robert Culp and Bill Cosby from I SPY. Original PORTRAIT (identical to the TV GUIDE Portraits). Large, full color "Eastman Dye Transfer" Print. Every week the NETWORKS would do a cover promoting one of the hot shows on the network. This is the SAME concept, and done by the same people, as the TV GUIDE portrait covers. The ONLY difference, is it does not have the TV Guide name printed in the border. GREAT display piece. The picture is near mint to mint. The mat board has a glue stain in the bottom border, where a local TV Station had their logo placard glued. This can easily be matted out – the photo itself is unaffected. Overall excellent to near mint. This one has an easel back, so that it could stand up and be displayed on counter top. 275.00

1966-67 issue I SPY with Bill Cosby and Robert Culp. same as a TV GUIDE cover, but used at local TV Station. great portrait of the pair with blue background. Culp is holding cup. Has the hand lettered name plate at bottom. matte is very clean, overall near mint plus. 295.00

1966 THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. nice portrait shot of Robert Vaughn and David McCallum. hand lettered name plate. crisp and clean. this is as good as it gets! killer display piece from this classic 1960's series. 395.00

1966-67 TARZAN with Ron Ely and Chimp. great outdoor shot of the two of them with a bunch of bananas. how many Edgar Rice Burroughs collectors have THIS in their collection! hand lettered name plate. crisp and clean. 175.00

1966-67 issue. PLEASE DON'T EAT THE DAISIES with Mark Miller and Patricia Crowley. great full color shot of the pair of them surrounded by Daisies. Has the hand lettered nameplate. crisp and clean. 89.50

1966-67 THE MONKEES. great outdoor photo of the four of them with their instruments and surf board, hanging out of their sports car! fantastic image, first time I have seen this particular photo! hand lettered name plate. crisp and clean. one of the nicest Monkees display pieces I have ever seen. 500.00

Circa 1969 - undated. Leif Erickson from THE HIGH CHAPARRAL. Has banner for local King-TV5. Great shot of him! 150.00

1970 BILL COSBY SHOW. great close-up portrait of Bill Cosby. hand lettered name plate. crisp and clean. as nice as it gets! 150.00

1970 to 1974 vintage. FLIP WILSON from his variety TV Comedy Show. Nice close-up. never issued with a name plate. crisp and clean. 100.00

1970's vintage. nice early shot of PAMELA BELLWOOD. very attractive. 95.00

circa 1970's vintage. LLOYD BRIDGES. starred in Sea Hunt and also in Joe Forrester. really crisp portrait of him! 95.00

Circa 1972 – Comedian FLIP WILSON dressed as GERALDINE his “drag” persona, from the THE FLIP WILSON SHOW. Original PORTRAIT (identical to the TV GUIDE Portraits). The mat board has a faint glue stain with minor surface tear in the bottom border, where a local TV Station had their logo placard glued. This can easily be matted out – the photo itself is unaffected. Thumbtack holes in the corners of the mat. Overall excellent to near mint.95.00

make sure you read the opening paragraph at the top of this web page, to fully understand what these portraits are!

Circa 1972 - undated. Redd Foxx and Demond Wilson from SANFORD & SON. Great portrait of the 2 of them beneath the SANDFORD AND SON Salvage sign! Has hand printed marquee on bottom matte border. Minor soiling along outside edges of the matte. 200.00

Undated, circa 1973-1974 vintage, close up of DENNIS WEAVER as McCLOUD – the Texas Sheriff who was on duty in New York City. Great shot of him in his Cowboy Hat. Original PORTRAIT (identical to the TV GUIDE Portraits). In the bottom border is attractive name plate that has been hand done and applied by local TV Station. Overall excellent to near mint. 150.00

1970's vintage. a young JOHN SAVAGE wearing dark leather jacket and tie. crisp, clear, portrait. 75.00

1970's vintage. SUSAN HOWARD. closeup portrait. known for her nine year recurring role as 'Donna Krebbs' on the 1970s TV show "Dallas." 75.00

Undated, circa April 1975 vintage. MOVIN' ON. Closeup portraits of stars Frank Converse and Claude Akins standing in front of their semi truck. Minor wear to matte board. 189.50

1976. KURT RUSSELL from the very short lived series THE QUEST. really nice crisp image of him. nice, clean and crisp. 150.00

1976. KURT RUSSELL from the very short lived series THE QUEST. really nice crisp image of him. along the bottom of this one, there is a raised planchette that reads "KURT RUSSELL - QUEST". very light age spotting on the matte. 149.50

Circa 1977 - undated. Patrick Duffy - MAN FROM ATLANTIS.  Shows him in the water.  Great close-up.  139.50

1980's vintage. JANE PAULEY. very nice. crisp and clear portrait of her!  120.00

more information from someone who manufactured these:

"From 1978 till 1986 I worked at Professional Color Processing Labs at 7th and Ranstead Sts. in Philadelphia as the main Dye Transfer matrix film maker.
So I know all about the history of these TV Guide prints, costs and how they were made.  
Back in the day it would take about 3-4 days to make a final Dye Transfer print with painstaking color corrections and registration issues to get them perfect.
 For those who do not know a Dye Transfer print is the highest form of color printing and the only photographic prints accepted for museum display back in the day. They never fade and are of archival quality.
Only big companies like Tyco, Campbell’s Soup, and big ad agencies would buy these for use. 
It would cost you approximately $150.00 just to order any 11x14 Dye Transfer print to be made.
We would make color separations from original artworks or transparencies; expose them on to Matrix films that I would create for the final prints.
 A back and forth process of color corrections would ensue until the perfect colors were made. 
Professional Color or better known in the beginning Chas P. Mills & Sons had a contract with TV Guide going back to the 50’s.
For the record most weeks we would make between 90-115 prints mounted and matted them and put our stamp on the back.
Earlier issues and special issues had less than 90 made.
Some we would only make 5-8 prints.
We would ship them out to the TV stations and executives each week.
 Some weeks TV Guide would cancel an issue that we already had made and a secondary printed issue would come out and ours would be different from the actual cover.
 some TV Guide prints we made were actually from images inside the magazine for special editions for Ronald Regan and The final episode of M*A*S*H.
 And there were some special editions where we would only make 4 or 5 prints and never do a quantity for the TV stations like the final tri-fold cover for the final episode of M*A*S*H (Feb. 12th 1983) special size 14.5” x18.5” and WKRP in Cincinnati (Oct. 20th 1979) special size 13”x19”. 
These prints were never sold to the general public and are super rare."

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