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Warner Bros. FOGHORN LEGHORN.  8.25" tall.  soft vinyl head.  jointed at ankles; shoulders; neck and tail.  near mint to mint.  hard one to find!  119.00

Warner Bros.  WILE E. COYOTE holding bomb in hand standing on base: SOME DAYS NOTHING SEEMS TO GO RIGHT!  overall 11" tall.  base is 4" diameter and original label on base is dated 1971.  please note that there is a facial paint variation on this one: his hears and cheeks are a much darker brown than on the other Dakin figures.  rarely found with the removable BOMB still intact.  minor yellowing to front of the base.  scarce.  65.00

Warner Bros. WILE E. COYOTE jointed figure.  9.75" tall.  soft vinyl head.  back of head and the chest has "grayed" from sunlight.  no play wear.  excellent.  24.00

Warner Bros. WILE E. COYOTE jointed figure.  9.75" tall.  soft vinyl head.  never played with.  has the original hang tag still attached.  mint condition.  59.00

Warner Bros. TASMANIAN DEVIL Dakin Bank with trap.  5.25" tall.  near mint to mint.   150.00

Warner Bros. SPEEDY GONZALEZ on cheese; Dakin Bank; missing coin trap; 9.5" near mint.   85.00

Warner Bros. 7" ELMER FUDD Dakin Doll; mint in package.  79.50

  ELMER FUDD in cloth Hunting Outfit with hat. Warner Bros. 6.75".  near mint to mint.   RARE!   120.00

  Warner Bros. 6.75" ELMER FUDD in cloth Hunting Outfit; missing his hat otherwise mint with tag.  RARE!   100.00

Warner Bros. 7" YOSEMITE SAM Dakin Doll; mint in package.   85.00

Warner Bros. 10.25" YOSEMITE SAM standing on chest; bank; missing removeable pistols & coin trap; exc.   45.00

Warner Bros. 6.25" PORKY PIG Dakin Doll; Mint in box.  75.00

Warner Bros. DAFFY DUCK Dakin Doll
A) 7.5" tall; MINT in box.  75.00
B) 7.5" near mint to mint.  60.00
C) 8.25" near mint to mint. 65.00

Warner Bros. SYLVESTER CAT Dakin Doll
A) 8½" version; near mint with tag   65.00
B) 7" version; near mint    50.00

Warner Bros. 6" TWEETY BIRD Dakin Doll with tail molded as part of  body and no hair tuff; near mint/mint.    55.00

Warner Bros. 6½" TWEETY BIRD Dakin Doll with separate tail and hair tuff; excellent to near mint.   75.00

Warner Bros. 8¾" BICENTENNIAL BUGS BUNNY Dakin Doll; excellent plus.   89.50

Warner Bros. BUGS BUNNY standing on top of basket of carrots; 13"; bank; missing coin trap; excellent.   65.00

Warner Bros. PEPE LEPEW "You’re a Real Stinker" Dakin doll "Goofygram"; 8.75"; near mint.    125.00

Warner Bros. MERLIN THE MAGICAL MOUSE "I’ll Drink To That" Dakin Doll "Goofygram";
A) 7" mint in box    75.00
B)  9" size.  excellent but missing cup.  65.00

Dakin jointed 10½" BUGS BUNNY doll; exc/near mint.   45.00

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Hanna-Barbera 8" FRED FLINTSTONE w/cloth clothing Dakin Doll; near mint.   60.00

Hanna-Barbera 8" FRED FLINTSTONE w/cloth clothing.  blue tie.   Dakin Doll.  excellent plus.  49.00

Hanna-Barbera Flintstone’s 7" BARNEY RUBBLE w/cloth clothing; Dakin; near mint.   60.00

Hanna Barbera Flintstone’s 7"  BAM-BAM w/cloth clothing.  this is the regular version with a neck.  Dakin;  excellent.  49.50

Hanna Barbera Flintstone’s 6.5" BAM-BAM w/cloth clothing.  this is the "no-neck" version; Dakin; near mint.  60.00

Hanna Barbera 7" YOGI BEAR Dakin Doll; 1980 version; mint.  60.00

Hanna Barbera 6" YOGI BEAR Dakin bank.  c.1980.  mint.  60.00

Hanna Barbera SCOOPY DOO Sutton Doll; mint.   100.00

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  BOZO THE CLOWN Dakin Doll.  complete with "cuffs".  7.5".  near mint.   85.00

OLIVER HARDY Dakin Doll with cloth clothes.  7.5".  mint in package.  94.50

OLIVE OYL Dakin-like Doll with cloth clothing.  8.5".  mint.   85.00

OLIVE OYL.  Dakin.  7" tall.  jointed vinyl.  head turns.  jointed at her shoulders.  turns at her waist.  dated 1978.  Near mint to mint.  no flaws.  50.00

Jay Ward’s BULLWINKLE MOOSE Dakin Doll.  8".  box has tear on side panel.  mint in box.   85.00

A) 8".  non-moveable leg version.  excellent plus with tag.    55.00
C) 7.5" w/moveable legs.  near mint .   50.00

SMOKEY BEAR 4" Dakin doll.  mint in poly package.   25.00

SMOKEY BEAR 8" Dakin w/tag.  missing shovel.  otherwise mint.   65.00

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BOB’S BIG BOY advertising doll by Dakin.  8".  near mint to mint.  199.00

BAYVIEW FEDERAL SAVINGS Advertising Bank by Dakin.  8".   very good plus to excellent. (small damage to label).  64.00

Dakin HOBO JOE.   1977 advertising figure.  made by Dakin.  9" tall.  includes his dog; original rope leash and rope belt; black cloth jacket; bindlestiff; neckerchief and matching handkerchief in pocket.  no flaws.  near mint plus.  79.50

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 CASPER THE GHOST.  Sutton Doll.  Harvey Cartoons 7".  near mint.  74.00

KANGAROO MOM & BABY standing on circular base that says "Congratulations! On Your New Arrival".  Jointed arms; tail and head.  Has removeable yellow hat and yellow baby.  She is molded in PINK with soft vinyl head.  Mint.  25.00

KANGAROO MOM & BABY standing on circular base that says "World's Greatest Mom!".  Jointed arms; tail and head.  Has removeable yellow hat and yellow baby.  She is molded in PINK with soft vinyl head.  Mint.  24.50

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