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  1. YO-YO.  Very early plastic, late 1940's I believe.  One side blue, the other a beautiful marbleized light brown swirl.  On the brown side, in the dead center, reads "PAT. APPLIED FOR".   Attractive display item, nice variety!  near mint.  75.00

  2. YO-YO.  Very early plastic WHIRL-E-GIG yo-yo.  Molded in blue (interior is hollow with ribbed supports - not solid cast).  White logo is deeply embossed.  Reads FREE WHEELING, PLASTIC, WHIRL-E-GIG, TRADE MARK, MADE IN U.S.A., PAT. PEND. TOURNAMENT.  Reverse side is identical.  Near mint to mint condition.  Late 1940's or early 50's vintage.   145.00

  3. JUC.  Early crude - hard plastic yoyo.  Grayish blue rims with white hard plastic inserts., raised lettering JUC YO PROFESSIONAL.  Used, some edge wear.  Early 1950's vintage.  First one I have ever encountered with this logo.  40.00



  1. COKE.  Scarce 1950’s or early 1960’s premium yo-yo given away with each purchase of a six-pack of COCA-COLA. The rim of the yoyo is shaped like the crimped edge of an older bottle cap. Molded in white plastic; red and white logo reads DRINK COCA-COLA Trade-Mark ®. Has familiar script logo. Reverse side has the same logo. Called KOOKY KAP yo-yo; made by Fulco of Largo; Florida. near mint unplayed with condition.    32.00

  2. COKE.   Plastic yo-yo says CAMPEON; COCA-COLA; YOYO-PROFESSIONAL; HECHO EN MEXICO. White side discs on translucent lemon yellow plastic yo-yo. Logo is printed in a mirrored blue. Extremely colorful and attractive variety. Near mint to mint condition   28.50

  3. FANTA.  Green; orange and blue logo of a laughing man on white back.  Transparent orange yoyo body.  Genuine Russell SUPER Yoyo; Made in Mexico.  Front is near mint; reverse has some wear and is vg.   30.00

  4. MOUNTAIN DEW.   "Bottle Cap" yo-yo; molded gold plastic; resemble the crimped edges of a real bottle cap; w/full color logo on each side. Mint on the illus. card; the card has same logo as the yo-yo. Short lived issue of 1992.  12.50

  5. PEPSI.   white wooden PEPSI COLA.  Early one; probably late 1930's.  Red script "double dot" logo on each side  Different; convex interior.  In other words; the interior width between the 2 halve; it is much narrower at the axle; and wider at the rim.  Excellent; used condition.  VERY scarce PEPSI collectible also!   250.00

  6. PEPSI.  Wooden, 1/2 blue, 1/2 red, embossed into red side in white letters DRINK PEPSI-COLA, Pepsi Cola is in familiar logo script lettering. Wood is dyed, rather than enamel painted. nm   125.00

  7. PEPSI.   Imperial Pepsi "Bottle Cap" yo-yo, molded plastic, resemble the crimped edges of a real bottle cap, w/full color logo on each side. Mint on the illus. card, the card has same logo as the yo-yo. Short lived issue of 1992. EACH 10.00
    A) BRONZE sides
    B) gray sides

  8.  sorry sold

  9.  sorry sold

  10. COKE.  Translucent green rim, with solid red center area.  Deeply embossed in gold, on each side is the COCA COLA script logo and TOME FRIA.  This is from South American, I think Mexican.  Appears unused, near mint to mint.  sorry sold

  11. COKE.   Plastic yo-yo says CAMPEON, COCA-COLA, YOYO-PROFESSIONAL, HECHO EN MEXICO. Black side discs on black plastic yo-yo. Logo is printed in white. Unusual color version. Near mint to mint condition   28.50

  12. sorry sold



  1. ADVERTISING.  Plastic advertising yo-yo for PEZ Candy.  Made in Germany, approx. 2 1/8" diameter.  Solid color with color plastic insert inset in each side.  Front side says YO-YO PEZ and pictures candy pack.  The reverse side has PEZ repeated 3 times in a circular design.  They were made in a variety of different color combinations.  MINT condition      EACH        12.00
    A) White with blue center insert
    B) darkorange with blue center insert

  2. ADVERTISING.  Tin advertising Yo-yo for PEZ.  Approx. 2 1/4" diameter, Made in Germany!  The ORIGINAL, 1950's  version,  not the modern plastic one!   One side pictures the PEZ PACKAGE, reverse is a circular design w/ PEZ repeated 3 times.  Red, white, blue, yellow, black.  Red bordered.   Minor rim wear, overall ex/nm.  Bright and vivid.  No dings, no dents, no rust, no fading.  A PRIZE!   395.00

  3. ADVERTISING.    Imperial "Butterfly" style, advertising HAWAIIAN PUNCH. Has color logo of the crazy guy in straw hat. Each side is different color molded plastic. Mint on sealed blister card. Circa 1992 EACH 10.00
    A) yellow & green
    B) purple & peach
    C) red & green

  4. ADVERTISING.   Advertising ESSO GASOLINE.  Clear plastic with colorful insert in the side of the ESSO DROP KID.  The other side has the the female ESSO DROP KID pictured!  Mint, sealed in plastic baggie, comes with instruction flyer that is written all in Japanese.   So, I assume this was made in Japan - although I got it from a dealer in Italy!   GREAT yo-yo, GREAT advertising item!!   45.00

  5. ADVERTISING?? Yellow plastic with black PANTHER head reads McKINLEY PANTHERS, reverse side has facsimile autograph of TOMMY MOORE. Near mint 7.00

  6. ADVERTISING. White plastic, Household Finance Corp. Black lettering says GLAD TO HELP and has HFC logo in red. nm 7.00

  7. ADVERTISING. White plastic with orange artwork and blue lettering. Says B.C.’s CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL - PUTTING SMILES BACK WHERE THEY BELONG. Canadian. Has SMILING SUN artwork. excellent 8.00

  8. ADVERTISING. Vivid pink plastic with black logo for GEORGIA-PACIFIC lumber company. Thicker in the center than at the rim. nm/mint 7.00

  9. ADVERTISING. Blue plastic with white graphics, reads in white lettering "Around the World with Milliken". nm/mt 7.00

  10. ADVERTISING. White plastic w/light gold lettering. Has bulls eye type logo, reads LEVI STRAUSS & CO., S.F. CAL. Some edge nicks, overall still displayable. 10.00

  11. ADVERTISING. Black plastic w/light gold lettering. Has bulls eye type logo, reads LEVI STRAUSS & CO., S.F. CAL. excellent plus 19.00

  12. ADVERTISING. Red plastic w/gold lettering. ONE side has Walt Disney TOY STORY ON VIDEO logo. The others says SUNCOAST motion Picture Company. nm/mt 12.00

  13. ADVERTISING. Great promotional wooden yo-yo. Each half is orange and yellow to resemble a sliced Orange fruit. Printed in black along the rim is FLORIDA. There are green vinyl arms sticking out each side, dead center. At the end of these is a silver bell. Makes great "tinkling" sound when "walking the dog". Classic early 50’s piece, marked JAPAN. Basically unused, nm/mt. KOOL!!! 65.00

  14. ADVERTISING. Orange hard plastic yo-yo made in Hong Kong. Has gold embossed logo within circle w/illus. Reads A CHILD’S WORLD w/copyright logo. exc+ 7.50

  15. ADVERTISING. Very unusual one. Used by a Mexican Politician to hand out to his constituents to gather votes! Clear plastic w/paper inserts set under plastic. One side reads "GILBERTO NIEVES, CON MEXICO SI, VOTE ASI, 7 DE JULIO. The other side has his b&w photo, and says PARA DIPUTADO, XXVII DISTRITO. Excellent! 25.00

  16. ADVERTISING. Red wooden yo-yo with gold embossed logo for TASTEE-FREEZ ice cream. Unused, mint condition 45.00

  17. ADVERTISING. Wooden, one side is blue, the other side is red w/gold debossed logo, reads DAN-DEE POTATO CHIPS within a circle. Early 1950’s premium, nm 42.50

  18. ADVERTISING. Wooden yo-yo, ½ blue, the other side is red. Gold embossed CHEVROLET logo on each side, reads "The ’56 CHEVROLET Has Got It!" Unused, nm/mt 60.00

  19. ADVERTISING. Wooden yo-yo, ½ red and ½ blue. On the red side it reads in black, EDUCATOR SHOES SOLD ONLY AT KINNEY’S w/illus. of an Owl, all within a black circle. early 50’s, nm/mt 52.00

  20. ADVERTISING. Wooden, ½ orange, ½ green. Green side has black ink rubber stamped ad for NORDSTROM’S SHOES in Seattle. Yo-yo is nm/mt but the advertising is rubbed off around the perimeter (or, I think it was just poorly stamped to begin). 1950’s, still readable 28.50 

  21. ADVERTISING. Early hard plastic, 1 side green, the other yellow. Gold foil sticker on green side AVOID "UP-DOWN" SALICYLATE LEVELS IN OSTEOARTHRITIS, PERSISTIN. The yellow side has sticker SHERMAN LABORATORIES, DETROIT, MICH. Late 50’s. Exc 25.00

  22. ADVERTISING. Plastic w/white lettering & graphics. Has BOY SCOUT logo on one side, on other is logo & reads CHIEF SEATTLE COUNCIL. Mint EACH 9.50
    A) vivid green
    B) bright orange

  23. ADVERTISING. Bright yellow, translucent, gold lettering reads TACO TIME. nm/mt 5.00

  24. ADVERTISING. Wooden, 1/2 blue, 1/2 red. Embossed into the blue side in gold, "HAWTHORN MELODY COTTAGE CHEESE", 1950’S. Midwestern company, near mint/mint 42.00

  25. ADVERTISING. Wooden, 1/2 blue, 1/2 red. Embossed into the red side in gold, "ROYAL NEIGHBORS OF AMERICA", 1950’S. Midwestern?, near mint/mint 42.00

  26. ADVERTISING. Wooden, all red w/gold embossing. RED BARN logo on 1 side, on other is circle w/words COME HUNGRY, GO HAPPY. nm 42.00

  27. ADVERTISING. Wooden, 1/2 orange, 1/2 blue. Black letters on orange side reads GRIMSRUD, "BETTER SHOES FOR LESS". Exc 39.50

  28. ADVERTISING. Wooden, cream colored w/black embossing, GE logo on one side, other has circle, reads NEW, HARVEST, FROM, GENERAL ELECTRIC w/logo. Near mint.  39.50

  29. ADVERTISING. Wooden, all blue w/gold embossing, design looks like a sideways "8". Reads WORLDSFAIR. Standard size. We believe these to be from the 1950’s and NOT from the late 30’s (as has been suggested by a few collector-dealers), mint 40.00

  30. ADVERTISING. Wood, black w/gold embossing, smaller size 1 7/8" dia. Design looks like like a sideways "8". Reads WORLDSFAIR. We believe these to be from 1950’s, NOT from the late 30’s (as has been suggested by a few collector-dealers), mint 40.00

  31. ADVERTISING. Wooden 1/2 blue, 1/2 silver. On blue 1/2 is multicolored decal, WEATHER-BIRD SHOES, rooster standing on weathervane. exc 65.00

  32. ADVERTISING.   NW FEDERAL CREDIT UNION.  Round globe yo-yo w/the continents in high relief showing topography. Advertising logo in the Pacific Ocean alongside Central America. NM/mint   7.50

  33. ADVERTISING YO-YO. Blood red translucent plastic w/white logo for KEDS (sneakers). Duncan style, made in China. nm/mt 8.00

  34. ADVERTISING YO-YO, plastic, standard size. Promo, reads DAIRY QUEEN BRAZIER, w/logo printed on one side in black. Molded in bright yellow.  nm.   7.50

  35. ADVERTISING YO-YO, wooden, 2" dia., "Enjoy KIST Beverages" logo printed in gold on each side. 1940’s advertising premium, nm/mt EACH 35.00
    B) 1/2 LIGHT BLUE, 1/2 GREEN

  36. ADVERTISING YO-YO, wooden, 2" dia. "VIKING SNUFF", logo is printed in yellow on each side. ½ red, ½ blue. 1940’s advertising premium, nm/mt 35.00

  37. ADVERTISING, MEXICAN. These are official YO-YOS of the Mexican Soccer League. Opaque plastic w/colorful insets on each side. One side has logo and says "Oficial de la Seleccion Mexicana de Futbol Yo-YO" 5 ESTRELLAS (5 Stars). The other side has cartoon illus. of PARROT (Mexican team logo) playing soccer, reads PRO-STAR YO-YO 5 ESTRELLAS. Excellent condition EACH 25.00
    A) Black, soccer ball coming at PARROT
    B) Black, PARROT heading soccer ball
    C) Green, PARROT holding soccer ball on toe
    D) Red, PARROT heading soccer ball
    E) Black, PARROT kicking soccer ball

  38. ADVERTISING, MEXICAN. Plastic w/plastic inserts in side, says "Professional TEYCA Centro de Madera" & has a color illus. logo. 1970’s, MINT EACH 12.00
    B) BLACK
    C) BLUE

  39. ADVERTISING, MEXICAN. Plastic w/white inserts on sides. Illus. of oilwell & says INDUSTRIAS ALSI SA, around edge "Professional Satellite". 1970’s, mint.. .EACH 12.00
    A) RED rim
    B) BLUE rim

  40. ADVERTISING. Hard plastic miniature, 1.5" dia., blue, with colorful inserts on each side of CHUCK E. CHEESE, copyright 1991 by Showbiz Pizza Time. ex/nm 8.50

  41. ADVERTISING.  Hard plastic, half blue, half white.  WASHINGTON MUTUAL logo.  Local Seattle, Washington bank.  near mint to mint.   7.00

  42. ADVERTISING.  Hard plastic.  black logo on dark red.  One side has logo WWC.  Reverse reads "$1,000,000 in Sales and it's Only UP from here!".  I believe this is local Seattle, Wash. company.  nm/mt.   5.00

  43. ADVERTISING.  Hard plastic.  white on dark blue, FRONTIER BONDING SERVICE 800-262-5252 with logo.  nm/mt.  5.00

  44. ADVERTISING.  Hard plastic.  Red on yellow, MILTON'S logo.  nm/mt.   5.00

  45. ADVERTISING.  Hard plastic.  Black on bright pink, BOEING MACHINE FABRICATION FAMILY DAY '97.  nm/mt.  7.00

  46. ADVERTISING.  Hard plastic.  Blue on white, PACIFIC UNDERWRITING, reverse says "We Appreciate YO' Business".  nm/mt.  5.00

  47. ADVERTISING.  Hard plastic.  shaped like a hamburger patty on a bun, black lettering on bottom side for KIDD VALLEY HAMBURGERS & SHAKES.  local Seattle, Washington fast food joint.  nm/mt.  6.50

  48. ADVERTISING.  KSTW WASHINGTON 11 local Seattle TV Station.  Gold logo on dark red.  Late 1980's, excellent plus.    7.00

  49. ADVERTISING.  Wooden yoyo, 1/2 green, 1/2 red.  Gold BOEING logo stamped into red side.  1950's, given out to children at BOEING company functions.  Near mint.   30.00

  50. sold

  51. ADVERTISING.  Black logo on yellow plastic, POWERED BY OLY.  Olympia Beer promotional.  excellent.   7.00

  52. advertising.  BURGER CHEF.  dated 1972.  plastic.  one side white the other is yellow.  colorful cartoon logo of the CHEFS on the white side.  excellent plus.  24.00

  53. advertising.  AMICUS STAFFING.  modern.  plastic.  gray speckles on off white hard plastic.  black logo on one side.  the reverse side has more advertising.  near mint.  5.00

  54. advertising.  TEANECK GRAPHICS - New Jersey.  blue on white.  different advertising on each side.  excellent.  5.00

  55. advertising.  MERCURY INTERACTIVE.  dark blue on white.  same ad on each side.  near mint.  5.00

  56. advertising.  COLUMBIA RUBBER MILLS.  blue and black on white.  logo on reverse.  excellent plus.  5.00

  57. advertising.  STRONG MEMORIAL HOSPITAL - University of Rochester.   black on red.  reverse has promo and is dated 1993.  near mint.  5.00

  58. advertising.  THE LAUGHING COW (cheese).  red on yellow.  smaller size.  approx. 1.5" diameter.  near mint to mint.

  59. advertising.  WOOD SHOP TOYS Pioneer Square Seattle.  black on dark yellow.  wood.  near mint to mint.  8.50

  60. advertising.  RICE KRISPIES.  mail away cereal premium.  Duncan Glow Imperial.  black on translucent day-glow plastic.  excellent plus.  12.50

  61. advertising.  THE FUN FACTORY EXPRESS.  white on red.  logo is on one side only.  near mint.  5.00

  62. advertising.  SHOWBIZ PIZZA TIME.  has the large mouse/rat logo.  dated 1991.  gold on bright yellow inset into white.  same logo on reverse.  near mint.  6.50

  63. advertising.   YO! GET CURRENT.  black on pink.  reverse side has advertising and is purple and black.  near mint.  5.00

  64. advertising.  DAIRY QUEEN MIGHTY HEROES from 1997.  blue discs set into clear plastic.  one side has illustration of STRONG MAN and the yellow side has illustration of DIAPER MAN.  cartoon character were originally created by Ralph Bakshi in 1966 for Terrytoons!  hard to find anything on these obscure characters!  excellent plus.  20.00

  65. advertising.  McDONALD'S fast food restaurant promotional.  red plastic with raised logo on each side of yo-yo inset into yellow plastic.  small.  approx. 1.2" diameter.  excellent and unusual.  7.50



  1. ADVERTISING. Wooden Duncan BEGINNERS YO-YO in orange has gold ad for EVER SWEET ORANGE JUICE. Circular Duncan logo has smiling face of DUNCAN YO-YO Kid in center. nm/mt 59.50

  2. ADVERTISING. DUNCAN "NE0" in blue plastic. Reverse has NCL logo. Nm/mt 10.00

  3. ADVERTISING. DUNCAN "GENUINE BEGINNERS YO-YO",  PIC 1   wooden 2 5/8" dia., one side is orange w/gold embossed early logo. Reverse is blue w/gold embossed logo for COAST TO COAST STORES.   PIC 2    Mint 60.00

  4. Duncan LITTLE ACE YoYo. Front half is bright yellow with DUNCAN LITTLE ACE logo incised in gold. Reverse side is white. Logo shows minor wear, easily readable. This yo-yo is made of a thin plastic laminate wrapped around wooden core. Narrow style, approx. 2 1/8” in diameter and 1 ¼” thick. Overall in C-9, near mint condition.  55.00

  5. Duncan LITTLE ACE YoYo. Front half is bright RED with DUNCAN LITTLE ACE logo incised in gold. Reverse side is white. Logo shows minor wear; easily readable. This yo-yo is made of a thin plastic laminate wrapped around wooden core. Narrow style; approx. 2 1/8” in diameter and 1 ¼” thick. Overall exc.  45.00

  6. Duncan LITTLE ACE YoYo. Front half is bright BLUE with DUNCAN LITTLE ACE logo incised in gold. Reverse side is white. minor wear. This yo-yo is made of a thin plastic laminate wrapped around wooden core. Narrow style. approx. 2 1/8” in diameter and 1.25” thick. Overall excellent plus.  39.50

  7. sorry sold

  8. DUNCAN.   DUNCAN BEGINNERS YO-YO #44; mint on illustrated card.  Wooden; colorful.  Each side a different color.  Embossed golden logo with the portrait of DUNCAN KID'S Face in center. Original price printed on card was 29 Cents! Reverse has illustrations and ad for the Trick Book. The front says DUNCAN COMPANY – Evanston; IL. The reverse has the LUCK; WISC. address. YO-YO is mint; logo is perfect. Card has some storage creasing   each    59.50
    A) green w/logo; reverse black
    D) purple w/logo; reverse black

  9. DUNCAN. Wood advertising; small 1 3/4" dia; 1/2 lime green & 1/2 blue. Embossed on green side is circle logo; GENUINE; BEGINNERS; YO-YO; REG U.S. PAT OFF; DUNCAN. On blue side; embossed in gold; is logo that reads KITTY CLOVER; POTATO CHIPS. Above logo it says DUNCAN; and on bottom is says YO-YO RETURN TOP. mint 5 9.50

  10. DUNCAN than has the Duncan Kid’s face, then says BEGINNERS in misaligned print, then YO-YO in balloon lettering. Reverse is embossed in gold circle, EVER SWEET, ORANGE, JUICE. nm/mt   58.00

  11. DUNCAN. Wooden BEGINNERS, Circular logo embossed, says DUNCAN than has the Duncan Kid’s face, then says BEGINNERS in misaligned print, then YO-YO in balloon lettering.
    A) Blue & lime green, logo on blue side, top 1/2 of logo is stamped lightly, nm   30.00
    B) purple & orange, logo on purple side, nm/mt, unused but logo is lightly stamped. Great color combo  35.00
    C) Green & red, logo on green, nm/mt, unused/logo lightly stamped   30.00
    D) Green & black, logo on green side, nm/mt, unused but logo is lightly stamped 30.00
    E) Blue & lime green, logo on green side, nm/mt, unused, logo is lightly stamped 30.00

  12. DUNCAN "NEO" YO-YO, mint on illus. card. Stock #3436PK. Crazy graphics on card, illus. of DUNCAN YO-YO MAN in sunglasses. 1980’s, bright fluorescent orange. Mint, card has creases. 8.50

  13. DUNCAN GLOW IMPERIAL YO-YO, stock #3057NP. Translucent milky plastic w/logo printed in heavy line red, mint on illus. card w/graphics of DUNCAN YO-YO MAN. 1980’s, promo pamphlet inside on new yo-yo video 7.50

  14. DUNCAN IMPERIAL. Transparent plastic w/gold Fleur De Lis design in center w/DUNCAN above and IMPERIAL thru design, MADE IN U.S.A. below. Mint on illus. card, 1980’s, stock # 3269NP. Illus. on card of YO-YO Man, but no pre-printed price ..EACH 7.50
    A) rose pink
    B) green
    C) grape
    D) yellow

  15. DUNCAN. "BEGINNERS", 2 ¼" wooden. Early logo w/the word GENUINE on top of circle arch.
    A) ½ BLACK, ½ RED w/logo on red side. Excellent, but logo is embossed weak 39.50
    B) 1/2 RED, 1/2 BLACK w/logo in black side, exc+.   39.50

  16. DUNCAN wooden "Beginners", 2" dia. One half is red, the other is black. Logo embossed in yellow. Very good + ....EACH 38.50
    A) logo on red side
    B) logo on black side

  17. DUNCAN BUTTERFLY, translucent green plastic, logo in black. Logo says BUTTERFLY on top, DUNCAN on bottom, BUTTERFLY illus. has rounded wingtips. Used, excellent 9.50

  18. DUNCAN BUTTERFLY, translucent plastic, logo in silver. Logo says BUTTERFLY on top, DUNCAN on bottom, BUTTERFLY illus. has rounded wingtips. Used, excellent. .EACH 9.50
    A) BLUE
    B) RED

  19. DUNCAN BUTTERFLY.  translucent green plastic.  logo in black. Logo says DUNCAN BUTTERFLY above upside down triangle.  BUTTERFLY w/pointed wingtips is superimposed on top of triangle and the bottom border of logo is formed by many mini butterflies. Used.  excellent 9.50

  20. DUNCAN. "GLOW IMPERIAL".  mint on the card. Glows in the dark.  logo is stamped into the side in red. Late 60’s 30.00

  21. DUNCAN GLOW IMPERIAL YO-YO. Translucent milky plastic w/logo printed in fine line orange.  exc 8.50

  22. DUNCAN GLOW IMPERIAL YO-YO. Translucent milky plastic w/logo printed in heavy line red.  excellent.  7.50

  23. DUNCAN GLOW IMPERIAL YO-YO. Opaque.  off white plastic w/logo in red fine line and incised into the side. Some edge nicks.  very good plus.  7.50

  24. DUNCAN IMPERIAL. Transparent plastic w/gold Fleur De Lis design in center w/DUNCAN above & IMPERIAL thru design. $1.49 issue price.  1970’s.  mint on vg card ..EACH 14.00
    A) yellow
    B) yellow w/gold flakes
    C) orange

  25.  sorry sold

  26. DUNCAN "NEO" in orange plastic. Logo in black.  nm/mint 6.50

  27. DUNCAN "NEO" in lime green plastic. Logo in black.  nm/mint 6.50

  28. DUNCAN "NEO" in shocking pink. Logo in black.  nm/mint 6.50

  29. DUNCAN SPECIAL YO-YO. Orange plastic.  gold incised logo.  GENUINE DUNCAN YOYO SPECIAL w/the trademark logo above the "U" in Duncan. Minor color fading.  exc 6.50

  30. DUNCAN SPECIAL YO-YO. Orange plastic.  gold incised logo.  GENUINE DUNCAN YOYO SPECIAL w/the trademark logo above the "U" in Duncan. Gold circle in center with 4 pointed design in center of that.  exc 8.50

  31. sold

  32. DUNCAN.  Genuine Tournament yo-yo.  Black and yellow circular decal logo.  White wooden yoyo with purple stripe.  Used.  decal has chipping.  The paint is nearly completely worn off reverse side.  Still.  a hard to find yoyo.  okay for display. sorry sold

  33. DUNCAN JEWELED.  unpainted.  natural blonde wood.  tournament model with 4 "diamond jewels" on each side.  very minimal wear.  some loss of gloss.  excellent plus.   125.00

  34. DUNCAN BEGINNERS YOYO.  Mint on sealed card.  the wooden yoyo is purple with the gold logo embossed.  and the other side is green.  The card is priced 29 cents.  and says #44.  Illustrated instructions on reverse side.  Evanston Illinois address.  early 1960's vintage.  Mint on Card.  45.00

  35. Duncan BATMAN & ROBIN Butterfly style yo-yo.  1978.  black plastic with colorful labels on each side.  one is BATMAN & ROBIN together.  the other side is just BATMAN.  excellent plus.  scarce.  49.50

  36. Duncan BUTTERFLY.  black on transparent green plastic.  reverse side is plain.  very good plus to excellent.  6.00

  37. DUNCAN WHISTLER TOP.  wooden with nylon tip.  gold embossed logo on cream.  lower section is a wine red with a small amount of silver metal flake.  near mint to mint.  35.00

  38. YOYO.  O BOY DUNCAN.  wood.  red and yellow.  gold embossed Reg. U.S. Pat. logo is quite legible.  minor play wear.  excellent.  sorry sold

  39. DUNCAN TOURNAMENT YO-YO.  orange with white stripe.  crossed flags logo.  used.  near mint.  35.00



  1. CARTOON CHARACTER. Sorry.  I am at a lost as to who this is. Kind of  "ball shaped" yo-yo molded in hard purple plastic with clear plastic discs on each side. Color illus. under the discs of a cartoon character guy. Reads 1989.  Bird Studios.  Toei Animation.  A.1 PLAYTHING. near mint 16.00

  2. Cartoon character.   Butterfly style.  hard plastic.  hollow. Made in Mexico.  yellow label on dark pink. Green lettering reads EL YOYO DE LA PANTERA ROSA with a picture of the PINK PANTHER  hitting INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU in the head with his yo-yo. Same illustration on each side. This is GREAT if you collect the PINK PANTHER.  or you are looking for DIFFERENT types of yo-yos. It stinks as far as it design. It is light, and very poorly constructed. Obviously sold as a DIME STORE novelty item.     24.00

  3. Charles Schultz.  One side solid green, the other side is clear plastic with dexterity BB puzzle game built-in of SNOOPY playing tennis, facsimile signed SCHULTZ.   It is dated 1958, but I think it is from the 1960's.  Near mint to mint     39.50

  4. Charles Schultz.  SNOOPY. White plastic has black & red illustration of SNOOPY dancing on one side. On reverse is incised logo, reads UNITED FEATURES SYNDICATE. Near mint 35.00

  5. Charles Schultz.  SNOOPY. Wooden, green. One side has color illus. of SNOOPY standing in center of bullseye design, while twirling 3 yoyos. Dated  1958.  35.00

  6. DC Comics.  Duncan "WONDER WOMAN". Rare, 1973 issue, white plastic w/clear plastic inserts on each side. Under the one is a full color illus. of DC COMICS hero WONDER WOMAN w/red background. On the reverse is a starburst pattern with her name, and DUNCAN YO-YO. The side with her picture is near mint, the reverse side is lightly faded. There is some red staining on the white plastic rim on the side with her illus. VERY SCARCE comic character collectible 65.00

  7. Hanna Barbera.  tin litho, 2 1/4" tin lithographed YOGI BEAR yo-yo. Full color illus. of him on each side, he’s waving. Dated 1975, ex/nm. 39.50

  8. Hanna Barbera.  tin litho 2 1/4" tin lithographed YOGI BEAR yo-yo. Full color graphics of him & BOO BOO BEAR riding in Motor Scooter. Dated 1976, ex/nm. 39.50

  9. Hanna Barbera.  tin litho 2 1/4" tin lithographed HUCKLEBERRY HOUND yo-yo. HUCK is dressed in Band Leader’s outfit, throwing a gold fish. ex/nm, dated 1976 39.50

  10. Comic Character.  BUSTER BROWN tin lithographed advertising yo-yo. Made in Japan, 1950’s premium. One side is yellow, the other side is green. Each has full color portrait close-up of BUSTER BROWN & TIGE his dog. Says BUSTER BROWN under portrait. Unused, nm/mt 75.00

  11. Hanna Barbera cartoon character CAPTAIN CAVEMAN Butterfly Style yo-yo. MINT, factory sealed on color illus. blister card. Card says it is a professional model with trick string. 1970’s, made by Union Wadding Co. Card itself is near mint plus to mint. It has no price tags and has never been punched.  Obscure cartoon character.      38.00

  12. Hanna Barbera tin litho character yo-yos.  2 1/4" diameter, full color graphics on each side.  Made in Hong Kong, undated, 1970's I believe.  All are excellent plus condition.    each     35.00
    A) FRED FLINTSTONE being chased by boomerang
    B) FRED FLINTSTONE holding dinosaur hatching from egg

  13. Cartoon Character.  Tin lithographed LAUREL AND HARDY yo-yo.  From the 1970's cartoon, Larry Harmon Prod.  Pictures LAUREL carrying tall stack of dirty dishes.   2.25" diameter, full color graphics on each side.  Made in Hong Kong, undated, 1970's I believe. exc+    35.00

  14. TV Show.  KNIGHT RIDER. Butterfly style yo-yo, made by Larami, from the famous TV Series. Dated 1982, molded in sky blue plastic with color photo of the shows star and the CAR. Mint on photo illustrated blister card. The card has creases.  58.00

  15. TV Show.  From the TV Sci-Fi show BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, an ATOMIC YO YO.   Gray vinyl plastic with colorful BATTLESTAR GALACTICA logo.  Mint on card, made in Hong Kong, 1978, Larami.  Card has color portrait photos of 4 of the stars of the show, including LORNE GREENE.  MINT on near mint card.  45.00

  16. Hanna Barbera.   JUSTEN. FRED FLINTSTONE yo-yo with "sleeper action". Molded in hard plastic, high relief image of his face on each side. Mint on color illus. blister card, card is ex+. Dated 1976.   45.00

  17. Hanna Barbera.  JUSTEN. YOGI-BEAR yo-yo with "sleeper action". Molded in hard plastic, high relief image of his face on each side. Mint on color illus. blister card, card is vg. Dated 1976.   45.00

  18. Movie Character.   FREDDY KRUEGER yo-yo from the Horror Movie NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. Made by Spectra Star. ©1988. High relief image of him molded in color on each side of the yo-yo. MINT on factory sealed card. Card is near mint to mint.   24.00

  19. ZOOMEES. These are Canadian Grand Toys Co., Spectra Star yo-yos. Almost a sphere in shape w/high relief designs molded on sides. Multi-colored, hard plastic. Each is mint on illus. card, 1980’s issues
    A) DONALD DUCK on Bulls Eye design, titled QWAZY QWACKY, crack in blister pack 12.50
    B) G.I. JOE. Officially licensed by Hasbro. Has raised JOE logo on each side, as well as raised artwork of JOE parachuting into treetops 15.00

  20. YOS YO-YO. RAPHAEL Teenage Mutant Turtle, full figure in high relief on each side, with bulls-eye target behind him. VERY colorful, nm/mt 8.50

  21. YOS YO-YO. DONALD DUCK, full figure molded in high relief on each side of him on a raised bulls-eye target. Multicolored, excellent.    8.50

  22. YOS YO-YO. Green plastic with raised 3-dimensional portrait on each side of the cub from LION KING. nm/mint 8.50

  23. Marvel Comic Character.  SPECTRA STAR Marvel Comics X-MEN. Full color illus. of character on side w/Marvel Comics logo. Solid plastic yo-yo. Mint on illus. blister card. EACH 9.50
    A) #1598 WOLVERINE, black yo-yo

  24. TV Show.  SPECTRA STAR yoyos. STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE, mint on color illus. card, issued c.1993, gold color w/raised STAR TREK logos surrounding inset color photo.
    A) COMMANDER BENJAMIN CISKO large photo on blue background.  12.50
    B) COMMANDER BENJAMIN CISKO small photo in center surround by Star Trek symbols. 12.50
    C) QUARK large photo on blue background.  12.50
    D) QUARK small photo in center surrounded by Star Trek symbols. rough card.. 10.00
    E) MAJOR KERA NERYS small photo in center surround by Star Trek symbols.  12.50
    F) MAJOR KERA NERYS small photo in center surround by Star Trek symbols. rough card. 10.00

  25. TV Show.  SPECTRA STAR Yoyos. STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION, mint on color illus. card, c.1993 EACH 12.50
    A) LT. COMMANDER DATA, color photo inset
    B) CAPTAIN JEAN LUC PICARD, color photo inset

  26. Warner Bros.  BUGS BUNNY YO-YO. Green plastic with color illus. of BUGS BUNNY eating carrot. Mint on photo illus. card. Gordy International., made in Hong Kong, circa late 60’s. Card is vg   29.00

  27. Hanna-Barbera SCOOBY DOO.  Professional Model with trick string.  1970's vintage.  made by Union Wadding.  colorful illustration of him on white plastic.  Mint on factory sealed blister card.  card has full color illustration of him also.  75.00

  28. OLIVER HARDY (from Laurel and Hardy fame).  tin lithographed yo-yo.  Larry  Harmon's cartoon version of him fishing.  1975.  Made in Hong Kong.  mint on factory sealed blister card.  card is full color  illustrated by does show wear.  69.50

  29. CHARLIE BROWN Hallmark Yo-Yo.  color graphics of him as a baseball pitcher on blue plastic.  mint on factory sealed blister card.  the card is very worn and soiled.  40.00

  30. Hanna Barbera cartoon character CAPTAIN CAVEMAN Butterfly style yoyo.  circa 1977 vintage.  hard to find anything on this great character.   Made by Union Wadding.  Mint on full color illustrated blister card.  scarce!  79.50

  31. Hanna Barbera cartoon character PEBBLES & BAMM BAMM from the Flintstones wooden yoyo.  circa 1977 vintage. artwork on yoyo shows the pair of them riding on back of DINO.  the card illustrates both of them.  Made by Union Wadding.  Mint on full color illustrated blister card.  65.00

  32. Spectra Star.  Walt Disney LION CUB.  raised image on each side.  multicolored on green.  minor play wear.  very good to excellent.  6.00



  1. BASEBALL.  ZOOMEES.  Canadian Grand Toys Co., Spectra Star yo-yo. Almost a sphere in shape w/high relief designs molded on sides. Multi-colored, hard plastic.  mint on illus. card, 1980’s issue.  CURVE BALL. Full spiracle shape, looks just like a baseball w/raised red stitches. Card has illus. of baseball glove. Displays nicely, like a baseball sitting in glove 15.00

  2. BASEBALL. Regulation size yo-yo, plastic with clear plastic side inserts w/red and white CINCINNATI REDLEGS baseball team logo. Has BASEBALL headed MR. RED logo running in front of large red "C", on both sides. 1960’s, ex/nm EACH 39.50
    A) RED 
    B) BLACK

  3. BASEBALL. JAPANESE BASEBALL PLAYER! 1970's, called "Young Yo-Yo". Mint in package. 2 1/4" dia. w/color photo of JAPANESE   Baseball player on to front. Comes w/illus. booklet of instructions (written in Japanese). Very RARE issue, even in Japan. Not made for export. MINT in package.  each.   45.00
    A) YOMIURI GIANTS player w/team logo on back
    B) YOMURI GIANTS player w/facsimile autograph on back
    C) HANSHIN TIGERS player w/team logo on back

  4. sorry sold

  5. BASEBALL.  CHICAGO WHITE SOX ULTIMATE SPORTS "Team Yo-yo" by Ace Novelty; c.1993. Each of these is shaped like a BASEBALL; and has the BASEBALL Team’s logo and name in full color. Each is MINT on the blister card (card is worn). These are some REALLY attractive yo-yo’s. Very poor distribution; already VERY hard to find!  18.00

  6. BASKETBALL.  ULTIMATE SPORTS "Team Yo-yo" by Ace Novelty; c.1993. Each of these is shaped like a BASKETBALL; and has the NBA Team’s logo and name in full color. Each is MINT on the blister card (card is worn). These are some REALLY attractive yo-yo’s. Very poor distribution; already VERY hard to find! EACH 18.00

  7. sorry sold

  8. FOOTBALL.  UNION WADDING CO.  Official JOE NAMATH Professional YOYO.  Plastic with extra thick string.  Card is shaped like football.   Promotional ad for JOE NAMATH CAMP on reverse.  Dated 1976.  Color photo in center of yoyo.  Mint and sealed on blister card.  SCARCE!!
    A)  portrait of JOE; both sides white, card nm/mt  100.00
    B) Action pose of JOE in NY JETS uniform, yoyo is team colors, 1/2 green and 1/2 white.  Price tag tear on card  75.00

  9. HOCKEY.  FESTIVAL. "Official HOCKEY PUCK Yo-Yo" Molded in black plastic, looks like a hockey puck. Has orange circular label in center w/white hockey stick logo and black lettering. Minor edge chipping on label. You’ve seen the baseball, football, basketball, etc. Have you seen the HOCKEY PUCK?? scarce! 45.00

  10. HOCKEY.  Festival "Official NHL Hockey Team Puck Yo-yo".  1973 issue. each of these thick puck shaped yos have a colorful NHL Team logo. Each is mint, and sealed on an illustrated card that pictures 2 players in action.  Cards are very good or nicer.  SCARCE ISSUE - highly sought after by Hockey collectors!  Each is 69.50

  11. HOCKEY.  ULTIMATE SPORTS "Team Yo-yo" by Ace Novelty; c.1993. Each of these is shaped like a HOCKEY PUCK; and has the NHL Teams logo and name in full color. Each is MINT on the blister card (card is worn). These are some REALLY attractive yo-yo’s. Very poor distribution; already VERY hard to find! EACH 19.50
    C) L.A. KINGS

  12. BASKETBALL.  "Pro-Basketball".  Molded to look just like a ball; brown with black seams.  Slightly smaller size.  1970's vintage; made in Hong Kong.  Unused; mint in Blister Display box.  The blister is creased.   35.00

  13. Festival - Professional Model.  figural shape of a basketball with the first (1967-70) SEATTLE SUPERSONICS logo impressed!  on the revere in script it reads "Official League".   missing the string but otherwise in near mint condition.  this is the first one I have owned!  scarce and early piece.  65.00

  14. DUNCAN Official Major League Model BASKETBALL yo-yo.  white lettering on range.  near mint.  18.50

  15. CHICAGO WHITE SOX.  figural baseball shaped yo-yo.  dated 1993.  excellent.  7.00

  16. advertising.  LONGACRES Horse Racing Track.  Seattle area Washington State.  1970's.  one side has the LONGACRES  logo.  the other side has the DOO-DAH jockey logo.  black on yellow.  hard to find relic from this bygone track.  near mint.  18.50



  1. ALL AMERICAN.    Silver Streak YO-YO #603, mint on sealed card. Made in New York by the All American Yo-Yo Corp, ©1971. Transparent golden orange plastic.  There are illustrations on the reverse of card of 9 different yo-yo tricks. The yo-yo is mint, unused. The card is worn and corner creased, there is rust on the staples.     35.00

  2. ALL AMERICAN.  Golden Glider YO-YO #604, mint on sealed card. Made in New York by the All American Yo-Yo Corp, ©1971. Colorful plastic with fine multicolored glitter embedded inside. There are illustrations on the reverse of card of 9 different yo-yo tricks. The yo-yo is mint, unused. The card is worn and corner creased, there is rust on the staples. UNCOMMON!     each   40.00
    A) semi transparent CLEAR
    B) opaque RED

  3. CANADA GAMES. "OLYMPIC YO-YO, CANADA GAMES" embossed in gold on white wooden yo-yo, reverse has SWEDEN debossed into the wood, nm/mt 35.00

  4. CANADA GAMES.  Wooden bright red with gold loge embossed PRO YO-YO TOP, CANADA GAMES.  Back is embossed "Sweden".   Near mint condition.  25.00

  5. CHAMPION. Grape opaque plastic, gold logo in recessed center area, 5 point star w/logo in center, around it reads "CHAMPION SPINNER TOPS". Lightweight plastic. Probably late 80’s vintage, nm 6.50

  6. CHEERIO.  Wood CHEERIO RAINBOW with embossed logo.  Black and gray.  Some "walk the dog" wear, small pinhead nicks on the logo.  very good.    75.00

  7. CONTINENTAL - MEXICAN YO-YO. PLASTIC, raised letters on each side "CONTINENTAL YO YO" in circle around small raised "v" design. Appears to be 1960’s. Solid opaque, muddy burnt orange color. Exc+ 15.00

  8. DELL PLASTICS CO. Translucent plastic.  "butterfly" style. BIG D" SUPER STAR YO-YO, style No. 604. Mint on illus. blister card. The card is excellent. Has illus. of little girl & little boy playing w/yo-yo.  reads "It Sleeps It Walks" Card is dated 1961. Gold logo embossed into side of yo-yo in gold: DELL’S BIG SUPER STAR  w/large star in center with a large "D" in center of star  and a small T.M. below star.  69.50

  9. DELL BIG D TRICKSTER.  1950's yoyo.  Early plastic is red and black marbleized swirls.  excellent.  45.00

  10. DELUXE RETURN TOP yo-yo’s, tin litho (all tin, inside & out). DELUXE in fancy yellow letters across middle / white lettering on edge reads "RETURN TOP, MADE IN JAPAN PAT 533107". Old dime store stock, mint in orig. cello bag w/illus. header card. Card has illus. of young boy yo-yoing. Solid vivid colors are almost opalescent in appearance, w/logo on both sides Made in late 60’s by KOYO. MINT!........EACH 15.00
    A) GREEN
    B) BLUE

  11. EXEC-U-TOY. "EXEC-YO" yo-yo, large 4" dia. wood, solid walnut. Mint w/illus. gold foil label still intact.  Illustrated box says "for the man with pull".  Solid walnut, the perfect executive gift, relieves tensions.  
    A) mint in excellent box, acetate box top worn.  45.00
    B) mint in exc. box, although box is missing clear acetate box lid.  42.00

  12. FESTIVAL.   BIG ZAPPER.  Wooden, embossed on back "Sweden".  Golden stripe across center, with gold lettering, reads FESTIVAL BIG ZAPPER YOYO within circle.  Extremely MINOR use, near mint to mint condition.   79.50

  13. FESTIVAL "BIG ZAPPER". Wooden yo-yo, solid red color w/gold stripe across face. Gold logo is on side. Gold circle, inside circle in gold letters "FESTIVAL, BIG ZAPPER, YO-YO". Early 1970’s, mint on sealed blister card, card has crease 85.00

  14. FESTIVAL "ALL-STAR CHAMPION". Plastic, the front is white w/a red, white & blue shield set in red circle w/blue ALL-STAR CHAMPION YO-YO written around circle. The shield is very patriotic looking w/stars & stripes. Mint on card, 1976. These were made for the Bicentennial.
    A) Reverse side is solid yellow, card has large surface tear.  25.00
    B) Reverse side is solid red, card has tear from price tag. 25.00

  15. FLI BACK YO-YO. Wooden, 2" dia., 1/2 red, 1/2 blue. Yellow logo embossed into the red side. Logo looks like a life-saver, lettering inside rim. Near mint    45.00

  16. FLI-BACK.  Wood CHAMPIONSHIP FLI-BACK with gold foil label.  Dark red with yellow "spatter" stripe across center.  Label variation:  Red on GOLD foil label (I have had this one before, but on the SILVER foil label).  Reads: Genuine Tournament CHAMPIONSHIP FLI-BACK RETURN TOP with illus. of Eagle in center.  MINT, unused   225.00

  17. GORHAM. Fancy Sterling Silver cover (#30) over a steel body yo-yo. Heavy raised design. Near mint 179.95

  18. HI-TECH YO-YO. Reddish purple, translucent plastic w/gold circular logo. Checkerboard pattern on logo (which is on both halves of yo-yo). Reads HI-TECH YO-YO between checkerboards! Near mint 10.00

  19. IMPERIAL "HI-TECH YO-YO", golden transparent plastic. Raised IMPERIAL logo one side, other has silver HI-TECH YO-YO logo. ex/nm 11.50

  20. IMPERIAL ?. Early 50’s hard styrene plastic, raised center w/scalloped design, has raised CROWN in center with U.S.A. above it. Excellent plus condition. Hard to find these in nice shape, as this early style plastic warped out of shape EACH 25.00
    A) 1/2 green & 1/2 creme
    C) 1/2 black & 1/2 pale green

  21. IMPERIAL. HOT ROD yo-yo. Each is a shaped like a car tire w/treads, and a metallic "wheel". Each is MINT, sealed on illustrated card. C. 1992 10.00
    B) gold, 5 blade
    C) purple, wire wheel
    D) gold, wire wheel
    F) silver, 20 spokes
    G) silver, 8 angled spokes
    I) purple, 8 angled spokes

  22. JA-RU "TODAY’S TOYS" YoYo, 2 1/4" dark blue translucent blue w/gold lettering and gold logo, near mint 8.00

  23. KALMARTRISSAN.  Wooden yoyo from Sweden.  High gloss enamel finish.  Silver logo is impressed into the side, reads KALMAR TRISSAN with a castle in center.  Mint, on blue rack card.  Cards reads "Kalmartrissan JoJo, Svarvad i ett stycke - Perfekt balanserad - Aven for de Svara Tricken".  Card shows shelf wear, the yoyo is MINT.   BRIGHT YELLOW   22.00

  24. LEADING EDGE "GO-YO" Race Car yo-yo. Each shaped like black race car tire slick w/GOOD YEAR logo & "#1 IN RACING printed in yellow. There is color photo inset into each side; portrait of driver in one; other has his car. Mint in package EACH 9.50

  25. sold

  26. OLYMPIC.  Wooden OLYMPIC YoYo.  Silver w/silvered red embossed logo; OLYMPIC YO YO ORIGINAL - GENUINE.  . Logo is burning torch.. The torch is between YO and YO. Reverse is debossed SWEDEN.   Used; excellent plus or better   32.00

  27. ORBIT.   Wooden ORBIT.   One side grayish blue; the other red.  In gold; printed on blue side; is graphics of a Space Capsule; and the word ORBIT.  With "sparkling" stars.   Mid 1960's vintage.  Nice tie in to the Space Race!  Near mint    95.00

  28. POLI - MEXICAN. The following are spherical like a ball. Plastic; the 2 sides are identical color w/thin inner walls of a different color. Logo on each side is a COBRA snake about to strike; and reads PROFESSIONAL POLI YO-YO COBRA. Made by Juguetes Dinamicos; C.1970. Each is mint on sealed blister card; the cards are vg/ex. The cards read NUEVO, TOP SECRET, POLI YO-YO. EACH 24.00
    A) Red w/green & gold logo
    B) White w/bronze & red logo
    C) Purple w/bronze & gold logo

  29. PREMIER JUNIOR YO-YO. Vinyl, day glo orange, black logo, Mexican, 2 ¼", ex/nm 10.00

  30. PROMOTIONAL.  Unusual promotional Yo-Yo from SEARS.  Given to employees only, but unusual, that it is MINT on sealed blister card.  Blue translucent plastic has label reading GIVE BACK - GET BACK - GIVE BACK - GET BACK -GIVE BACK - GET BACK.  Same logo is repeated on the card with SEARS logo.  Reverse has info on how employees can GIVE BACK to the Community and GET BACK to feeling good.   Mint, card is near mint.   25.00

  31. ROYAL. Wooden, red w/silver stripe thru center, silver embossed logo on side says ROYAL, OFFICIAL, ® YO-YO TOPS, TOURNAMENT. Illus. logo is a crown above a chevron stripe. Bottom portion of logo is a weak strike, overall ex/nm 45.00

  32. ROYAL.  Early wooden ROYAL CHAMPION decal model.  Vivid yellow with black stripe thru center.  Gold decal, trimmed in red, black lettering.  ROYAL CHAMPION "Special Tournament Top".  Flawed decal, only about 65% is there.  Minor edge wear, overall paint is excellent plus.  Very scarce one, rarely found.   85.00

  33. sold

  34. SOCK-IT COMPANY. Hard plastic yo-yo. Clear plastic with silver sparkles embedded inside. Early to mid 1950’s. White circular logo on one side is shaped like a life saver, and reads "Fli Back Yo-Yo". Mint, unused condition. (see misc. section below, for original box). EACH  39.50
    A) green
    B) blue
    C) red

  35. WELLS MFG. Early 1960’s, green wood yo-yo. Mint on sealed blister card. Yo-yo is plain, card reads FUN YO-YO, BE A ‘PRO’ with TRICK YO YO, AGE 3 to 90. Card is quite worn. Unusual 24.00

  36. WHIRL-KING YO-YO. 2 1/2" dia. wood, one side blue, the other is red. Gold logo is pressed into the blue side. Circle w/crown on top, reads WHIRL-KING TOP, STANDARD MODEL. Logo is readable, some gloss wear to paint, exc 38.50

  37. YOS YO-YO. Spherical shaped, resembles a baseball. White w/red stitches. Exc 8.50

  38. IMPERIAL.  Mattel 1990 HOT WHEELS "All Pro" yoyo.  Each one is black, with edges that have treads like a real tire.  The center is a fancy wheel hubcap.  Each is MINT on illustrated blister card. ..   EACH ...  15.00
    A) 8 angled spokes in gold
    B) 8 angled spokes in blue
    C) 8 angled spokes in blue
    D) 5 wide spokes in gold
    E) 5 wide spokes in red
    F) 5 wide spokes in blue
    G) bicycle spokes in gold
    H) bicycle spokes in blue
    I) bicycle spokes in red
    J) criss cross spokes in gold
    K) criss cross spokes in blue
    L) criss cross spokes in red

  39. GOODY Filipino Twirler.  Yellow logo on black.  note that this is the version with the Reg. U.S. Pat. under the company name.  reverse side is orange.  wooden yoyo.  near mint to mint.  no nicks, no rubs, no scratches, no flaws.  60.00

  40. DELL'S BIG TRICKSTER.  1950's hard plastic.    one side is multicolored gray swirls.  the other side is pinks/grays/white swirls.  deeply incised logo.  near mint to mint.  50.00

  41. Genuine GOODY FILIPINO TWIRLER.  wood.  yellow logo on blue.  reverse side is orange.  classic early style yo-yo.  excellent plus.  strong logo.  45.00

  42. Genuine GOODY FILIPINO TWIRLER.  wood.  bright yellow logo on black.  reverse side is orange.  excellent plus. strong logo.  46.00

  43. DELL BIG 'D' RETURNER yo-yo.  dated 1961.  Dell Plastics Co.  on side is green and the other is yellow.  gold foil label.  Style #600.  Mint on factory sealed blister card.  illustrated card is excellent to near mint.  69.50



  1. HAMBURGER. Really cool looking yo-yo. Shaped like a hamburger w/lettuce, even has sesame seed bun! Molded in hard plastic, approx. 1 ¾" diameter, and about 1 ¼" thick. Colorful and good looking. MINT condition. Not real old.  5.00

  2. METAL YO-YO. At first appearance, appears to be sterling silver, high polished mirror finish. But, it is unmarked, and I believe it is nickel plated (but, it polishes like silver). Sure does shine! mint 50.00

  3. TIN LITHO. Okay - Adults Only! This is a Hong Kong made, full color photo tin litho with different bare breasted Woman on each side. Early 1960’s! There are scratches on both sides. Still displays okay. Very unusual, and DIFFERENT! 50.00

  4. TIN LITHO. Standard size yo-yo, bright yellow with color cartoon looking BEAVER holding a CANADA pennant, lithoed on each side. Mint, still sealed in baggie w/header card. Made in Hong Kong, late 1960’s vintage. The header card is worn 39.50

  5. WOODEN YO-YO. Larger style, 3 3/8" dia. Natural blond wood, has fine line design carved along the inner edge, and the outer rim. Dark brown rim and center area, rest is blond color. Highly lacquered finish. Metal axle. Surround metal axle in center of the sides, is white filigreed plastic insert, with purple foiled background. Very attractive, nm/mt. Probably 1960’s vintage, Mexican. 49.50

  6. Wooden YO-YO. Glossy black w/gold debossing, reads "Original Genuine PRO YO-YO Top Tournament Spinner". Debossed into wood on reverse side is SWEDEN. nm/mt 12.50

  7. Wooden YO-YO. Glossy green w/gold debossing, reads "Original Genuine PRO YO-YO Top Tournament Spinner". Debossed into wood on reverse side is SWEDEN. nm/mt 12.50

  8. Wooden YoYo. Yellow w/blue stripe, gold embossed reads "Original Pro Yo-Yo Top Tournament Genuine". Debossed into wood on reverse side is SWEDEN. shows minor wear, overall excellent 12.50

  9. WOODEN YO-YO. Early, handmade yo-yo. 3 ½" dia., thin "pancake" style. Probably Filipino. Has hand hammered tin frame in the center of each side w/mirrored glass behind. The finish has almost completely fallen off. There is about 20% of the original finish remaining. Crude, but early and very interesting looking! 100.00

  10. WOODEN. Plain wood yo-yo w/dark brown illus. of old barn or grist mill, says VERMONT in block letters. excellent 24.00

  11. YO-YO RETURN TOP, tin litho, Made in Hong Kong. 2" diameter. BLUE.  Mint in polybag w/colorful header card. Classic 60's Dime Store.   15.00

  12. FLORES.  Okay, this does NOT say Flores on it - but read further.  Obtained with group of 1920's and 30's toys, including a marked FLORES.  Feels, looks and weighs just like a FLORES.  It is yellow, with a trademark that is unreadable in the center of one side.  The main word across the center ends in "...IND", and along the bottom of logo it appears to read ARKANSAS.  My feeling is that it IS a Flores, possibly made as an advertising promo for another company????  I am sure someone out there knows more about this than I do - and might recognize the partial wording.   Outside of the poor printing on this, it is excellent.   225.00

  13. SPACE YOYO SET.  Set of 6 "Party Favors Space Yo-Yo.  Made in Hong Kong, 1979 by Betta.  Each yo yo is different.  1.5" diameter with clear sides, full color graphics under plastic.  Astronaut, flying saucer, rocketship, Lunar Landing Module, space capsule, satellite.  Mint on factory sealed card. card has corner creases.  30.00

  14. Mexican.  Orange plastic with clear plastic inserts on sides.  Colorful red, blue, yellow and white logos read PROFESIONAL, TEYCA, CENTRO DE MADERA.  Mint, still sealed in plastic poly bag.  This is from the late 1970's I believe.  15.00

  15. WOODEN YO-YO.  standard size.  classic 1950's yoyo, no markings.  on side is green, the other is yellow.  No chips, no scratches.  minor rubs on high edges.  excellent to near mint.  21.00

  16. THE BIGGEST YO-YO IN TEXAS.  paper label is white on blue.  blue vinyl yo-yo is approx. 4.5" in diameter.  some wear to edges of label.  very good.  no string.  20.00



  1. DUNCAN. package of SUPER-CORD YO-YO ORIGINAL STRINGS; 3 for 10 cents. Wax paper envelope; red; blue & yellow printing; DUNCAN in black. For Duncan Tournament Tops; illus. of EAGLE w/wings up as if landing. Reverse has illus. instructions 25.00

  2. DUNCAN "Genuine Gold Seal Egyptian Fibre YoYo Strings"; blue & red wax envelope; 2 strings for 5 cents. Illus. of youngster with yo-yo spinning out from each hand; he’s wearing DUNCAN patch on his sweater; he’s above the ribbon banner; with the globe of the Earth below. Still contains strings; basically mint; was stapled to a countertop display; and there is discoloring by the staple holes; otherwise mint 25.00

  3. DUNCAN. Mint package of 2 YO-YO STRINGS; 15 cents orig. price. White paper envelope; red printing. Pictures yo-yo; reads BEGINNER; SPECIAL; IMPERIAL; GOLD AWARD; GLOW IMPERIAL; BUTTERFLY. Flambeau address; probably 1970’s 7.50

  4. ROYAL. Red & blue wax package of #207 "2 genuine Egyptian fibre Cord TRICK STRINGS". Illus. of TOMMY REYES & JOE RADOVAN "Two Famous Filipino YO-YO CHAMPIONS". Original 5 Cent price. 1930’s; mint 35.00

  5. ROYAL. Red & blue wax package of #207 "2 genuine Egyptian fibre Cord TRICK STRINGS". Illus. of TOMMY REYES & JOE RADOVAN "Two Famous Filipino YO-YO CHAMPIONS". Original 5 Cent price. 1930’s; vg (faded) 25.00

  6. ROYAL YO-YO TRICK STRINGS #215; "2 for 15 cents"; blue lettering on glassine envelope w/illus. of a ROYAL MONARCH YO-YO in red! Mint package of strings; 1960’s 12.00

  7. ROYAL YO-YO strings. Mint in glassine envelope; red; yellow and blue graphics; stock #310, 3 Egyptian Fibre Cords for 10 cents 24.00

  8. STRINGS.  package of SUPER-CORD YO-YO ORIGINAL STRINGS, 3 for 10 cents. Wax paper envelope, red, blue & yellow printing, DUNCAN in black. For Duncan Tournament Tops, illus. of EAGLE w/wings up as if landing. Reverse has picture and illustration of "Imperial" Yo-Yo.  Dated  1957.  No strings, just envelope.  Nice for display.   20.00

  9. Package of Official CHEERIO Pro SUPER TWIST Yo-Yo Strings.  3 for 10 cents.   complete with strings.  unused.  package is hole-punched on end for store display rack.   Canadian issue instructions on backside are in French and English.   not a common package.  sorry sold

  10. NATIONAL.  package of YO-YO STRINGS. Has illus. of comic character MR. YO-YO w/Giant YO-YO behind him. 2 Strings.   Canadian.   package written in English AND French.. red, blue & white.  Reverse has illus. instructions 20.00



  1. PATCH.  "Duncan YO-YO Junior Instructor" cloth embroidered arm patch, mint, never used.   1950's or possibly earlier vintage.  White and blue on red, 1/2 moon shaped with scalloped edge.  4 1/4" by 2 1/2".    195.00

  2. AWARD.  Presentation award from DUNCAN. Wooden desk piece, pen holder with life size figural metal DUNCAN YoYo. In deep raised relief on both side of yo-yo: DUNCAN YO-YO TOP with the YO-YO boy logo between the "N" and the "C" in Duncan. Overall, 6 1/4" by 4" by about 4" tall. Made by Hollywood Trophy Co. 1950's vintage. Excellent condition. Rarely seen! 750.00

  3. DUNCAN Cloth embroidered patch. Approx. 3" by 2", arched on top, pointed on bottom. White w/gold trim, reads DUNCAN TOP, YO 8 YO, BRONZE AWARD. Duncan Top & YO YO are in red, the rest is gold. The point underneath BRONZE AWARD is trimmed red. Used, exc, 1950’s 85.00

  4. DUNCAN Cloth embroidered patch. Scalloped shield, approx. 3½"x 3½", red w/white trim. Top line says SECOND, lower section says DUNCAN, YO-YO, CONTEST. Lettering is golden yellow. Used, vg/ex, c.1955 75.00

  5. DUNCAN Cloth embroidered patch. Scalloped shield; approx. 3½" x 3½"; white w/red trim. Top line says GOLD AWARD; lower section says DUNCAN; YO-YO; TOP. Lettering is golden yellow. Used; vg/ex; c.1955.  100.00

  6. DUNCAN Cloth embroidered patch. Large shield design w/3 points on top. The top section is white w/blue trim; says PEPSI-COLA in red script; bottom is red w/white letters & trim; reads "DUNCAN; YO-YO; WINNER". Used; exc 150.00

  7. DUNCAN Cloth Embroidered Patch. Circular w/large red Eagle w/wings extended beyond border. White; trimmed in black; 3 gold stars; reads DUNCAN in black; YO-YO in gold; and CHAMPION in red; nm/mt 139.50

  8. DUNCAN Cloth Embroidered Patch; 3.75" by 4". Shield design w/3 points on top; pointed base; white; trimmed in red; gold letters read SECOND; DUNCAN YO-YO CONTEST; ex/nm 69.50

  9. OFFICIAL PEANUTS YO-YO AWARD Certificate. Dark brown on parchment off white. Has illustrations of SNOOPY; CHARLIE BROWN; LUCY and LINUS. Unused; reads that (fill in your own name) Has Earned the title of PEANUTS YO-YO CHAMPION; etc; etc. Measures 5.75" by 7.5". Facsimile signed by BOB RULE World’s PEANUTS Yo-Yo Champion. I believe this is from the 1960’s. Attractive piece; mint condition! 65.00

  10. DUNCAN Cloth embroidered patch. Scalloped shield; approx. 3½" x 3½"; red w/black trim. Top line says GOLD AWARD; lower section says DUNCAN; YO-YO; TOP. Lettering is golden yellow. unused; mint condition.  115.00

  11. DUNCAN cloth embroidered patch.  Standard shield shape; white; trimmed in blue with golden yellow lettering DUNCAN YO-YO CONTEST.  The upper section has been removed.  I believe someone was attempting to customize it; but butting a year patch; or title in the upper area.  1950's vintage.  Worn; use it to make your own custom patch.  as-is.   15.00



  1. 1979 DUNCAN TOYS Dealer Catalog.  distributed to toy dealers only; not available to the general public.  large; magazine format.  full color.  20 pages plus order form & price list.  besides all of the Batman and Robin cars; toys and trucks offered, there are 6 pages devoted to their complete line of yoyo's. World Class; Wheels; Yo-Yolympics Championship Set; Super-Heroes (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Hulk, Spiderman); Imperial, Satellite, Butterfly, etc.  Counter top and store displays.  tight and clean.  near mint to mint.  sorry sold

  2. 1984 DUNCAN TOYS Dealer Catalog.  distributed to toy dealers only, not available to the general public.  large, magazine format.  full color.  12 pages plus order form & price list.  besides all of the toy trucks and vehicles offered, there are 2 pages devoted to their yoyo's.  Glow; Butterfly; Jewel; Imperial; Special; Li'l Champ; Wheels; Professional; Satellite Lighted; Astrolight; etc.  tight and clean.  hole punched for 3-ring binder.  near mint.  21.50

  3. DUNCAN. Counter-top DISPLAY BOX, dated 1935. Cardboard, printed in blue and red on white. Originally held 12 ORIGINAL & GENUINE Duncan GENUINE GOLD SEAL Tournament Yo-yos. #77. Original price was 35 cents each! Illus. of Young boy popping out of "globe" yo-yoing, he is wearing vest with champion patch on front. On the side, it says "The World over", and there are illus. of people from around the world yo-yoing. For AUSTRALIA they show a Kangaroo! Box has NEVER been folded. Still flat, has been shrink-wrapped with cardboard back, ready to hang on the wall for display. There is a very minor water stain on the edge. Overall condition is near mint! sorry sold

  4. DUNCAN Store Poster. Large 13" dia. YO-YO on paper stock. Large 5 1/2" dia. center label, says DUNCAN GENUINE YO-YO TOURNAMENT TOP 77" w/side view illus. of DUNCAN kid w/yo-yo! Unbelievable item, early and rare! Unused, nm/mint. golden yellow w/black stripe 165.00

  5. DUNCAN Store Poster. 17" by 7 1/2", red on white paper stock. Large arrow pointing to the right, reads "BUY YOUR DUNCAN YO-YO HERE!" 1950’s or earlier, unused, nm/mint condition!!!!! 95.00

  6. DUNCAN. Booklet "HOW TO MASTER CHAMPIONSHIP TRICKS with Genuine Gold Seal YO-YO DUNCAN TOPS, Book of 40 Tricks", 1947. Total of 52 pages, fully illustrated. Cover illustrates wooden MR. YO-YO statue, black background. Overall excellent.  surface tear along top border of back cover 75.00

  7. DUNCAN. Booklet "THE ART OF YO-YO PLAYING with Genuine DUNCAN YO-YO TOPS, Book of Tricks", 1950. 52 pages, fully illustrated, some photos! Back cover pictures different DUNCAN awards, patches, etc. Cover illustrates wooden MR. YO-YO Statue, brown toned background. Overall excellent plus 75.00

  8. HUMPHREY CORPORATION. Salesman sample set. Boxed set. Overall measurements are 12" by 9 ½" by 1 ½" deep. Blue label on box top has black line drawing of YANCY (Their Hippy Yo-Yo Mascot logo) doing a yo-yo trick. Says "YO-YO NEWS, from the Humphry Corporation, The Perfect Premium People". Copyrighted 1975. Inside says "Guess What" THE YO-YO’S BACK!" and there are 2 advertising yo-yo’s mounted in display type holder. One is advertising PIZZA HUT and the other is advertising "THE REAL OREGON BANK". Also includes advertising Frisbee for JOLLY MILLER CRYSTALS, orange w/blue illus. logo. There is also color illus. cartoon style trick book featuring YANCY yo-yoing & short history of the yo-yo. Small color promo poster advertising ALL PRO YO-YO, has woman with PIZZA HUT yo-yo. Reverse has ad to promote Humphrey YoYo’s with your company logo. A copy of the YO-YO NEWSPAPER w/headlines like: YO-YO SALES HIGHEST EVER; IS THE YO-YO A GOOD PREMIUM BUY?; 20,000 YO-YOS MADE EACH DAY; etc. Drawings of different advertising yo-yo’s that they had made. Also has picture of the Humphrey Factory etc. There is also a complete sales kit for the Frisbees, with newspaper and flyers, etc.! They were the original makers of all those different plastic ad yo-yo’s from the 70’s. This kit shows that the mid 70’s YO-YO revival was being pushed! Highly unusual, I wonder how many of these could have survived, complete and intact like this. Contents mint, box nm 120.00

  9. PINBACK BUTTON. 2" diameter, celluloid covered red button w/white lettering. Has 4 stars on border, evenly spaced apart, "GILLETTE OLYMPIC YO-YO LOSER". Mint 75.00

  10. ORBIT YO-YO. This is not really a yo-yo in the true sense of the word, but that’s it’s official name. It is mint, sealed on illustrated blister card. Has Rocketship taking off, and says BE AN ASTRONAUT, CAN YOU ORBIT, ORBIT YO-YO. 1960’s, original price was 98 cents. It consists of 2 items: one is a green ball (Earth) and the other is a white SPACE CAPSULE. They each have eyelet, and are attached together by string. The object is to twirl them simultaneously, and try to make one orbit the other. Or something like that! Clifford Land Co. 48.00

  11. SOCK-IT COMPANY. Original counter display, cardboard box for the FLI-BACK Championship Tournament YO-YO, Sleeper Type. Originally held 1 dozen yo-yos. Printed in red and blue on white stock. Illus. on box top of a row of yo-yos standing on edge, in alternating colors. Company was located in High Point, NC. 1950’s I believe. Excellent plus 75.00

  12. BOX.  Original counter top display box for DUNCAN Genuine Gold Seal TOURNAMENT #77 YO-YOs.  Blue and yellow graphics.  Originally held a dozen.  9.5" by 7.5" by 1.25".  great graphics all around.  GREAT display item.  Made of lightweight cardboard.  Dated 1935 and copyrighted by Donald F. Duncan. Complete and mint.  199.50

  13. YO-YO GIRL Marionette.  Newer style in a window box.  Finding ANY toys with the person yo-yoing is VERY hard.  Near mint to mint.  Box is shelf worn.  120.00

  14. HUCK HOUND Frame Tray Jigsaw Puzzle, unknown maker, #4023-X1.  Full color art of HUCK with yo-yo.  Excellent plus, 1960's.  49.50

  15. sorry sold

  16. DUNCAN booklet TRICKS TRICKS TRICKS TRICKS for Return Top - Spinning Top - Handball.  1962.  Cartoon style.  24 pages, full color illustrated.  This is the booklet that came in the Campbell's Soup premium set.  excellent condition.  not a common item!   35.00

  17. ROYAL.  Interesting, smaller size counter top display box.  Originally held only 6 ROYAL CHAMPION Filipino Yo-yo.  60 cents each.  Box top illustrates the "Two Famous Filipino Yo-Yo Champions - TOMMY & JOE".  Box #299.  Measures approx. 7" by 5" by 1.5".  Box is complete and in near mint condition.  Very nice display piece.  Most counter top boxes held 12 or 24 pieces.  Different.  30.00

  18. pinback button.  DUNCAN YO-YO TOURNEY EXPERT - FORWARD PASS.  dark blue on white.  approx. 1" diameter tin lithographed pinback button.  given out as prizes at yo-yo contests and tournaments.    no rust.  no dents.  no scratches.  near mint.  this is a very scarce variant of this pinback.  NOT the more common "contestant" variety.   99.00

  19. SUPERSONIC YoYo set.  In the center it pictures Supersonic LINDA SENGPIEL The World Champion.  the round album is 20 page fully illustrated instruction book with scoring and judging contest rules.  you get the wooden yoyo (made of imported Beechwood), 3 Official Membership Cards; 2 different Cartoon Stick On Patches (each approx. 3" in diameter) and 4 comic pinback buttons (each is 1.5" diameter) about yo-yoing plus a package of Two extra trick strings.  overall the package measures approx. 17" by 11.5".  mint/factory sealed on illustrated blister card.   135.00



  1. SPIN TOP PATCH.  GOLD AWARD, DUNCAN, SPINNING TOP.  Early, heavy embroidered cloth patch shaped like a spin top, gold on red.   Excellent condition.  Approx. 3" by 4".  Very scarce!    100.00

  2. ROYAL Cloth Embroidered Patch. Navy blue w/white trim, circular w/large spread winged gold eagle in center (wings go beyond border trim). Eagle is trimmed in red & wears white crown. Says ROYAL on Eagle wings. He’s standing on top of red SPIN TOP. Reads SPIN TOP CHAMPION w/4 gold stars. NM to mint, 4" by 4".  110.00

  3. SPIN TOP. Wooden spin top w/plastic "point" has gold logo embossed on top of smiling "Campbell’s Kid". Below his face in gold "A DUNCAN BRAND TOY". This was never sold to the general public, but was available only as a mail order premium in the 1960’s. Bright red color, mint 95.00

  4. SPIN TOP. Wooden DUNCAN. Red w/white top, blue MOBIL GAS logo on top, reads DUNCAN, MOBIL, SPIN-TOP. Very scarce Gas Company promotional, the red paint has some touch-up. Displays okay 42.00

  5. SPIN TOP. DUNCAN "TOURNAMENT" Spin Top. Blue with a white top. Gold logo embossed into the top reads DUNCAN TOURNAMENT with pair of crossed flags in center. Mint on illus. card, sealed in polybag. Stock #349, orig. price was 49 cents. Pictures Duncan Kid dressed as Knight sitting on horse. Card is vg+ 60.00

  6. SPIN TOP. Mint package of DUNCAN SPINNING TOP "SPARES" #301, includes 2 Nylon Points,1 Deluxe String, 1 Finger Button. Mint on illus. card, orig. 10 cent price 15.00

  7. SPIN TOP. Mint package of DUNCAN SPINNING TOP "SPARES" #1301, includes 2 Resilient Points, 1 Deluxe String, 1 Finger Button. Mint on card, orig. 15 cents price 12.50

  8. SPIN TOP. circa 1910 metal "finger top", old store stock, approx. 1" dia. Comes w/original illus. paper "package". Made in Germany. The top is very simplistic, but the illus. packaging is great! pix #2.  Tear in package.   24.00

  9. SPIN TOP. LARAMI CORP. Pair of BULLWINKLE’S BUMPER TOPS from the ROCKY & BULLWINKLE cartoon, 1969. 2 plastic tops, 1 green w/white top, the other is red w/white top portion. Comes w/spring loaded winder that has picture of BULLWINKLE playing w/top on it. Set is mint on illus. card. The card is rough. Still displays nice 39.50

  10. SPIN TOP.  Duncan CHICAGO TWISTER Spinning Top #329, blue wooden; nylon point.  The golden logo embossed on the top is DUNCAN CYCLONE with an illus. of a tornado swirl in the center.  Mint on card; unused.   69.00

  11. SPIN TOP.  Duncan SIR DUNCAN spinning top #369.   Plastic; bottom is white; top section is green w/gold embossed SIR DUNCAN logo with illustration of a BAGPIPES in center.  Nylon tip.  Mint on card. unused.   64.00

  12. SPIN TOP.  Rare Harvey Cartoons CASPER THE GHOST "Spinning Ghost Tops" Counter Display Box with 1 dozen; excellent   350.00

  13. SPIN TOP.  CRAZY TOPS  Boxed spin top game; 1939.  Made in U.S.A. by Clover Games #142.  Approx. 11" by 11".  Colorfully illustrated box.  inside is scalloped game board and one wood finger spin top.  You spin it as fast as you can; let it loose inside the "arena" and it bounces all OVER the place.  Each one of the "coves" is marked with a value.  High score wins!  Interior is near mint - outer box has one split corner and the cover is marked up some.  I have seen variations of this game - but have never seen this particular one before!  139.50

  14. SPIN TOPS.  Warner Bros. cartoon character SPEEDY GONZALEZ Turbine Tops.  2 spin tops with spring loader releaser that has his illustration on side.  Color illustration of him on packaging.  Larami Toys, made in Hong Kong.  1973.  Mint on card.  39.50

  15. SPIN TOP.  Duncan Beginners.  1960's vintage.  White on blue with clear plastic tip.  Lettering in gold.  Minor edge wear along the top.  Used, but not abused.  Very good plus to excellent.  12.50

  16. Spin Top.  early boxed WHIRL-IT Game by Parker Brothers Inc., Salem Mass, New York & London.  approx. 6" square.  wooden dish with numbered holes.  different colored balls or marbles.  The spinning top knocks them into different holes to score points.  1920's or older.  includes instructions.  parts near mint to mint, box is complete but is separating along the right edge.   99.50

  17. Spin Top.  jewelry item?    promotional award collar or lapel pin, maybe a scarf pin.  an advertising piece.  (have been informed that the TOPS stands for "Taking Off Pounds Sensibly" and that KOPS stands for "Keeping Pounds Off Sensibly".  Figural SPIN TOP brooch or pin that says TOPS. Marked Sterling, Esoo on reverse with locking style brooch pin. attached by small chain to metal bar that reads in raised lettering KOPS. This pin also has a locking brooch pin reverse. The TOP is about 3/4" tall by 5/8" wide. the KOPS pin is about 1/2" wide. no dents, no gouges, no scratches, no stains. No flaws. near mint to mint.  18.00

  18. SPIN TOP.  wood. red with gold foil label advertising RED TOP CABS.  top is okay.  label shows wear.  18.00

  19. SPIN TOP.  Duncan Beginners.  1960's vintage.  White on turquoise with clear plastic tip.  Lettering in gold.  excellent plus.  22.50

  20. Mechanical Tin litho SPIN TOP.  red/yellow/blue/white.  spring loaded.  the handle is set into the top of the top.  you wind the top and then push the button to release it.  simply marked "ORI-O. Made in USA".  superior condition.  near mint or nicer.  spring is strong.  42.50

  21. SATURN Dynamic New Plastic Gyro Top gyroscope.  made in 1947 by TFI (Toy Founders Inc.).  made of brightly colored hard plastic and metal.  complete with all the pieces and instructions.  toy is mint.  illustrated box is shelf worn.  24.50

  22. SPIN TOP.  wood.  very colorful.   metal tip.  larger size approx. 3.5".  colorful with thin and wide bands of color: red/yellow/black/greens. note: the point of the tip is broken and will need to be grinded if one wishes to use it.  otherwise light play wear.  excellent.  19.50

  23. SPIN TOP.  wood.  wood tip.  small ovoid sphere shape.  white/greenish blue/red.  approx. 2" tall.  excellent plus.  18.50

  24. SPIN TOP. Mint box of 46 wooden SPIN TOPS & cords. #L-360 ROYAL TOPS "CHIQUITA TOP" by Royal Chico Toys New York. 1950’s.  these SOLD for 5 cents each. They are solid colors;  enamel paint; green; red; yellow; blue. These miniature tops are 1.25" long by 3/4" across.  box originally held 60 of them.  box is intact but shelf worn.  59.50

  25. ALADDIN BALL & TOP boxed set.  Made in New Haven Conn. by Petrie Lewis Mfg.  circa 1920.  Instructions are on inside of box lid.  includes brightly painted wooden top and wooden ball with japanned metal "plunger" to spin them.  box measures approx. 7.5" by 5.5" by 1.5".  there are a few paint flakes on base of top (not from wear but from age).  does not appear to have been used much - if at all.  overall excellent plus or nicer.  175.00

  26. TIN LITHO spin top toy.  red and yellow on green base.  no maker but U.S. made.  1920's to 1930's vintage.  brass handle.  twist the top by grasping the brass handle and it rotates on it's base ringing bell and make strange sounds.  it is not a "plunger" type top.  it simple spins on own base.  approx. 2.75" tall and 4" diameter.  colors are bright and vivid.  excellent.  unusual piece!  48.00

  27. Spin Top.  Duncan IMPERIAL Snap Top.  gray.  includes the string.  mint on factory sealed card.  the card does have some creases and the plastic bag is worn.  45.00

  28. STRINGS.  full package for Egyptian Fibre replacement strings.  nice illustration of MR. YO-YO.  Canadian.  National Yo-Yo and Bo-Lo Co. Ltd.  illustrated instructions on reverse.  package is a bit tattered on the opening flap.  20.00

more to come!

  1. DUNCAN TOURNAMENT YO-YO.  wooden.  Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.  orange with black stripe.  used excellent condition.  39.50

  2. DUNCAN SUPER Tournament YO-YO.  wooden.  yellow with red stripe.  used.  worn.  12.00

  3. DUNCAN SUPER Tournament YO-YO.  wooden.  pink with silver stripe.  used.  worn.  15.00

  4. DUNCAN SUPER Tournament YO-YO.  wooden.  blue with black stripe.  used.  very good plus.  29.50

  5. DUNCAN SUPER Tournament YO-YO.  wooden.  red with black stripe.  used.  excellent.  35.00

  6. DUNCAN SUPER Tournament YO-YO.  wooden.  gray with black stripe.  used.  excellent to near mint.  39.50

  7. decal DUNCAN TOURNAMENT YO-YO.  wooden.  red with black stripe.  used.  BLACK lettering decal worn.  35.00

  8. decal DUNCAN TOURNAMENT YO-YO.  wooden.  white with black stripe.  used.  RED lettering decal worn.  25.00

  9. decal DUNCAN TOURNAMENT YO-YO.  wooden.  orange with black stripe.  used.  RED lettering decal worn.  25.00

  10. STAR WARS EPISODE I figural TRADE FEDERATION BATTLESHIP yo-yo.  has "flashing light" effects.  made by Tiger Electronics.  mint on factory sealed blister card.  12.50

  11. beanie cap.  JUNIOR CHEERIO INSTRUCTOR patch.  beanie is red and white flannel with blue rim.  the embroidered patch is white and dark blue on pale red.  patch needs to be resewn.  patch measures 4.25" by 2".  1930's vintage.  excellent and scarce.  sorry sold

  12. SPIN TOP. Mint FULL box of 60 wooden SPIN TOPS & cords. #L-360 ROYAL TOPS "CHIQUITA TOP" by Royal Chico Toys New York. 1950’s.  these SOLD for 5 cents each. They are solid colors;  enamel paint; green; red; yellow; blue. These miniature tops are 1.25" long by 3/4" across.  box is intact but shelf worn.  69.50

  13. yoyo.  O-BOY DUNCAN.  wooden.  black and red.  2.25" diameter.  logo is legible.  faint play wear.  very good plus to excellent.  25.00

  14. yoyo.  DUNCAN GENUINE GOLD AWARD.  translucent yellow with metalflake.  gold logo is very legible.  no play wear.  near mint.  15.00



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