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all the Felix items are listed by type.† description.† condition.† price.

FELIX THE CAT Alarm clock.  Mouse's head moves back and forth and ticks off the seconds.  Windup.  Made by Bright Ideas.  1989.  Mint in box.  45.00

Bag.† FELIX THE CAT and MICKEY MOUSE paper bag. Portuguese. 1930's.† mint.† 85.00

Bendy.† FELIX poseable "bendy" figure.† 5" tall.† wearing yellow & black checkered bowtie and satchel in his left hand. Applause. 1990.† mint.† 12.50

Bottle.† FELIX Bath Salts.† Glass Figural bath salts bottle. 5.25" tall. 1930's.† near mint.† 99.50

Bottle.† FELIX Ginger Ale - Regular sized glass soda bottle with paper labels; illustrates FELIX.†† Edge worn off bottom label.† Has tear in upper right corner of label.† Rare!† Canadian issue only; 1920's. very good.† 395.00

Bottle.† FELIX Ginger Ale - Regular sized glass soda bottle w/paper labels; illustrates FELIX on bottom label; and his face on the paper label on the neck of the bottle. Rare!† Canadian issue only; 1920's. excellent to near mint - one of the nicest I have ever seen!.† 495.00

all the Felix items are listed by type.† description.† condition.† price.

FELIX THE CAT figural lapel pin brooch MINT on card.† FELIX standing with hands at his sides.† a hair over 2" tall.† vinyl figure has clasp pin on reverse.† FELIX†THE CAT.† "Three Cheers" from Applause.† Made by Determined Productions.† 1989 release.† Mint in factory sealed polybag; mounted on display card.† Color may be a bit muted because we photographed it thru the plastic poly bag.† sorry sold

Celluloid.† Killer Halloween piece from the 1930's.† Full figure of FELIX standing with hands apart as a black cat hunches his back with a cemetery stone behind the cat.† Black celluloid base is on 4 rounded feet.† Japanese; all celluloid.† A rare and delightful Halloween item!† This miniature diorama is approx. 2" wide by 2" tall.† mint.† 250.00

Charm.† FELIX wooden charm. † 1.25" wood beaded FELIX THE CAT w/leather ears & orig. string. 1920ís Made to resemble a miniature Schoenhut doll. Vintage piece.† Quite rare!! 1920's.† mint.† 95.00

Christmas Card.† FELIX THE CAT as Santa - says "Happy Holidays" inside.† Made in France by Graphique de France; licensed by Determined.† circa 1989. mint w/envelope.† 3 for $10.00

Keychain.† 2.75" tall PVC figure of FELIX holding up his top hat with mouse sticking out.† Metal keychain attached.† Applause. 1989. mint.† 12.50

Letterhead.† A letter written on King Features Syndicate Stationary. There are over 20 different characters illustrated around the border of their 8" by 11" stationary; including: FELIX; POPEYE; BEETLE BAILEY; THE PHANTOM; PRINCE VALIANT; HENRY; IODINE; DAGWOOD; et al. Used; from the early 60's. Would look great framed. near mint.† 65.00

Knitting Toy.† FELIX THE CAT; 1920ís wooden knitting aid (wrap it with black yarn to make his body!). near mint.† 135.00

all the Felix items are listed by type.† description.† condition.† price.

MAGIC SLATE.† Top is diecut image of Felix's face. Old stock; unused; but the plastic on the magic slate has dried up and become brittle. Can be replaced w/new one.† Samuel Lowe #3040; 1950's. excellent but dried up plastic sheet.† 69.50

MAGIC SLATE.† Color art of FELIX walking away from brick building holding large red pencil. Extremely scarce version.† Samuel Lowe #3068; 1950's. slate removed - Can be replaced with new one.  75.00

pinback button.† FELIX THE CAT portrait.† black and white.† a hair under 1" diameter celluloid.† unmarked.† 1980s or 1990's vintage.† mint.† 8.50

Puzzle.† Bilt-Rite #1229 Frame Tray Puzzle from 1959.† Standard size; full color illustration of FELIX THE CAT fishing as his friend watch.† Beautiful; full color graphics.† tightly shrunkwrap; ready for display. near mint.† 65.00

PVC Figure.†† FELIX is popping out of Halloween Trick or Treat! bag;† scarce 2.5" tall PVC figure.† Applause; 1989. mint.† 15.00

PVC Figure.† FELIX popping out of top of Halloween Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin.† scarce 2.25" tall PVC figure.† Applause.† 1989. mint.† sorry sold

PVC Figure.† FELIX with fangs and purple batwings.† Halloween issue.† looks like Dracula!.† scarce 2.5" tall PVC figure.† Applause.† 1989. mint.† 20.00

PVC Figure.† 2.5" tall PVC figure. † FELIX with hands outstretched holding a HEART in his left hand.† Applause.† 1989. mint.† 9.50

PVC Figure.† FELIX wearing tophat and holding white cane in his right hand.† with hands outstretched.† Applause.† 1989. 2.5" tall PVC figure. † mint.† 9.50

PVC Figure.†† FELIX with his hands adjusting his red bowtie.† 2.5" tall PVC figure. †Applause.† 1989.† mint.† 9.50

PVC Figure.† 2.5" tall PVC figure. †† FELIX wearing blue and yellow swim trunks and striking a surfing pose.†Applause.† 1989.† mint.† 9.50

Ring.† FELIX Baseball Player "Flasher" Ring.† Gumball machine premiums. Blue plastic ring with color "flasher" picture.† Vari-Vue.† 1960's.† mint.† 75.00

Ring.† FELIX Kicking Football "Flasher" Ring.† Gumball machine premiums. Blue plastic ring with color "flasher" picture.† Vari-Vue.† 1960's.† mint.† 60.00

Soaky.† FELIX Soaky Bottle.†† 10" tall figural plastic bottle. This is the† RED colored one.† 1960's.  excellent plus.  69.50

Soaky.† FELIX red Soaky Bottle. † 10" tall figural plastic bottle.† This is the† RED colored one.† 1960's. near mint to mint.† 78.50

Soaky.† FELIX blue Soaky Bottle. † 10" tall figural plastic bottle. This is the BLUE colored one.† 1960's.† hairline crack on back of head - hardly noticeable.† otherwise mint.† still full.† 65.00

all the Felix items are listed by type.† description.† condition.† price.

Toy.† FELIX TALKING MOVIE WHEEL - † Colorful 12" by 12" illustrated card contains 33rpm record.† and a place where you put your finger "in" and "dial down" like on an older phone. It changes the color illustration of FELIX. You do this in time with the record. Front has illus. of FELIX singing into microphone.† reverse has him holding onto Steam Locomotive. Interesting and highly unusual piece!† circa 1960. Unused.† old store stock. Show some wear.† overall excellent.† 129.50

Toy.† very rare wooden Schoenhut mechanical FELIX toy.† Circa 1925.† overall.† almost 12" tall.† FELIX himself is almost 6".† heavy cord tail.† black leatherette ears.† paper label on back.† slide metal ring up and down stick.† and he moves his arms and legs to and fro like he is running.† Unmarked.† but the label is identical to the labels found on the Schoenhut dolls.† I have included a homemade wooden base.† so that he can be displayed in a standing position.
side view
†† *† † front view † *†† label
.†† near mint to mint.† 799.00

wooden doll.† FELIX THE CAT wood jointed figurine by Schoenhut.† Copyrighted by Pat Sullivan.† 4.25" tall.† 1920's issue.† black with white facial feathers and black leather ears.† has his name in white across his chest.† original paper label on bottom of his foot.† absolutely one of the nicest ones I have seen.  crisp and clean.  the elastic thread holding it together has lost it's "tension" so he is a bit loose.  does not stand on his own.   239.50

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