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Antique Toys & Collectible



by Jac Remise & Jean Fondin
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one of the best books on antique toys!

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The Golden Age of Toys. by Jac Remise & Jean Fondin.  English text by D. B. Tubbs. Copyright 1967 by Edita S. A. Lausanne. Hardcover with jacket and original slipcase. 252 pages with 629 illustrations; 35 in full color hand pasted to the pages and 44 color pictures. many tipped in photos. The book is very high quality and contains some of the finest examples in each category. Many toys that collectors DREAM about. Photography is of very high caliber; with many toys set in realistic outdoor settings! includes: boats; automatons; steam engines; automobiles; early aviation toys; optical; musical and electrical toys; etc. Toys represented are from 1880's thru about World War I vintage. manufacturers like: Marklin; Bing; Carette; Radiquet; Lehman; etc; etc. this is a collector's Bible. very expensive and limited print run. the book is used but near mint to mint. the dust jacket has small piece out of bottom edge (minor flaw). The slip case is excellent plus. WONDERFUL book! highly recommended. 124.95


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