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7upsodatelephone1.JPG (11937 bytes)

SEVEN-UP Telephone. Figural phone is 6.25" tall. shaped like a can of No Caffeine 7-UP. Made by Enterprex. Push button pad is built into bottom. near mint. 32.00

labattsbeertelephone1.JPG (16968 bytes)

LABATT'S BEER CAN. Figural phone is 6.25" tall. shaped like a can of beer. Made by Cameo. Push button pad is built into bottom. near mint. 34.00

duracellbatterytelephone1.JPG (14184 bytes)

DURACELL BATTERY. Figural phone is 6.25" tall. looks just like a giant AA copper top battery! Made by Cameo. Push button pad is built into bottom. near mint.34.50

petty-telephone1.JPG (30525 bytes)

RICHARD PETTY FONE. figural telephone - just like has famous #43 NASCAR racer. Head lights flash when the phone rings. authentic Richard Petty peel-off stickers includes. phone measures 9" by 3.5". it has a mute switch; last number redial; tone/pulse switchable. issued in 1992. Columbia Tel-Com. removed from box for display; but still near mint plus to mint with all the paperwork. Sticker sheet is mint. never used. Box is excellent. 35.00

tp-tuna.jpg (9931 bytes)

STAR-KIST TUNA. Figural telephone of CHARLIE TUNA. 10" tall. Push button pad is built into the bottom of the base. Dynamite looking. MINT in original shipping box. 39.50

telephone-keebler.JPG (16494 bytes)

KEEBLER ELF figural phone; 1980's. Beautiful; full figure of him; almost life size. Mint condition BUT NOT WORKING. Very colorful and attractive. 29.50

phon-olympic.JPG (14739 bytes)

1984 LOS ANGELES OLYMPIC GAMES. Approx. 9" square. desk top phone. Not figural. Has shooting stars logo & Olympic circles inset into top. Side is incised w/silver lettering "GAMES OF THE XXIII rd OLYMPIAD. LOS ANGELES. 1984". Licensed. probably given out as promo. Excellent. 19.50

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