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STEIFF CATALOG & Miscellaneous

pc-cow1.jpg (23563 bytes)

BOY & puppy on STEIFF COW pulltoy postcard.  1920's or 1930's vintage.  slightly larger than standard postcard size.  Full color glossy photo postcard with heavily embossed borders. Great photo of young boy holding puppy while sitting on a large stuffed COW Pulltoy. The toy has the older cast iron spoked wheels. I am pretty sure it is a STEIFF. Card has not been postmarked.   There is some writing on the back. The front reads BIRTHDAY JOYS …..  excellent & unusual piece of memorabilia.  16.00

steiff-ke74.JPG (22406 bytes)

STEIFF 1974 CATALOG #KE74.  8.25" by 8.25".  full color.  44 pages.  well over 300 different items pictured.  Teddy Bears; novelties; stuffed animals; Disney Jungle Book characters; marionettes; handpuppets; people; riding toys and pull toys; wooden toys.  tight and clean with minor cover wear.  excellent to near mint.  29.50

steiff.JPG (20266 bytes)

undated STEIFF CATALOG.  "Playthings which spell happiness".  1980's issue.  large format approx. 11.75" by 8.25".  full color.  16 pages.  approx. 100 different items pictured.  tight and clean.  excellent.  15.00


steiffpuppet-rooster2.JPG (9952 bytes)

handpuppet.  ROOSTER.  circa 1959-60. black chest; green back.  yellow head with red comb on head.  yellow vinyl bill.   gorgeous.  no tags.  no flaws.  near mint.  95.00


teddybearpurse1.JPG (17897 bytes)

TEDDY PURSE.  6360/12.  approx. 6.25" by 4".  late 1970's vintage.  attached 28" cord handle.  Velcro closure.  brown and black plastic eyes.  stitched mouth and nose.   has the button and flag.  no flaws.  near mint to mint.  48.50

Steiff BROWNY BEAR 1445/12.  Made in Germany.  circa 1977.  has button in ear with ear tag.  original red collar is intact.  approx. 5" long by 4" tall.  near mint to mint.  35.00

steiff-bendybear.JPG (16365 bytes)

Miniature TEDDY BEAR. 2 7/8" tall; champagne color; black "bead" eyes; head swivels.  NO tags.  Bendable limbs.  near mint to mint.  100.00

steiff-smallteddy.JPG (37625 bytes)

Steiff mini ORIGINAL TEDDY BEAR 0201/11.  light color.  approx. 3" tall.  head turns.  has chest tag; hanger tag; and both ear tags.  near mint plus to mint.  35.00

steiff-smallteddychocolate.JPG (32387 bytes)

Steiff mini ORIGINAL TEDDY BEAR 0202/11.  mocha color.  approx. 3" tall.  head turns.  has chest tag; hanger tag (creased); and both ear tags.  near mint plus to mint.  35.00

steiff-originalteddy.JPG (33873 bytes)

Steiff ORIGINAL TEDDY BEAR 0201/26.  jointed.  light color.  approx. 9.25" tall.  1970's vintage.  mint with chest tag; hang tag and both ear tags.  includes original red ribbon.  65.00

steiff-chocolateteddy.JPG (44445 bytes)

Steiff ORIGINAL TEDDY BEAR 0202/41.  jointed Mocha Brown.   approx. 15" tall.  1970's vintage.  mint with original chest tag and hang tag and both ear tags.  still has red ribbon attached.  79.50

steiff-papa1.JPG (11420 bytes)

Limited Edition (5000) TEDDY BEAR.  17" tall.  His ear tag is AM. ED. 0153/43.  100th Anniversary issue.  an exact replica of the world's first Teddy Bear.  this bear conforms as much as humanly possible to the historic product of 1903 in every detailed.  same construction; same fabric.  Issued in 1981.  #2798.   Quoting from the Teddy Bear Times issue #19 [http://www.teddybeartimes.com]:  "In 1980, to commemorate its 100 year jubilee, the German company of Margarete Steiff produced its first limited edition Teddy Bear. This extremely important bear, known to many collectors as Papa Bear or Jubilee Bear, was made of gold mohair with excelsior (wood shavings) stuffing. The nose and claws were hand stitched. No voice box was fitted.  Eleven thousand of these bears were produced, six thousand had German certificates and five thousand had English certificates for the American market. It is interesting to note that all eleven thousand certificates were actually hand signed by Hans-Otto Steiff and that all signatures on certificates since, have been a printed facsimile.  Never displayed.  Mint in box with acetate cover (acetate cover is dinged in corners), certificate, and original heavy cardboard outer box.  scarce and desireable set.  Have seen these sell for MUCH higher.   sorry sold

steiff-mamababy.jpg (212202 bytes)

Limited Edition (8000 sets) MAMA & BABY TEDDY BEAR.  101st Anniversary of the House of Steiff.  Issued in 1981.  Set #3860.  Mama is about 15" tall and her ear tag says 0155/38.  The little one is about 6" tall and is attached to Mama by an orange anniversary sash that says STEIFF.  They are a beautiful color and it says they are made of the same material, in the same style as the original Steiff Teddy Bear! Quoting from the Teddy Bear Times issue #19 [http://www.teddybeartimes.com]:  in 1981, came the Mother and Baby set, which, with Papa, could make a complete family of bears for the collector. Produced in a limited edition of eight thousand sets exclusively for the American market, Mother and Baby proved to be a great success. Both bears were made of gold mohair with synthetic stuffing. Neither was fitted with a voice box. Mother bear measured 38cm and baby 15cm, an orange sash bearing the Steiff name holds the two bears together. White ear tag bears with stock number 0155/38. As with Papa, Mother and Baby sets in complete and mint condition are difficult to find.  Never displayed.  Mint in box with acetate cover, certificate, and original heavy cardboard outer box.  scarce and desireable set.  Have seen these sell for MUCH higher.  650.00

steiff-bear-jointed.JPG (13372 bytes)

TEDDY BEAR.  9" tall.  fully jointed.  brown stitched nose.  fuzzy pads.  1950's vintage.  mohair.  Very light brown with a hint of pink to the color.  very nice.  no tags. shows overall age wear and loving.  excellent.  150.00

steiff-growler1.JPG (10089 bytes)

circa 1985 issue ORIGINAL TEDDY in between a champagne and light honey color.  Has growler.  Just shy of 12" (36cm) tall.  Tag and button are still in his ear.  Head turns; arms and legs are jointed.  Never played with; just displayed inside glass showcase since purchased.  Came from non-smoking environment.  No stomach tag; so I can't call him mint.  Near mint to mint.  175.00

steiff-zotty.JPG (25721 bytes)

ZOTTY Teddy Bear.  0300/18.  Stand  6.5" tall; fully jointed with original blue silk-like ribbon around his neck.  Early style paper chest label; silver button in ear with yellow hang tag.  Magnificent coloration.  mint.  295.00

steiff-bearzotty1.JPG (23201 bytes)

TEDDY BEAR (Zotty I believe).  9" tall.  late 1950's vintage.  fully jointed.  long hair.  no tags.  minimal wear from loving.  excellent.  85.00

steiff-bear1.JPG (16902 bytes)

TEDDY BEAR.  0202/36.  13.25" tall.  fully jointed.  mohair. glass eyes.  has button in ear with flag.  some minimal hair loss from loving.  overall excellent.  145.00

steiff-teddysmall.JPG (40286 bytes)

TEDDY BEAR.  0201/26.  honey colored.  Made in Austria circa late 1970's.  50% wool/50% cotton.  has chest tag; ear button with cloth tag.   approx. 9" tall.  jointed.  mint with original red ribbon.   69.50

steiff-teddylarge.JPG (46021 bytes)

TEDDY BEAR.  0201/36.  honey colored.  Made in Austria circa late 1970's.  50% wool/50% cotton.  has chest tag; booklet tag; ear button with cloth tag.   approx. 12.5" tall.  jointed.  mint with original red ribbon.   89.50

steiff-movi.JPG (32056 bytes)

Steiff MOVI PANDA BEAR 6202/30.  black and white.  approx. 30 cm - 12" tall.  circa 1973 to 1974 vintage.  made of Dralon and Cotton.  soft body.  has chest tag and both ear tags.  no flaws.  near mint to mint.  59.50


steiff-bunny1.JPG (11314 bytes)

BUNNY RABBIT.  gold button in ear.  11"tall.  late 1950's to early 1960's issue.  non jointed.  has blue ribbons around ankles.  glass eyes.  sewn nose and mouth.  appears to have re-stitched on spine.  excellent and  very cute!  49.50

steff-seal1.JPG (41322 bytes)

COZY HEULER.  Baby Seal #5374/17.  white.  8" long.  button with flag.  1980's issue.  no flaws.  near mint to mint.  22.50

duck.JPG (14353 bytes)

DUCK in swimming pose.  approx. 5.5" long by 4.25" tall.  black glass eyes.  early vintage.  has cloth body tag that says "Made in US Zone Germany".  circa 1950 vintage.  minor wear.  no flaws.  excellent or nicer.  sorry sold

steiff-florilamb.JPG (37109 bytes)

Steiff FLORI LAMB 1518/11.  white.  approx. 4" tall.  has chest tag; hang tag and both ear tags.  near mint plus to mint.  35.00

steiff-fishorange1.JPG (11722 bytes)

FLOSSY FISH.  orange.  10.5" long.  has button and flag.  missing both eyes.  Mohair.  1950's vintage.  no other flaws.  excellent plus.  25.00

steiff-mrshedgehog1.JPG (16485 bytes)

MAMA HEDGE HOG.  7" tall with button and flag.  blue blouse and red checkered skirt.  rubber molded face.  Mohair.  1950's.  wear to black shoe tops otherwise near mint.  89.50

steiff-joggi1.JPG (18921 bytes)

JOGGI Hedge Hog walking.  complete with all tags.  glass eyes & nose.  tag creased.  no flaws.  Mohair.  1950's.  6.25" long.  near mint.  65.00

steiff-joggi1.JPG (45123 bytes)

Steiff JOGGI Sitting Up.  5.5" tall.  1950's to 1960's vintage.  has the paper chest tag.  no button - ear is torn wear the button was.  otherwise near mint to mint.  42.50

steiff-lamb.JPG (18572 bytes)

LAMBY Lamb.  I believe the number is 6510/04.  approx. 4.25" tall by 5" long.  This is the scarce; smallest size.  NO tags; NO button.  near mint.  75.00

steiff-lionsitting1.JPG (45864 bytes)

Steiff LEO LION sitting on hind haunches.  9" tall.  mohair.  late 1950's vintage.  no tags.  clean.  excellent.  75.00

steiff-mollydog.JPG (33005 bytes)

Steiff MOLLY DOG.  approx. 4" tall.  late t1940's to 1950's.  has original pinkish ribbon and bell.  has chest tag.  no ear tag.  shows age wear but still excellent.  69.50

steiff-nosy1.JPG (49751 bytes)

Steiff NOSY Rhinoceros.  5.5" long by 3.25" tall.  1950's to 1960's  vintage.  does not have his ear button but does have the cardboard tag on chest.  near mint to mint.  48.50

steiff-penguin1.JPG (7408 bytes)

PENGUIN.  8"tall with jointed head.  mohair.  1950's vintage.  no tags.  missing both eyes.  small hole near tip of felt bill.  leather like feet.  clean.  still displays very nicely.  25.00

steiff-penquin.JPG (17590 bytes)

PENGUIN.  (I think her name is PEGGY) #2505/12.  5.75" tall.  Made in Austria. 1970's - 80's issue.  65% acrylic. 35% cotton.  White felt feet.  Mint with cloth tag; cardboard hanger and incised gold button. near mint original cardboard box.  65.00

pony.JPG (12729 bytes)

PONY (#1312 I believe).  5.5" tall by 5" long not counting his tail.  1950's vintage.  orange and black glass eyes.  has his red leather saddle and harness.  no tags.  no play wear.  near mint plus to mint.  sorry sold

steiff-perisquirrel.JPG (31873 bytes)

Steiff PERI SQUIRREL 2040/17 from Walt Disney.  holding acorn in hands.  has chest tag; hang tag and both of his ear tags.  approx. 5.5" tall.  near mint to mint condition.  

steiff-pony1.JPG (52750 bytes)

Steiff PONY.  soft material.  9" long by 9" tall.  no tags.  clean.  excellent.  39.50

rabbit.JPG (12824 bytes)

RABBIT.  12" tall.  standing on 2 legs.  mohair.  glass eyes.  1950's vintage.  no tags.  head swivels.  open mouth.  green felt bib apron with yellow pocket.  one the should straps is broken.  (not even sure that the apron came with this one.)  body is clean with no flaws.  95.00

irishmail1.JPG (11534 bytes)

RECORD PETER MONKEY Irish Mail pull toy.  10" tall by 9" long.  Circa 1949 vintage.  Has original cloth "Made in U.S. Zone Germany" tag; still attached.  Silver button is in left ear - yellow tag remnants only.  Original red wooden wheels and black metal frame.  The noise box is still attached to the axle and looks intact; but it does not squeak properly.  He moves back and forth as he is pushed or pulled along.  very minimal age wear.  Overall excellent or nicer!   345.00

steiff-robby1.JPG (7182 bytes)

ROBBY SEAL.  #1175/14.  Complete with chest tag and metal tag with cloth tag attached.  Light brown; spotted.  6" tall; almost 12" long.  I think he is supposed to have a "squeaker"; if so - his does not work.  Near mint to mint.  49.50

steiff-terry.JPG (30539 bytes)

Steiff TERRY Airedale Terrier Dog.  has original pink ribbon collar and bell.  chest tag is present but damaged.  has the button in ear.  1950's vintage.  approx.  3" tall.  overall excellent plus or nicer.  85.00

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